La Nuit Des Rois Comédie Française

SHAKESPEARE’S COMEDIES were added late to auto Repertoire. HIs eighteenth- et nineteenth-century adapters were primarily interested in tragic plots, editing and enhancing them ont they saw fit to suit français tastes. George Sand was the sapin to it is adapted a comedy, As amie Like It, in 1856. The Taming de the Shrew was consequently adapted par Paul Delair in 1891, entirely recomposed roughly four characters.From thé 1920s on, this comedies were performed in an ext accurate translations: Twelfth Night, staged passant par Jacques Copeau in 1940, in auto translation by Theodore Lascaris, The Winter’s Tale, translated de Claude-André Puget in 1950, A milieu de lété Night’s Dream, adapted by Pierre Charras in 1965, Pericles, Prince of Tyre, in the french text de Jean-Louis Curtis in 1974, The Merchant de Venice, in Jean-Michel Déprats’ translate into in 1987, The Tempest in Xavier Maurel’s dépense in 1998, The funny Wives du Windsor in Jean-Michel Déprats’ translate into in 2009, et Troilus and Cressida in andré Markowitz’s translate into in 2013. Cible many of Shakespeare’s renowned comedies space still absente from auto Comédie-Française’s Repertoire, such as The Comedy de Errors, Love’s Labour’s Lost, lot Ado around Nothing, oui You like It, Measure à la Measure, et All’s Well the Ends Well.

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Twelfth Night, nous the différent hand, is one du Shakespeare’s most generally performed comedies v three fabrication predating thomas Ostermeier’s staging.Jacques Copeau added cette to the Repertoire on 23 December 1940 amidst a very tense national et internal context à la the Comédie-Française. Parisien was occupied par the Germans, auto theatres were closed et then reopened but had venir deal with the new authorities. In April, the aperçu Administrator Édouard Bourdet to be hospitalised complying with a web traffic accident. Jacques Copeau, année avant-garde director, member ns the famed “Cartel” and founder of the Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier, to be called dessus to act as interim Administrator. In December, rumours spread out that he wanted to permanently oust Bourdet, i beg your pardon Copeau denied in thé press, assuring the Bourdet self had been in favour ns his appointment, which came to be effective on 30 December. Thé staging de Twelfth Night because of this took place under really political circumstances.

The choice of the jouer was no insignificant for Jacques Copeau, at a moment when cette was trying venir make his mark. Cette was in reality returning to one de his favourite plays, the one that fabriquer his name in 1914 when he founded auto Théâtre aux Vieux-Colombier. His style contrasted radically with auto stagings de the time, which calmer bore the imprint de bourgeois et naturalistic comedy. “Stripped back” was auto watchword parce que le this new vision of the stage, and of this production, which was revitalized after thé war. But in 1940, auto new fabriquer at auto Comédie-Française was much much more sumptuous and entrancing than auto bare trestle of the Vieux-Colombier (Suzanne Reymond’s set reproduced auto gallery of année Elizabethan theatre, the costume were par Marie-Hélène Dasté). Critics also highlighted the dominante tone du “buffoonery”, which turned auto Comédie-Française into a “frenetic Punch et Judy show”, a “feast pour the eyes and ears” judged à be sometimes somewhat excessive (Georges Pioch, L’Œuvre, 28 December 1940). This time, the fabrication failed à charm and most critics were nostalgic pour the performances ns the Vieux-Colombier.

The lundi Twelfth Night presented at thé Comédie-Française to be just ont memorable. During the 1960s, auto Comédie-Française thought about having année English director phase “le vaste Will”: auto names ns Laurence Olivier, pet Brook et Orson vagues were mentioned. Roche Dux chose a promising jeune director, terry Hands, was co-director de the royaliste Shakespeare Company and artistic director du the Stratford Festival, et who had currently directed Richard III and Pericles Prince ns Tyre parce que le the Comédie-Française. In 1976, hey staged Twelfth Night at auto Odéon with auto Comédie-Française troupe (text by Jean-Louis Curtis). Hey saw the phat as an inevitable chain reaction, a finely-tuned machine of fate that can not be stopped. In Hands’ view, and as thomas Ostermeier –director du the 4th Twelfth Night at the Comédie-Française– additionally states, Shakespeare is i heard with auto question du genres and totally challenges the generally embraced concordance between sexual orientation et desire. Amour plays out physically between individuals, much more than psychologically: “In matters de love, thé ambiguity is not about morality. The henchmen thing is to show that every character is homothetic to thé others: this is quel Shakespeare suggests par introducing twins, by multiplying disguises. Tous the characters identify amour with thé realisation du a strict material et physical project. The seul real dévouement that emerges in this play, on purpose deprived de any lyricism, is that de Orsino pour his page, because thé fact she is dressed ont a homme hides the woman from him so he just look at her oui a human being being. Shakespeare, in short, engages in a virulent satire de phallocratic et women’s liberation theories.” (Quoted de Claude Baignières, Le Figaro, 26 February 1976). In keeping with this vision, terry Hands fitted auto stage with a simple riser venir leave cette open to the costumed actors, return to thé stripped-down approach adopted passant par Jacques Copeau at thé Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier.

The third Night to be Andrzej Seweryn’s in 2003 (translation par Jean-Michel Déprats). Auto Polish director, a sociétaire du the Comédie-Française, considered that in his country, Shakespeare is seen ont the many Polish of étranger authors. He conceived his staging ont the triumph de ambiguity: “This confusion of desire, the centre subject de the play, strikes me ont very topical. In our image-centred civilisation, we seul believe what conditions météorologiques see. Marqué what are we beyond image?” (Quoted par Marion Thébaud, Le Figaro, 11 September 2003). Rudy Sabounghi’s set, which establishes multiple level with thé help ns a footbridge that runs auto length de the stage, allows the public follow the adventures of the Duke and Olivia simultaneously, in a montage reminiscent ns cinematographic techniques.


Suite aux publicité du Président aux la République, und conformément venir décret n°2021-955 aux 19 juillet 2021 modifier le décret n° 2021-699 du 1er june 2021 prescrivant das mesures aperçu nécessaires for gestion ns la sortie ns crise sanitaire, le amenant sanitaire doit am mis en carré pour alger les rassemblements aux 50 abrita ou plus. Il est ainsi en vigueur à la Comédie-Française convoque les spectateurs majeurs viens du le 21 juillet, et indispensable pour accès à les notres trois salles. Attention, il est également demandé de spectateurs à partir de 12 âge depuis ns 30 septembre 2021.

Le passe sanitaire concerne tous les les spectateurs âgés de 12 ans et plus depuis les 30 SEPT 2021. Seuls les spectateurs munis d" amenant sanitaire seront admis en salle. Le importer sanitaire prend la former d" QR codé disponible à lintérieur l’application je connais anti-Covid foins téléchargeable puisque le page? ˅ ameli.frLe amenant sanitaire dorient valide convectif l’admission en salle lorsqu’il atteste :

soit ns vaccination complète : 7 jours après la lundi injection pour tous les vaccins à doubs injection (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca) ; 4 semaines de l" convecteur les vaccin à ns seule injecté (Janssen) ; 7 jours del l" pour les abrita ayant eu la covid ;soit d’un audit PCR ou antigène négatif du moins du 72h ;soit le résultat d’un juge RT-PCR positif preuve du rétablissement aux la Covid, sortir ensemble d’au petit 11 jour et ns moins aux six mois.

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Le port ns masque demeure obligatoire pendant toute les durée ns la présence dans le bâtiment (en salle profitez-en dans les circulations).

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