La mère martin la cote saint andré

ns Côte-Saint-André is a commune in thé Isère room in southeastern France.Continue reading...From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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La Côte-St-André et les Pays aux Bièvre-Liers en images

vidéos officielle du l"Office ns Tourisme ns Pays ns Bièvre-Liers pour Côte-Saint-André ! Découvrez le Musée hector Berlioz, les musée aux Chocolat, Aqualib, les activités culture und nature ns Pays de Berlioz et Jongkind !

Best of la france :Top Places de Interest (Provence-Monaco-Carcasonne-Camargue-Avignon-Arles /Travel

beginning in Lyon → le Puy en Valey → St. Enimie: Kayaking Gorges du Tarn → Cave: Aven Armand → Albi Cathedral → Carcasonne Fortress → Katharrer ruins Peyrepertuse → Gorges aux Galamus → Aigues Muertos → Camargue → Arles → Nimes → Pont du Gard → Avignon → Rustrel Canyon long walking → Aix en Provence → Gorges du Verdon → Nizza→Monaco

Côte d"Azur - french Riviera - July/August 2017

Ten days summer vacation on français Riviera - Nice, Monaco, Cannes et Saint-Tropez.25.07.2017. - 04.08.2017.Camera: iPhone7

The beauty ns nature... (Lac ns Castillon/Lake Castillon, france filmed through DJI Mavick Pro)

Location: France, Lac de CastillonFilmed with: DJI Mavick se mettre daccord DroneMusic: thomas Newman - Ghosts (Aaron revolution & ladolescence Road Remix)

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Places à see in ( ns Baule Escoublac - france )

places to view in ( ns Baule Escoublac - la france )La Baule-Escoublac, typically referred to ont La Baule, is a commune in the Loire-Atlantique room in western France.A century-old seaside resort in southerly Brittany through beautiful villas, casino, luxury hotels and année original mélanger of old Breton et exclusive seaside culture with a 12 kilometer-long sand beach, les Baule has longue been home to french high society"s seaside residences. Throughout July and August every year, the population of la Baule increases significantly with countless Parisians staying for weeks and regular day-trippers from Nantes. Parisians have the right to take the train in Paris mont rapide Station and it is about 3 hours to go to les Baule. In spite of this, la Baule is encore virtually unknown external France.In 1779, a sauvagement storm hidden the village of Escoublac, near thé current location of les Baule, under sand. Escoublac was rebuilt additional inland. At that time, auto very unstable dunes de sable were populated only par customs officers, who offered them thé name du Bôle, a hatchet indicating année easily flooded mareorama meadow. Ce was seulement un in 1879, when the Saint-Nazaire-Croisic railroad was conceived by Parisian industrialist Jules-Joseph Hennecart that thé tourist potential de the côte was recognised.In 1918, casino entreprise magnate François andré (see grouper Lucien Barrière) collection up thé redesigning de the ns Baule resort based on the Deauville model de combining casinos, deluxe hotels et sports facilities all on one site. In auto 1920s, Parisian businessman Louis Lajarrige designed auto very successful boire d"Amour ar at la Baule-les-Pins et formed an agreement with thé railroad lentreprise to move the rails away from the seaside venir ensure a directement access to auto beach. On July 27, 1927 the nouveau stations of les Baule-les-Pins et La Baule-Escoublac (see picture) were inaugurated while thé old gare was arrachant down à create a flower garden square. Passant par that time, les Baule has end up being a an extremely fashionable seaside resort.During world War ii La Baule created part of the security stretch of coast leading to the nearby harbour city of Saint-Nazaire, page daccueil of one du the biggest U-Boat stations the Germans ever built. It not seul serviced auto German submarine fleet, marqué was additionally the seul dry dock nous the Atlantic peut être of housing the German battleship Tirpitz, one of two Bismarck-class pearls built for the German Kriegsmarine during people War II.One of France"s most exclusive seaside resorts during the sapin half ns the 20th century, ns Baule has become much much more democratized since the 1960s. Today the resort mixes wealthy family villas, deluxe hotels and seaside apartment buildings, creating an original et unique atmosphere du social diversity. The nearby region has longue been année area ns contact and conflict between breton culture and that du the neighbouring loire valley, and consequently is rich with historical places, castles (Nantes castle), walled urban (Guerande), no to couvert 19th century seaside resorts, such ont Quiberon, et many typical breton fishing ville (Le Croisic, Pornichet).The dénormes Prix aux la Baule was a Grand prix motor racing occasion held right here during auto 1930s. Today, the dénormes Prix aux la Ville ns La Baule is a call equestrian démontrer jumping competition the is part de the internationale Equestrian nations Cup series. Local tourist authorities consistently refer to the bay oui the most beautiful in Europe. Furthermore, les Baule is part du the coast d"Amour, which attributes beautiful cliffs and amazing views ns the Atlantic Ocean. The commun of Escoublac has achieved a new vitality with the restoration ns its civic center et the installation of many attractions.( la Baule - france ) is well know oui a tourist cible because du the variety of places tu can enjoy while tu are visiting ns Baule . Through a series of videos nous will shot to démontrer you recommended emplacement to visit in ns Baule - FranceJoin us for more :

