Julia Sedefdjian, 23, the youngest starred cuisiner in france in 2016, has just opened elle own restaurants called Baieta – which means little kiss in the local Niçois dialect. Julia is une impressive chef: talented, energetic, determined… all qualities uncovered in sa cooking. à join elle in this new adventure, elle called upon her friends Sébastien Jean-Joseph et Grégory Anelka venir assist her in auto kitchen and in auto dining room. The restaurant’s streamlined decor du stone walls et wood languette calls to mental a workshop, if the menu is truly exciting et creative.

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Sedefdjian’s light cuisine is redolent ns southeastern la france with her Bouillabaieta and her renowned aïoli, marqué also other recipes native afar like thé sea bream tartare v lime juice et coconut milk jaune the Guinea bird supreme smoked prefer a west Indies boucané, tous extremely delicious and aesthetically pleasing v special type paid to plating.


5, rue aux Pontoise, 75005, paris Phone : 01 42 02 59 itinerary

The desserts, one ns the chef’s specialties, room light et tasty, like auto truly originalité revisited lemon tart v its fennel sablé crust, thé Pastis/lemon sorbet, jaune the Chocotube with a Tonka p ganache, coffee biscuit and cocoa la glace cream. The prestations de service is in Julia’s image: friendly, thoughtful and pleasant.

The divers great surpris is auto value à la money: destiné on €28-36 pour a main dish and €60 toutes les personnes included for an extremely high-quality meal worthy du its first Michelin star in our opinion. Oui you can well imagine, Baieta is the rare gem of the moment

Noon venir 2:45 pm and 7pm venir 10:15pm – closeup of the door Sunday et Monday.

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Restaurant Baieta by Julia Sedefdjian. Average price: €60.


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