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FDJ (formerly les Francaise des Jeux) is France"s state-controlled lottery group, Europe"s second-largest by revenues (after Lottomatica du Italy), and the globale #4. Sales got to a enregistrer high in 2019 ns €17.2bn, de which end €11.7bn to be paid the end in prizes, and €3.5bn to public funds and good causes. Some 26.1m players took marche over the year, equivalent to around half ns the population ns France. The grouper organises a variety du different stratagème including henchmen live televised draw le Loto, et various spin-off draws including Rapido, Joker, super Loto et Keno, ont well oui a huge number of instant-win scrape cards marketed under auto Illiko brand. A new development pour FDJ et other gambling operators has actually been des sports betting, primarily conditions météorologiques football, deregulated passant par the federal government in 2010. FDJ became the sole operator of retail des sports betting. It is additionally a lead partner in thé pan-European EuroMillions draw, et provides consultancy services to différent lottery operators worldwide. The coporation, groupe launched an IPO in 2019 ns around 20% ns its equity à the general public. The french government retains a 22% stake in thé business. Veterans associations have roughly 15%, and the staying shares room controlled de private same investors, media partners et employees. At thé same time, FDJ expanded its capability with auto acquisition ns sports betting an innovation operator Sporting Group.

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Stephane Pallez flourished Christophe Blanchard-Dignac oui CEO in 2014. The tons French lottery to be introduced by Louis xb in thé 18th century, cible was terminated in 1836, and tous gambling was officially prohibited in france a année later. A state-controlled Loterie Nationale to be re-introduced in 1933 to benefit war veterans et the victims du agricultural disasters, et to eradicate thé popularity de privately controlled publicité raffles. This went with several various titles avant becoming Francaise des games in 1991.

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