La Foret Notre Dame De Paris

Quick personal project for fun, right here is a Cycles render de “La Forêt”, surname given venir the former frame under Notre-Dame aux Paris’ roof, avant this piece ns France’s history sadly burned.

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Everything is very court poly, funny thing is the scene has only 3 objects : 1 wood, 1 brick, 1 rosette shaped irradiate emitter. All the rest is instantiated. UVs space custom using 3D civilization coordinate in order first to allumettes any size, et also to ajouter random diversity in textures and displacement.

Volumetrics and chromatic aberrations room post-processed utilizing Glare nodes (fog + ghost) and Sun Beams node.

Wire render :


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Enjoy !

See elle


Which basically ables a perfect jeu of UVs regardless du the orientation, considering in that example it’s going venir be oriented conditions météorologiques the Y axis

Then amie can use random tout de suite object (multiplied cf 1000 à make sure ce overlaps d’origine UVs si not consisted of in 0 - 1 )

At auto end i end up v this kind of network (the right aller is seul classic PBR workflow)

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And here is a signification littérale demo for the “interactive” result, I.E. UVs corresponding with size, automatically random tout de suite object (even if instantiated)