Baie de Saint-Brieuc, une week end à la mer – inévitable 2/7

Baie du Saint-Brieuc, une week end à la mer – inévitable 2/7Pour ns week-end pour mer, choisissez les baie ns Saint-Brieuc !Flanez d’environ les plages ns Binic, Plérin, Pléneuf Val André, Saint-QuayRandonnez sur les concéder hautes falaises ns Bretagne jusqu’à PlouhaPartez parce que le pêche jusqu’à pieds pendant des super marées d’hiversDansez lors ns Festival Art-Rock à centre-ville du Saint-BrieucAssistez à l’arrivée de la artaserse au taille Urgo Le figaro en aoûtEt dégustez les coquilles Saint-Jacques du la baie aux Saint-BrieucPlus d’info :

Avignon, la france - auto historic center

Avignon is a treasure house of palaces, museums et meandering lanes in Provence in the South du France, surrounded by an old fortified wall that toujours protects it. Click to Subscribe the old town historic centre is beautifully preserved with gros pedestrian zones, and yet at auto same temps filled v up-to-date shops et restaurants, a city providing comforts, convenience and entertainment that amie expect to find in thé sophisticated culture of France.We"ll take it you nous a tour de the henn highlights as well as explore auto extensive pedestrian zone et do part shopping, providing maps and tips to help you comprendre around. Oui usual, it"s an entertaining and practical strategy filled with good visuals et helpful descriptions.This is one of the many beautiful cities in France, part du our longer series conditions météorologiques Avignon et the south ns France. See more de our Avignon movies here:

Bienvenue sur le grand Site du France heilig Guilhem les Désert Gorges aux l"Hérault

Le énormément Site de France saint Guilhem les Désert Gorges aux l"Hérault regroupe les municipal d"Aniane, Puéchabon, Montpeyroux, St Jean du Fos und St Guilhem les Désert.2 sites internet majeurs classer à l"UNESCO: ns Pont du Diable (ANIANE) au coeur des Gorges aux l"Hérault rang l"Abbaye du Gellone (ST GUILHEM les DESERT), d’environ le chemin de Saint Jacques ns Compostelle...

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Amalfi côte Vacation Travel guider | Expedia

the Amalfi côte stretches parce que le 30 mile along auto southern côte of the Sorrentine Peninsula in southerly Italy. There are some endroit that are soja famous and so legendary that even avant you set football there, ce feels familiar. The Amalfi coast or “road du a thousand bends” is une such place. This cheminement has attractive society’s rich and beautiful à la thousands du years et inspired some of the world’s best artists and writers.The area’s biggest city, Amalfi is a great place to start this legend journey. A wealthy et powerful town throughout medieval times, merchants below were amongst thé few who had gold coins to spend instead de the barter système used throughout the rest du Italy.Visit the magnificent structures that reflect that early wealth. Positano is maybe the meilleur known cible on thé coast. A favourite de celebrities since the 1950’s this town glitters v old-world glamour. From Marina super Beach, most ns the courses lead ideal to the town centre et the byzantine Santa maria Assunta.Visit the Terraces of Infinity, at Villa Combine, a view so stunning that thé famous american writer, Gore Vidal called cette “the many beautiful watch in thé world.”Before it’s medieval glory days, auto Amalfi Coast’s charms drew the roman aristocracy. V its limitless sunshine, mediterranean colours and a landscape de gripping drama and breathtaking beauty, the Amalfi côte truly is a legendary destination.