When a computer-science major gets dumped by her “husband” in an online role-playing game, she attracts a new proposal from the game’s đứng đầu player.

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Weiwei, an expert in online games abandoned by her virtual husband Wuxiang is asked by Naihe, a giant in online games, khổng lồ be his virtual wife.


Nai's team is highly appreciated by investors in the thiết bị di động game show. Weiwei is ridiculed by Yaoyao's clan & vows to prove her innocence.


Naihe avenges Weiwei, who signs up for an internship with her roommates without knowing that Wuxiang is her new boss's son.


Weiwei impresses Guang. Wuxiang and Yaoyao uses a video to defame Weiwei. Naihe defeats Wuxiang & forces him to lớn delete the video.

Guang challenges Nai to a basketball duel. Weiwei invites Naihe khổng lồ participate in a đoạn clip contest. Nai, the campus prince, sits next lớn Weiwei & causes a sensation.

Weiwei starts to lớn imagine what Naihe is lượt thích in real life. After joining the online game, Guang mistakes Erxi for Weiwei and asks her to be his mentor.

Naihe helps Weiwei solve the hardest part of the Couple Task. Weiwei is questioned by the clan & decides lớn quit, Naihe gives his full support.

Weiwei và her roommates hear Nai has investor problems. Nai is hospitalized by an accident. Weiwei is frustrated when Naihe does not show up.

Weiwei realizes she is in love with Naihe. Guang asks Erxi about Weiwei's mood. Naihe invites Weiwei lớn meet him in real life.

Weiwei meets Naihe and finds out he is Nai. Nai takes Weiwei lớn his basketball match. Weiwei fears of being misunderstood, but Nai reassures her.

Nai's interaction with Weiwei causes a sensation in the campus. Weiwei và her roommates take Erxi to lớn hospital. Nai takes the chance khổng lồ take Weiwei on a date.

Weiwei is impressed by Nai's consideration for female players & his respect for his own game. Weiwei suspects Erxi is having an online love affair. Weiwei & Naihe help with in-game battles.

Naihe helps Wuxiang và Yaoyao. Nai plans khổng lồ win the right to lớn develop a next generation online game. Yiran shows up khổng lồ a các buổi party and tries to lớn win Nai's attention.

Nai rescues Yiran at the tiệc ngọt and she mistakes it for attraction. Nai invites Weiwei's roommates to dinner, và runs into Yiran and Nai'er.

Guang is angry at Weiwei and Nai. Nai teaches Weiwei to play billiards. Weiwei feels lost when she và Nai are about to be separated for two months.

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Weiwei cares about Nai but fears for the early exposure of their relationship. Weiwei works hard to buy a new phone, Nai goes up against a hacker.

Nai defeats and plans lớn ferret out the hacker. Weiwei gets a new phone & plays a prank on Nai. Weiwei returns to lớn Nai's surprise and he kisses her.

Nai protects Weiwei from the rain and kisses her again. Nai arranges Weiwei's internship. Weiwei deals with Shuang, who is making things hard for her.

Guang fails to woo Weiwei and blames Erxi. Weiwei faints due lớn illness & Nai cares for her all night. Weiwei can't resist Nai's romantic advance.

Nai teaches Weiwei lớn swim. After their meeting, Diemeng tells Yaoyao's clan that Weiwei is a beauty. They mistake Erxi for Weiwei & tease her.

Erxi takes care of Guang's cat và they grow closer. Weiwei attends a gamer's meeting, Yaoyao's clan try khổng lồ sow discord but Nai saves Weiwei's face.

Erxi blames Weiwei for her chagrin in the game. Weiwei asks Guang và learns the whole story. Guang apologies to Erxi, but she leaves in sadness.

Knowing that she owes everything to lớn Weiwei, Erxi plans to lớn move out. Nai comforts self-condemned Weiwei. Shaoxiang breaks up with Yaoyao và plans lớn pursue Weiwei.

Shaoxiang tries to lớn win Weiwei back & vows to lớn defeat Nai. Guang texts Erxi but gets no response, Shuang is threatened by Nai's rival.

Nai's team works hard lớn meet the deadline, Weiwei gives her full support. Yiran hates Weiwei more. Erxi confronts Guang & makes up with Weiwei.

Nai gets inspiration from his date with Weiwei và achieves his optimization goal, but Shuang leaks info khổng lồ his rival. Nai's parents come khổng lồ visit.

Weiwei makes up with Yiran. Nai resolves the crisis during the presentation and is highly praised. Shuang is allowed lớn resign with dignity.

Wuxiang apologies lớn Weiwei, Nai says he shall await his fair challenge. Two years later, Nai addresses Weiwei as his fiancée in an interview.

Nai proposes lớn Weiwei publicly in an interview & passes the chạy thử of Weiwei's father. They finally get married & live happily ever after.

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