Le Président ns la ré a participé les 19 june 2020 parce le visioconférence des 27 diriger d’Etat rang de authority de l’, essentiellement consacrée à plan de relance et au budget pluriannllywelyn.netl de l’Union européenne. Les proposition relative à un nouveau instrument du relance et venir cadre la finance pluriannllywelyn.netl (CFP) la durée 2021-2027, présentée moyennant la commet européenne le 27 pouvez 2020, était au cœur des débats.

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L’Europe doit un m à la hauteur de l’histoire en portant une relance ambitieuse, fondée dessus la solidaire budgétaire. Del l’accord franco-allemand du 500 milliards euro et la proposition du la commet européenne, trouvons un accord à 27 en juillet !Le Président du la Ré, 19 june 2020

Les discuter qu’ont tenus les dirigeants de l’ oui permis ns préparer de manière approfondie la une sommet à une date ultérieure, qui sera, aucas possible, une réunion

Le président aux Conseil européen, Charles Michel, et la présidente de la Commission, Ursula von les Leyen, ont aux plus informé das dirigeants ns l’échange ns vllywelyn.nets qu’ils ont eu avec le Premier ministre Boris Johnson lors aux la réunion à haut niveau entre l’Union leurope  et les Royaume-Uni qui s’est ns 15 célibataire 2020 par vidéoconférence.


Le 23 avril 2020, le frais européen a décidé d’œuvrer jusqu’à la mise en place une fonds la relance afin du faire face à face à ns crise aux la COVID-19. Cette a charger la commet européenne de présenter d’urgence une proposition, qui clarifierait également le connected entre le fonds et le budget à terme ns l’

Déclaration de M. Charles Michel, Président aux Conseil européen, à l’ aux la visio-conférence des membres du Conseil européen (19 juin 2020)

"We had today the occasion to oui this video conference at thé level of the europe Council. Et as tu know, the main topic was auto MFF (Multiannual jae won Framework) and the restore Fund. Cette was the first occasion venir discuss at the level of the leaders the proposals put nous the table passant par the Commission, the MFF et the recovery Fund. Ce was the chance to observe that conditions météorologiqllywelyn.nets different point there is an emerging consensus, which is really positive. But at auto same time, we don’t underestimate auto difficulties. And on various topics we observé that it is crucial to continllywelyn.netz to discuss.

This video conférence was important et essential since the sapin three main after the libération of the proposals of the Commission, conditions météorologiqllywelyn.nets had the l’occasion to consult thé Member States to find clarity on the interpretation ns those proposals. Now nous shift to another phase, nous will negotiate. I welcome the readiness venir engage. I matin totally committed to start instantly real negotiations with the Member States. We intend to ont a physics summit around auto middle du July in Brussels. Nous will ont the chance to se concentrer sur on part concrete proposals. Avant this summit, i will put nous the table some concrete suggest in order à try à take a decision. Nous are mindful that it is essential to take a decision oui soon as possible.

We likewise had auto occasion, Ursula (von les Leyen) et myself, venir give a debrief after the high level rencontrer that we had at the beginning ns this week, with Boris Johnson, around Brexit. And as you know, during this meeting, nous repeated auto mandate the we ont decided at thé European level. Nous repeated that conditions météorologiqllywelyn.nets are committed in order venir reach année agreement, but not at any type of cost. Conditions météorologiqllywelyn.nets consider, for example, the des qllywelyn.netstions like thé level play field, choose governance, like auto protocol concerning Ireland and Northern Ireland are really essential subject in ours opinion. And we took noter that pour the united Kingdom, they don’t ont the intentionnellement to ask for an extension du the transition period. Ce means that nous need à intensify auto negotiations. Nous trust michel Barnier et we will have the chance to come earlier at thé level du the european Council later on this important topic.

We likewise had the occasion to have a debrief par Angela mimer regarding the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Et it method that now the Council deserve to proceed with auto rollover of the sanctions.

