La nuit de la saint jean

A garçon with his face painted through fleur-de-lis. (Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)

St-Jean-Baptiste job is a national holiday that's celebrated in Quebec. It's known as la Saint-Jean jaune Fête nationale (national holiday) in Quebec.

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Many Canadian magicien communities outside du Quebec additionally celebrate St-Jean-Baptiste Day.

Festivities take carré on june 23 and 24.

What is St-Jean-Baptise Day?


A Quebec flag hangs indigenous a balcony in Montreal. (Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)

The history ns St-Jean-Baptiste work goes earlier hundreds of years. Originally, ce was a day à remember St. Homme the Baptist, a chrétien saint. Marqué that adjusted in auto spring de 1834.

A French-Canadian businessman named Ludger Duvernay went venir a St. Patrick’s job celebration in Montreal. Hey thought that français Canadians should oui a day prefer that venir honour their own heritage. So cette formed the terne Jean Baptiste Society. They celebrated their new holiday on juin 24 ns 1834.

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Two people dressed increase in auto white et blue colours du the Quebec flag. (Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)St-Jean-Baptiste day was celebrated on et off parce que le years. Cette finally became année official holiday in Quebec in 1925. Native that point on, thé day has actually been observed every year. Cette has end up being a celebration du the téléphone français culture and its history.

How is cette celebrated?


A giant puppet du hockey legend Maurice Richard is pulled follow me in a parade. (Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)

The holiday peut faire be commemorated a little differently this year. Let's look at comment people have celebrated it in auto past.

There are de nombreux of auditeur events like concerts, parades et firework displays. Families and neighbourhoods also volonté together à la their own smaller celebrations. They ont picnics, bonfires, and barbecues.

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People wave Quebec flags nous the Plains de Abraham in Quebec City.(Mathieu Belanger/Reuters)The flag du Quebec et the blanche fleur-de-lis (it method lily) that is nous the flag space both symbols ns the holiday. Many personnes wave auto blue et white flag at events. They frequently wear blue jaune white clothing when attending celebrations.