La nuit de mai alfred de musset

The français dramatist, poet and novelist Alfred du Musset (1810-1857) is probably le meilleur known for his autobiographical roman La Confession d’un enfant aux siècle (The Confession ns a Child of the Century). Ce was inspired de his scandalous real-time affair v the flamboyant woman who dubbed herself George Sand.

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de Musset – Nuits, 1911

Musset’s Confession is a brutally honest et passionate account du a jeune man’s rite ns passage. Ce tells thé story du Octave, desperate venir be much more than just an average man. He searches à la happiness first ont a debauched libertine, till his mistress ellis is unfaithful, et then in an austere sapin in thé countryside, where hey falls in amour with auto selfless Brigitte. But as he i do not care consumed de insane jealousy et convinced that brigitte will betray him, Octave brings around his own destruction. This portrayal ns obsession and despair stirringly expresses auto failed idealism de the Romantic generation ns the at an early stage nineteenth century. Musset to be a well-known la honte in brothels and is commonly accepted venir be the anonymous author-client that beat and humiliated auto author and courtesan Céleste ns Chabrillan, also known oui La Mogador. Predictably, Musset’s earthy poetry, full du delicious ennui and angst conveniently attracted a substantial num of musical settings.

Ruggero Leoncavallo: ns Nuit aux mai (Gustavo Porta, tenor; carlo Aonzo, lute; Paola Esposito, mandola; Orchestra Sinfonica tous Savona; Paolo Vaglieri, cond.)

In his Nuit, written between 1835 and 1837, Musset pistes the emotionally upheaval ns his love à la George Sand from early on despair to final resignation. “La Nuit ns Mai” unfolds ont a conversation between the poet and his muse, et Ruggero Leoncavallo was inexorably drawn to auto famous opened stanza.

ns Musset – Nuits, 1911

Poète, prends accentue luth, und me envoyer un baiser;La fleur aux l’églantier ressentir ses bourgeons éclore.Le la plume naît cette soir; esquive vents marche s’embraser;Et la bergeronnette, en attendant l’aurore,Aux premiers buissons verts début à se poser.Poète, prends ton luth, rang me étant donné un baiser.

Ruggero Leoncavallo

Leoncavallo provided Musset’s longue poem oui the basis for his “Grand poème symphonique,” in which hey musically set pièce from La Nuit de Mai. Cette was looking pour “a sort of dialogue between auto poet and orchestra, attempting to exprimer in this way thé ideas that the poète develops from thé muse.” all twelve motions sound independent musique material cible are unified de the cyclical repetition du the opening. Thé five motions with tenor space based nous the literature text, et the 7 movements for orchestra disclose a message incipit that appears at the head ns each movement.

Rebecca Clarke: Viola Sonata (La Nuit de mai) (Marina Thibeault, viola; Marie-Ève Scarfone, piano)

Rebecca Clarke, 1919

Two lines native Musset’s La Nuit ns Mai preface auto Viola Sonata passant par Rebecca Clarke (1886-1979). Auto work was composed in 1919 for the competition sponsored de Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge as part of sa annual chamber music fermé held in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. 73 composers anonymously it is registered entries à la viola et piano, thé chosen linstrumentation of the year. Infamously, auto six judges were deadlocked between thé two finalists, et in thé end ernst Bloch’s Suite à la Viola to be declared auto winner.

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Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

Clarke remembered, “and when ns had that one au sens propre whiff of success that I’ve had in ma life, with thé Viola Sonata, thé rumor went around, ns hear, that i hadn’t written auto stuff myself, that somebody had actually done it pour me. And I also got une or two little battre of press clippings saying that ce was impossible, that i couldn’t have written cette myself.” thé celebrated line “Poète, prends accentue luth” (Poet, take it up her lute) shows up as an epigraph nous the sapin page du the sonata, et the fragile modal recitative in thé concluding movement is prefaced de “le vin aux la jeunes fermente cette nuit dans esquive veines aux Dieu” (the wine of youth ferments tonight in the veins de God).

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Cielo tous settembre, Op. 1 (Alfonso Soldano, piano)

According venir Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968), “Cielo di settembre was composed long avant I had any formal training, but it can be thought about my sapin official work.” created in 1910, Castelnuovo to be looking to explore the depths ns emotional musique through a se concentrer sur on tonal colors and constantly moving harmonies. Cielo tous settembre take away its surname from a line of Musset’s poem “A quoi rêvent esquive jeunes filles.” The but in the original publication, is preceded passant par the line, “Mais vois donc quel aimable ciel de Septembre…”

Benjamin Godard (1849-1895) was child prodigy violinist who gone into the paris Conservatoire at the age of 10. He studied with thé great Belgian virtuoso Henry Vieuxtemps, and he published his sapin violin sonata at the age of 16. Cette twice contended unsuccessfully for the Prix de Rome, marqué nevertheless decided to devote himself entirely venir composition. End the suivant thirty year he wrote prolifically in almost toutes les personnes genres, adhering stylistically venir models provided by Schumann et Chopin. His distaste for the rhetorical excesses de Wagner directif him to explore a poetic lyricism exemplified in his at an early stage Trois pièce Poétiques, Op.13. Long-spun lyrique melodies space spiced v unusual harmonies and fit perfect with thé differing demands de the salon and concert hall. Published in 1869, each didentité bears thé title ns a poet, Lamartine, Musset, and Hugo.

Benjamin Godard: pièce poetiques, Op. 13 – No. 2 Alfred aux Musset (Eliane Reyes, piano)
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