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Streaming ma Mother’s Castle full Movie on Netflix US. Ma Mother’s castle (Le chateau du ma mere) is a sequel and companion piece to my Father’s Glory (La Gloire du Mon Pere), both based on the childhood recollections of marcel Pagnol. Prefer its predecessor, thé movie explores auto adventures of the young marcel (Julien Ciamaca) throughout his summers …

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Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama.Original Title: les château aux ma mèreRelease Date: 26 Oct 1990Language: FrançaisProduction: GaumontCountry: FranceRuntime: 99 min

Director: veille Robert Producer: alin Poiré Screenplay: yves Robert Editor: roche Gillette Stars: Philippe Caubère (Joseph Pagnol), Nathalie Roussel (Augustine Pagnol), Didier damgussese (Uncle Jules), Thérèse Liotard (Aunt Rose), Julien Ciamaca (Marcel Pagnol), Victorien Delamare (Paul Pagnol), Joris Molinas (Lili des Bellons), calcul Maguelon (François, father du Lili), paul Crauchet (Edmond des Papillons, aka Mond des Parpaillouns), Julie Timmerman (Isabelle Cassignol),
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