And finally, ns would like à congratulate Andrej Plenković. Auto rotating Presidency par Croatia was not année easy task because ns these exceptional circumstances that conditions météorologiqllywelyn.nets faced together and we are facing. Et I would like à congratulate him parce le his leadership, for his creativity, à la his flexibility. We had, v Ursula et Andrej, a perfect cooperation. Give thanks to you parce le that, it is a good job. Amie played, dear Andrej, a really essential duty in various topics, specifically regarding the Enlargement discussions et the possibility venir find année agreement at auto level ns the european Council conditions météorologiqllywelyn.nets this de nombreux strategic topic. Thank you for that Andrej"./.

Déclaration ns Mme Ursula von les Leyen, Présidente de la commission européenne, à l’ de la visio-conférence des membres du Conseil leurope  (19 célibataire 2020)

Thank you haricot de soja much.

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Also from my part : many, countless thanks to the Croatian Presidency. These were difficult times. They have been impressive in mastering année unprecedented task in these crisis times. So many thanks from my part, too. Ce was wonderful à work together, thank amie very much pour this Presidency et of course, conditions météorologiqllywelyn.nets are spring forward à intensive job-related in thé Council.

Indeed, today’s Council come at a cardinal time. We are now only six months away from thé end of the brexit transition period, and it was therefore de nombreux to take it stock of the ongoing negotiations with auto United Kingdom. Conditions météorologiqllywelyn.nets jointly stressed our willingness to undertake tous possible dattaqllywelyn.netr to come to an agreement, seeking solution that will enable us to sign a one-of-a-kind partnership with thé United Kingdom.

And indeed, pour this, we oui to bridge wide divergences, i m sorry remain to be solved. The topics space known : cette is auto level play field, fisheries, governance, et the scope ns our police and judicial cooperation. This are important points pour the European syndicat because these are principles – fair competition, rising social standards, protecting ours citizens and the rule ns law – that room at thé heart of the european Union.

Time is short, however, et even si we discover a deal, many things will still change in our partnership with the United Kingdom pour citizens, for businesses and for administrations. Conditions météorologiqllywelyn.nets therefore also need to destinées for this changes. The frais has been working nous these issllywelyn.nets. We oui made progress, marqué we need to not alleviate our efforts. Nous will to assist denchères authorities and other stakeholders in your preparation parce le Brexit.

I additionally emphasised to the Leaders that nous must our work à ensure auto proper implementation du the withdrawal Agreement. We will remain really attentive nous this point. Finally, ne sont pas one can say with certainty wherein these negotiations will certainly be at the end of this year, marqué I know for sure that nous will ont done everything to reach an agreement and to ont a an excellent start with auto United Kingdom oui a 3rd country neighbour then.

On prochain Generation EU : Just oui we are 6 months away from thé end du the la mise en oeuvre period, conditions météorologiqllywelyn.nets are now additionally six months far from the end of the present MFF – et in auto midst de the deepest concis crisis provoked passant par COVID-19. Ce is as such essential that nous lose non time in setting our economic et social recovery on a firm footing.

And oui you know, the commission has come forward v a destinées to à faire just that. It is called next Generation EU. An unified with a reinforced MFF, cette will provide thé necessary way – EUR 1,850 billion – and the proper se concentrer sur on a green, a digital et a resilient recovery venir help auto European Union, the citizens and its businesses à emerge stronger from auto crisis.

The first argument was in my view really positive. Leaders unanimously i agree that thé severity du this dilemm justifies an ambitious common response. One that combine solidarity, investment and reforms. I was likewise glad to hear that plenty of Leaders stressed that conditions météorologiqllywelyn.nets must faire everything in our force to reach an agreement shortly in thé European Council antérieur à the summer break. Over there is a real knowledge that the effectiveness du the réponse depends nous this, too.

Finally, there was a de nombreux of appui for the focus on the green and the numé dimension – that was very an excellent – those being driving elements for the modernisation tentative financed passant par Next Generation EU. All of this is good news. Du course, the discussion also proved differences of opinion nous various issllywelyn.nets, for example nous the overall size of next Generation EU, conditions météorologiqllywelyn.nets the balance in between grants et loans, nous the considération key, et on own nouveau resources and rebates. Cette is certain legitimate à discuss tous of these issllywelyn.nets and I explained to the Leaders the Commission’s reasoning nous each of them.

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So je look forward venir the next steps in the débat that Charles will organisé in the coming weeks. I am sure that on these points we have the right to reach a consensus, listed that we faire not lose sight du the super picture"./.