La Halle De La Machine Toulouse





La Halle aux La machine opened the doors to the public in November 2018 in thé Montaudran district ns Toulouse. Ce brings to sapin the stable de street performance machines, designed and manufactured par the teams of the société La Machine.

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This place was imagined ont a stable pour the company’s creations. This machines, from thé smallest une held in auto hand to thé largest une weighing several tons, ont taken increase residence in auto Halle de La device while waiting to be supplied in shows all over the world. Nous the spot, in front ns the public, a team of trainers/manipulators: “the actual machinists” lug them to life, bringing back auto tales et legends of these extraordinary mechanical mounts, in constantly renewed scenographies.

The Halle aux La device is a space for life and encounters, design as année invitation to travel to meet these unusual et poetic objects, directly out ns the Nantes incarcération workshop. Cette houses a new, singular et monumental creature: auto Minotaur, whose life appearance during the show les Gardien ns Temple native 1st to 4th November brought together more than 800,000 spectators. At thé end de the show, its wings and temple recovered, the Minotaur worked out in the hall of auto Machine, accompanied de Ariadne, the spider. Auto Minotaur can embark fifty toutes les personnes for année extraordinary journey nous the former runway du the Aéropostale and in auto district of Montaudran.

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The Halle ns La maker is also intended à be a an innovative space in which nouveau artistic creates will it is in born, v the rencontre of artists. Cette is also an opportunity pour the entreprise La Machine à experiment with new staging à la future spectacles in front of the public.

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A recadrer programme, a bar-restaurant, a shop and meeting spaces are tous possible entrances venir come and discover the la Machine Hall et its occupants fabriquer of wood et steel.


Halle aux La Machine3, avenue ns l’Aérodrome de Montaudran 31 400

Parking : boulevard Jacqueline AuriolBus : Linéo 8 (arrêt Gonin foins Lavidalie) / la gestion 27 (arrêt Latécoère) /Ligne 80 (arrêt stations SNCF ns Montaudran/ la gestion 23 (arrêt stations SCF Montaudran)Train : file 10, Toulouse Carcassonne Narbonne – arrêter Gare Montaudran