La grenouille à grande bouche rennes

Inspired de a Quebec concept, thé establishment operates thanks to thé help de volunteers who offer their time in the kitchen jaune in auto dining room.

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At thé restaurant ns Grenouille à super bouche, volunteers come venir help the end in the kitchen jaune in thé dining room. - J. Gicquel / 20 Minutes

ns Grenouille à super bouche, a participative and supportive restaurant, has seul opened in the popular Blosne district ns Rennes. Every afternoon, volunteers come to help out in auto kitchen jaune in the dining room. This permits the restaurant to generate earnings which room then donated to local associations.

Usually so sad, the Torigné purchase center, in thé popular Blosne ar south de Rennes, has found a peu of excitement. for several days now, the les Grenouille restaurant with its gros mouth has actually opened that is doors there, acquisition over the pièce left vacant since auto butcher"s departure. we come of arttaserse to perk up parce que le lunch v local, seasonal et inexpensive cuisine. cible eating at ns Grenouille through a gros mouth is also support a an excellent solidarity initiative.

taking up the concept of the Robin des boire restaurant in Montreal, the project is indeed "participatory et redistributive," stated Nathanaël Simon, one de the 3 founders. Participative because auto establishment lieu de travail with auto help of volunteers, comes from all walks of life, who come every midday à lend a hand in the dining room or in thé kitchen. "It"s there is no commitment et there is no need for experience, elle just have to provide three hours du your time," says Nathanaël Simon.

profits donated to les associations

Thanks to this solidarity, the restaurant can therefore make a little profit which will certainly be donated to associations in thé neighborhood, such as the solidarity concierge venir p"tit Blosneur.

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"At thé end ns the year, nous would like to donate 8,000 venir 10,000 euros to three jaune four association that nous find socially useful," sûr the coordinator.

In the restaurant which deserve to serve 85 covers, the volunteers room recognizable par their badge on which their tons name is written. In the kitchen, your gestures are periodically a little hesitant. Ditto in the pièce where the volunteers learn nous the job the travail of waiter. "But people are going venir be forgiving!" "Smiles this waitress for a day. "Not too lot either because nous still oui to meet thé specific requirements pour catering, namely auto price, thé quality and the speed ns the service", underlines Nathanaël Simon, that takes charger every afternoon ns coordinating auto work du volunteers .

discover alongside a chef

among them, Agathe, who lieu de travail in communication et who put nous the apron this afternoon. “This idée of solidarity restaurant immediately seduced me, enthuses auto young woman. et as I am passionate about cooking, it is likewise a way to discover how we occupational in a restaurant conditions météorologiques a daily basis. ”

follow me with the chef et his clerk, elle will oui learned during the morning comment to handle elle knife well venir avoid injury et to make lemon supremes. Or how to combine entreprise with pleasure.


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The Bigmouth Frog additionally has its review

avant the restaurant, ns Grenouille à super bouche had already launched its review in 2018. Available conditions météorologiques newsstands or in bookstores, this quarterly, printed in virtually 5,000 copies, explores "society with what conditions météorologiques eat".

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After milk, soup or the relationship in between sex and food, thé last issue, i m sorry has just come out, has the theme "The a venir is in auto meadow".

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