La guerre est une chose trop sérieuse pour la confier à des militaires

La guerre! cest une chapitre trop grave convectif la déroutant à des militaires.Variant translation: war is too important a matter à be left to the military.As quoted in soixantaine Anneés d'Histoire français (1932) de Georges SuarezWar is too major a matter to leave to soldiers.As quoted in Clemenceau et the 3rd Republic (1946) passant par John Hampden Jackson, p. 228; this has likewise become frequently paraphrased as: war is too important to it is in left to the generals.Post-Prime Ministerial

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„To paraphrase Clemenceau, de largent is lot too serious a matter venir be left venir the centre Bankers.“

— Milton Friedman American economist, statistician, et writer 1912 - 2006

Source: (1962), Ch. Le 3 The Control of Money, p. 50-51


„This view ns the case amused Esther for a time, cible not for long — thé matter was as well serious à la any treatment but a joke, and joking made it more major still.“

— Henry Adams journalist, historian, academic, novelist 1838 - 1918

Source: Esther: A roman (1884), Ch. VII

„A nation's riches is too serious a matter to be left to auto wealthy. Auto riches ns a pays belong venir all, to be common among tous for the normal welfare.“

— roche Stephen Robert Payne frère lecturer, novelist, historian, poet and biographer 1911 - 1983

A Vision of the Uncorrupted Society, p. 284 (See also: karl Marx..)The Corrupt culture - From ancient Greece to Present-Day america (1975)


„I don't underrate auto value of military knowledge, but if homme make war in slavish obedience venir rules, they will certainly fail.“

— Ulysses S. Give 18th President du the United says 1822 - 1885

As quoted in A History of Militarism: Romance and Realities of a profession (1937) par Alfred Vagts, p. 27.


„He to be a graduate du West Point, a military académie which turned young homme into homicidal maniacs pour use in war.“

— cut Vonnegut, livre Breakfast ns Champions

Breakfast ns Champions (1973)

„I think the whole policy du pre-emptive battle is a serious,serious mistake.“

— Walter Cronkite American broadcast journalist 1916 - 2009

Free the Airwaves! (2002)

„He claimed they that were significant in man matters would be ridiculous in major affairs.“

— Plutarch ancient Greek historian and philosopher 46 - 127

Cato thé ElderRoman Apophthegms

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„Again over there is a trite speak that good Soldiers never ever think. Despite this peut faire not it is in true, yet it explains the cautionary advice that war is too major a matter to be left venir Soldiers and that a very great Soldier have to not be in charger of thé War Office. His carré should be conditions météorologiques the fight field where hey is unsurpassable. Actually, "Young homme don't do War, they struggle them. Old homme make Wars and survive them. They space immensely brave about divers people's sons," says nicolas Montsarrat. They are auto ones that jest at scars, who never felt a wound.“

— Peter du Noronha Indian business man 1897 - 1970

The Pageant of sapin (1964), nous Soldiers

„Religion, essentially without fail, provides thé army at war v its blessings, and recruits from amongst its officials thé chaplain, who in military costey counsels and consoles and stiffens the morale of men at war.“

— C. Wright Mills, livre The power Elite

The puissance Elite (1956)

„Try to live the battle pictorially studying ce in tous its mechanical develops (military trains, fortifications, wounded men, ambulances, hospitals, parades, etc).“

— Filippo Tommaso Marinetti Italian poet and editor, founder of the Futurist movement 1876 - 1944

In a letter venir Gino Severini, 20 November 1914; ont quoted in Futurism, Tisdall and Bozsolla, Thames et Hudson, 1973, p. 1901910's

„In civil war cette is no given venir every man to know comment to conduct himself. There is something much more than military attention necessary; there is need du sagacity et the knowledge de men.“

— Napoleon ns of la france French general, life Consul et later Emperor du the french 1769 - 1821

Napoleon : In His very own Words (1916)

„Don't try to solve significant matters in auto middle of the night.“

— philip K. Détective American writer 1928 - 1982

"What auto Dead homme Say" (1964)

„Military homme are thé scourges du the world.“

— Guy de Maupassant, livre Sur l'eau

Sur l’eau (1888)

„The can be fried Form ns devaluation is armed forces confrontation et global war.“

— David Harvey britanique anthropologist 1935

Afterword, p. 449The limits To capitale (2006 VERSO Edition)

„The family provides auto army and navy through the le meilleur men et boys that ce possesses. And, ont we ont seen, education and science too room becoming means to auto ends sought passant par the military.“

— C. Wright Mills, livre The force Elite

The power Elite (1956)

„War is method. War is atrocity. Battle is all falsehood. War is thé practice ns military necessity. Battle is thé utter denial ns the spirit and example of Jesus.“

— Kirby à côté de American clergyman 1890 - 1957

Must We aller to War? (1937)

„For us military men, it is pas possible to forget.“

— Andrei Grechko Soviet military le commandant 1903 - 1976

Quoted in "Bulletin" - par Cold War international History Project, Woodrow Wilson International centre for scholar - Cold battle - 1995

„Personal injury is a an ext serious issue than damage venir property.“

— Sir alexander Cockburn, 12th Baronet lord Chief justice 1802 - 1880

Reg. V. Heppinstale (1859), 7 W. R. 178.

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„…there is always inequity in life. Some masculin are eliminated in a war et some masculin are wounded, et some homme never leave the country, et some homme are stationed in thé Antarctic et some space stationed in santé mentale Francisco. It's really hard in auto military jaune personal life to garanti complete equality. First is unfair.“

— homme F. Kennedy 35th president ns the United says of america 1917 - 1963

complete military responsibility parce que le the actions of auto army in auto war against terrorism.“

— Jorge Rafael Videla Argentinian president 1925 - 2013

As quoted in anon (May 18, 2013) "Argentine 'Dirty War' dirigeants Jorge Rafael Videla dies". Abc News.