La meilleure galette des rois de paris

Are you looking parce que le the perfect traditional galette, a brioche from the rois of author jaune a gluten-free version? conditions météorologiques crisscrossed parisien from East à West venir offer you the pancake de your dreams. It's up to you to draw.

Vous lisez ce: La meilleure galette des rois de paris


You don't échanger a recipe that works. Auto oldest pastry shop in Paris, i named Stohrer , continues the douaniers of the frangipane pancake. Auto one, the only, thé original.

Same story at thé Boulanger de la Tour , annex to auto legendary tour d'Argent, i m sorry saves five lunches at that is starred restaurant et at Hugo & Victor who indicators a 100% made in la france pancake.

Stohrer, € 25 for 5 people, € 35 for 6 people. More info nous the Stohrer website .

Boulangerie du la Tour, indigenous December 26. 25 € auto galette à la 4 people. An ext info nous the Boulanger de la tour website .

Hugo & Victor, € 25 parce que le 4 people, € 45 for 6/8 people. Much more info conditions météorologiques the hugo. & victor website .

In auto Occitan brioche group


Don't manquer out on Cyril Lignac's cake ns Kings, elle would miss your Epiphany! the Aveyron chef delivers a remarkable interpretation of the brioche crown, flavored with orange blossom and sprinkled through grains ns sugar, pistachios and caramelized hazelnuts.

From January 3 to 24, 2021. King's cake € 27 parce que le 6 people et € 4.50 for the individual cake. More info on cyril Lignac's website .

In the last minutes category


For an improvised gamble party or to accomplish a suddenly desire pour a galette (when cette happens, ce doesn't wait), Frichti it is intended its impeccably sourced gamble to you in just twenty minute top time. Bonus, a 100% winning scratch game.

From 1 January, à la 3 weeks. € 19.90 à la 6 people. Much more info nous the Frichti website .

In the bling-bling category

The Shangri- La gamble can save you big money. De partnering with loger Bucherer, auto Parisian palace is increasing the price du its vanilla pancake signed Maxence Barbot. The sapin 100 are winners: invitation to a gemology workshop, € 600 voucher venir smack in diamonds… the jackpot? A gold et diamond necklace et breakfast at thé Shangri-La to parade with your nouveau jewel.

Do tu prefer watches? Objectif Horlogerie et KRONOS360 attribute a sign Heuer Twin temps GMT et other stylish gifts.

Shangri-La, from January 2 to 7 inclusive, à order 72 hours in advance. Galette à la 6 people, € 68 an ext info conditions météorologiques the Shangri-La website .

Objectif Horlogerie et KRONOS360, an ext info conditions météorologiques the cédé Horlogerie website. Much more info nous the cas Horlogerie website .

In auto gluten-free category


It looks prefer a pancake, cette tastes favor pancakes… The only difference is, not a trace de gluten nous the horizon. Noglu uses a great alternative for gluten free.

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From December 28, 2020. € 38 pour 6/8 people and € 6.50 revenir share. More info nous the Noglu website .

In thé palace group


A palace cake, si not nothing! From auto Ritz's little Christmas counter, pastry cook François Perret it is provided his relaxed pancake with inverser puff pastry et flaked almond macaronade. Are amie going solo? Opt à la the crispy gamble bar format.

Between auto galette et the brioche, Michael Bartocetti , pastry cuisiner at George V , might not choose. The result is a puff pastry brioche-style crown topped with a frangipane v cazette flower. Insider trading venir be discovered at the hotel's Christmas pop Up.

Ritz, indigenous January 2 à 7, 2021, 49 € parce que le 6 people, 9 € parce que le the Crousti-Galette, on sale at the petit Comptoir ns Ritz. Much more info conditions météorologiques the Ritz website .

Four Seasons hôtel George V, indigenous January 2 to 10, 58 € pour 6-8 people, on daller at Christmas pop Up. Much more info conditions météorologiques the four Seasons hôtel George v website .

In the category “This is not a pancake”


Some troublemakers control with traditions. This is the boîte of Christophe Louie who turns his amazing panettone into a Panettone des rois with orange blossom et candied citrus fruits. Cible also Babka Zana v its babka of kings, a stunning puff pastry brioche with acacia honey et La Meringaie which hides auto bean in its inimitable soft meringue.

La Meringaie, from January 2. 35 € à la 6/8 people. More info conditions météorologiques the les Meringaie website .

In auto scoundrel classification


Among thé Vérots , the Epiphany will be… dirty. Auto charcuterie family members combines thé savory pancake v a stuffing du pork and foie gros in a pur butter puff pastry. Auto (good) fat is life.

In auto thousand et one nuit category


At Maison Aleph , the pancakes are imbued through Levantine seasonings through three bewitching variations: orange blossom, Iranian pistachio et halva chocolate. In addition venir honoring its étoiles ingredients, Myriam Sabet unveils a puff pastry made from caramelized filo pastry sheet par sheet. Maison Gazelle unveils galette-style gazelle horns through orange blossom, Piedmont hazelnuts et Bronte pistachio.

Maison Aleph, indigenous December 15, 2020 to January 31, 2021, cake nous p. From € 28, € 6 revenir share. An ext info nous the maison Aleph website .

Maison Gazelle, native January 6, 2020, gamblet on p. From € 9.50 for 2 pers. Much more info on the loger Gazelle website .

In the frozen category


For Snow emperors who swear by frozen pleasures, La Glacerie offers its royaliste cake in auto shape du a crown. Inside, chocolate crème glacée cream, Corsican clementine sorbet and orange blossom la glace cream.

At La fabriquer Givrée , nous put the gamble in a cone v a unicité flavor of la glace cream in an ultra-limited edition: grilled almonds, pieces ns vanilla puff pastry, milk chocolate. Only problem? nous searched well, ne sont pas beans here!

La Glacerie, available from January 2, 2021. € 72 parce que le 10 people. More info nous the les Glacerie website .

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Also find thé cheese which dethrones thé brie with truffles et the recipe for madeleines passant par Pierre Hermé .

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