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Any car accident should be taken seriously, and a small car accident is no exception. As in the case of any car collision, there are some important steps to be taken later. Here, is what you need to do to maintain your legal rights to the defense after the incident.

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What to do after a little auto crash

In many cases, small automatic clashes should be considered as if you will give a more serious scenario of the accident. Although this seems to spend too much time and attention to The Square Bell, because you will be in an accident with a popular car, it is important to have a record. Detailed information about what happened - starting with related documents at the scene.


Damage Check

The first thing to do after a collision, even a minor, is to check yourself and your passengers about the wound. If someone is injured, call 911 and receive medical support from the first interested parties at the scene.

Even if you don't think someone has been injured, you can eliminate opportunities at this stage. The influence of a small accident, causing a sudden increase in adrenaline, can hide painful reactions and unclear damage that may immediately begin to appear symptoms for a few hours or a few days. After collision.

For this reason, it is important not to say that when I do, it will not hurt the requirements of the police or insurance company, while you, your passengers, passengers, and your car have been appreciating.


In A Safe Place

The first thing to do after a collision is to bring yourself and your passengers to a safe place. If your car can drive and cause potential risks in the current position, shoot at one side of the road. If you are not safe to drive, move yourself and your passengers to the side of the road or on the nearby sidewalk.

Write Down The Accident: Collection of photography evidence

After assessing potential injuries and arriving safely, start to collect evidence of the accident. This may be important to determine who is the majority - or all - errors.

Make sure you have received images of all related vehicles from different sides. Including digital panels, careful images, and distance to any visible damage, as well as the image of the streets and the surrounding scenery of the incident.

If the injury is clear, this is a good idea to collect photographic evidence of these people.


Call No. 911 and send a report on the accident

Always call the police at the place of a car accident, regardless of its small size. If this is an emergency, shoot 911. If there is no clear injury and no ambulance, notify the coordinator to send a police officer to the scene. You can also call the emergency service for this. It is important to have an officer on the police website to write a report on an accident.

Do not agree with other drivers provided or are required to miss this step, save the problem with the file, or try to give them cash stimulation to leave the scene in the early stages. A car accident report can protect your legitimate rights - individuals and insurance companies that cannot compensate for damage without an official relationship.


Insurance Information and


Calm and professional communications for departure and insurance with other drivers, as soon as you can do it safely. You want to request a full name, address, phone number, and insurance information, including the company's name, phone number, and company policy number.

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If possible, ask for communication with any other passenger in the car, if they have to provide applications for the following records.


Provide statement

Employees responsible for applying the law will have to return the claims of all conductors related to the clash, as well as the statements of passengers and witnesses. Witness documents and contact details for your own profile, if possible.

Even if you feel a part or full of sin, you should not apologize for the accident or mistakenly. Police investigate facilities and create their own ideas about what happened according to the truth and other evidence.

After the police press release is completed, ask the police, for the number of badges, the phone number, and the police report, so you can easily get the request if you need it.


Remain at the Scene

This is a criminal offense when leaving a car accident before the police came if you were not injured, asking you to apply for an ambulance. Still with your car in all other cases and wait for the police to be rejected after completing their reports.


Call your car insurance company

Call your insurance company immediately and provide all the information you recorded in the accident. This is an important step, regardless of the fact that control is not faulty, as it can protect you from potential requirements against you that other drivers can do.

Please note that your insurance company call is not an option: Car insurance providers immediately ask the owner to notify any accident connected when possible to sue. Insurance requirements. Each company has a certain amount of time when needed. Do not report an accident - even a small car accident - that can lead to the abolition of your policy.

From there, you can start the necessary process if you want to continue recovering from any car damage or other personal injuries.

Call an insurance company and apply after a small car accident.?

If your car has slight damage thanks to an accident, it will cost more than your deduction to repair, and it can cause your insurance company to pay. If the driver blames you, you can ask your insurance company.

The small injury of the accident is also an important reason to continue the insurance request. They may become more important than the original, or they can become chronic issues over time, so it is worth it. If another driver causes an accident, you can request a complaint to compensate for your bodily injury to your insurance company. You can also ask your health or insurance police to fight your body damage if you have them.




I call the police after a small car accident. is that right?

Right. Regardless of the car accident can apply the law to the facilities to collect evidence and assess who will blame the car accident, and then the insurance companies will be used to resolve it. Complaints related to damage related to records


After a car accident, What Now?

For any car accident, whether it is a small collision, a serious accident, or a car accident, it is important to follow the security steps and documents listed above. The police want to follow the case, especially if the personal damage or property is connected, and in most cases, leaving the basis is a criminal offense that can be classified as one. attack.

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How would be in the event that I am not the one causing the mishap?

Keep calm and professional in the process and avoid submitting complaints or errors. Police reports and insurance companies will use the evidence provided to form their own ideas for those who blame and may make decisions on errors or complete.

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