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Vous lisez ce: La petite fille à la perle



La Jeune filles à la Perle est le tableau plus célèbre de Vermeer. Il ne s’agit pas une portrait, mais ns « tronie », un caractères imaginaire. Les tronies représentent certains types, foins personnages, prendre plaisir cette jeune filles vêtue ns robe exotique, portant un turban asian et, à son oreille, une perle ns taille morceaux vraisemblable.

Johannes Vermeer différent le maître du la lumière. Nous peut le cf ici dans la douceur du côté de les jeune fille, esquive éclats aux lumières dessus ses lèvres humides et, bien sûr, dans la perle qui brille.


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A jeune woman looks over sa shoulder at us. Elle holds elle head slightly to une side, there is a gleam in elle greyish-blue eyes, and her lips space slightly parted et moist. On her head is a turban that elle has wound from deux pieces ns material, one blue and one yellow, et she is adorned with a pearl earring. Ce is from this oversized jewel in thé middle de the configuration that the photo derives its title.The peinture, etc provides a riche sample ns every visage of Vermeer’s virtuoso photo technique. The face à face is modelled very softly, not in an excellent detail marqué with steady transitions and invisible brushstrokes. Thé clothing is depicted more schematically and enlivened with small dots de paint saying reflected light – one du Vermeer’s trademark features. Even so, thé artist has plainly indicated differences between materials – pour instance between the white collar, painted in impasto, et the drier paint ns the turban, pour which cette used the precious colours ultramarine. Marqué the most remarkable detail is thé pearl. This consists of little more than two brushstrokes: a bright to mark at top left and the soft reflection du the blanche collar on the underside.Seventeenth-century Dutch girls did not wear turbans. With this accessory vermeer has given auto girl an Oriental air. Images like this were known in auto seventeenth century as tronies. Tronies are not portraits: they were not fabriqué in order à produce the le meilleur possible likeness of année individual. Although there would probably be a sitter, the alloue of a tronie was mainly à make a study de a head representing a specific character jaune type. Rembrandt had popularised tronies in Dutch de lart around 1630. Hey made dozens ns them, often using himself ont the model, sometimes wearing a remarkable cap or a helmet. Auto pearl is too large to it is in real. Perhaps auto girl is attract a pearl drop fabriqué of glass, which has actually been varnished à give it a matte sheen. De nouveau possibility, de course, is that the pearl to be a product ns Vermeer’s imagination. Pearl – both real et imitation – were stylish in thé period from around 1650 à 1680. Nous often discover them in paintings par Frans fourgon Mieris, Gabriel Metsu and Gerard sol Borch.Girl with a Pearl Earring has been well-known to auto general auditeur only since 1881, when it was put up à la auction at thé Venduhuis cette Notarissen in thé Hague. Conditions météorologiques the viewing day cette attracted the attention of thé influential recadrer official Victor du Stuers, that was there ensemble with his friend et neighbour, the arts collector A.A. Des Tombe. Douaniers has ce that also though the painting had been badly neglected, aux Stuers recognised it as a Vermeer. According to a different dépense of the story, the peinture, etc was too dirty venir be correctly appraised, and the painter’s identity seul became clear later on on, when thé cleaning operation revealed his signature. Everything the des boites may be, ns Stuers et Des tombe agreed not to bid versus each other, et Des creuser therefore acquired thé painting for the negligible sum ns two guilders concède thirty cent mark-up.Des Tombe’s collection, which consisted of works by contemporaries ont well oui old masters, to be open venir visitors at his home, at Parkstraat 26 in thé Hague. The émergence director ns the, Abraham Bredius, to be the tons to extol the virtues du Girl with a Pearl Earring when hey saw cette at Parkstraat in 1885: ‘Vermeer overshadows all the rest; auto girl’s head, so superbly modelled that one is practically inclined à forget une is spring at a painting, et that single gleam of light, will alone hold your attention’. When cette died, on 16 December 1902, Des la tombe turned the end to ont made a secret will bequeathing twelve paints to auto, including Girl through a Pearl Earring.(this is a reworked déditions of a text published in in: P. Van cette Ploeg, Q. Buvelot, royalistes Picture collection A princely collection, auto Hague 2005, pp. 256-258)
artiste au titre davion désignations de l'objet numéro d'inventaire Visible jusqu’à
Johannes vermeer (Delft 1632 - 1675 Delft)
La Jeune fille à la Perle
Salle 15


(?) Pieter Claesz van Ruijven, Delft, before 1674; (?) his widow, Maria aux Knuijt, Delft, 1674-1681; (?) your daughter Magdalena soupape Ruijven, and Jacob Dissius, Delft, 1681-1682; (?) Jacob Dissius (with his father Abraham Dissius, 1685-1694), Delft, 1682-1695; Dissius sale, Amsterdam, 16 peut faire 1696, beaucoup 38 (f36,-), 39 (f17,-) or 40 (f17,-); Braams sale, auto Hague, 1881 (day et month unknown) (f2,30 to Des Tombe); A.A. Des Tombe, thé Hague, 1881-1902 (on loan to auto in 1881); bequest du Arnoldus Andries des Tombe, auto Hague, 1903

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