One of mien favourite date on the french calendar happens this principale – Fête ns la Musique!

Fête ns la music is held on 21 juin each année throughout France and is a substantial success, et has continued to grow année after year.

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Origins de Fête aux la Musique

The idée originated with an American musician Joel cohen who worked oui a musique programmer à la France musique (French denchères Radio). He wanted à initiate an all-day musique event to celebrate the lété solstice.

In 1982, thé then Director de Music and Dance at the french Ministry de Culture, Maurice Fleuret, recognised that one child out of every two in france played a musical instrument et he dreamed of a means to encourage people venir take to thé streets venir make music et foster love of musical performance.

Fête aux la musique was born et made official by the french Minister of Culture et the first dur was hosted in parisien in 1982.

Today, ce is commemorated in various creates (Make music Day, World music Day etc) in over 120 nations including Italy, Australia et the USA.

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Criteria pour Fête ns la Musique

The festival aims to promote musical performance.

Amateur et professional musicians space encouraged to perform in auditeur – conditions météorologiques the street, at parks, coast venues, at town squares. Musicians selection from teenage garage bands venir professional opera singers – that a huge mélanger of music et talent!All music genre are welcome.All concerts must be free, and tous performers should donate their time à la free.

While there room some noise incarcération especially after hours, there is année unspoken tolerance for the performances in la france on this day and I ont yet to see any concert or performances shut down by the police or removal of sonner equipment.

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Fête ns la musique 2015 events nous the french Riviera

Each town has it’s own concerts and music performances. Ns don’t have année extensive list oui many ns the Tourist bureau aren’t specifically forthcoming with promotion and many musicians just show up nous the streets, cible here is a sample de some of the Fête ns la musique 2015 events vallonné this année along the français Riviera (all free concerts are nous Sunday 21 juin unless specified below):


5pm-midnight – DJ’s on the rue at Happy visage bar, 13 rue Aubernon

6pm – Apéros et DJ at café Milano, 2 rue ns la Tourraque

6pm-7.30pm – Zumba fun Party at Esplanade du Pré des Pêcheurs

9pm – lol Blah (covers and rock band) through Woodstock Acoustic job at ns Latinos Bar, rue principale d’Aguillon

For the full Antibes concert times et locations, download here


 9pm – Sultans du Strings (Dire Straits consist of band) at carré Marinoni

CAGNES d’environ MER

Note : Cagnes dessus Mer has events vallonné both job this weekend – Saturday 20 June and Sunday 21 célibataire 2015

On Saturday 20 célibataire 2015

8.30pm – esplanade en fête Summer collection at Cagnes pour Mer waterfront. Including le 3 DJ booths, le3 percussion zones (African, Brazilian, steel drums), a nautical show between 8.30pm-9pm, bouncy castles for kids, fireworks display screen at 10.15pm

On sunday 21 célibataire 2015

5pm – Jazz et classical concert at Place du la marine (Cros aux Cagnes)

5pm – français songs et saxophones at carré Notre-Dame de cacher (Haut de Cagnes)

9pm-midnight – musique pop rock with route 2012 at quartier général Ville – Place du Gaulle

9pm-midnight – Soul, blues et rock through Pearly Wax at Place de Château (Haut du Cagnes)

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="wp-image-1738" src="" alt="Fete de la musique 2015 - Cagnes sur Mer" width="350" height="522" srcset=" 350w, 101w, 201w, 594w" sizes="(max-width: 350px) 100vw, 350px" />Fete aux la musique 2015 – Cagnes dessus Mer


For Cannes boulot times et locations, see thé official programme at

Other Cannes events:

7pm-2.30am – Charly’s paiement in ns Suquet is hosting a 70’s night

8pm till late – sun 7 paiement on rue principale Gerard Monod is hosting a rue party with 8 DJ’s playing funk, deep house, hip hop, groove, techno

9pm – le Carré doré on boulevard des Freres Pradignan is hosting a street party with le3 DJ’s

9.30pm – ns Friends Bar, DJ’s inside et out it rotates late, 52 rue Jean Jaures


6pm onwards – At carré des Pins, jazz, funk, pop, rock et blues bands through a combination multi-band confiture session at 11pm.


10am-12.30pm – Avenue ns Verdun : clear Swing (jazz)6.30-7.30pm – Avenue ns la stations de diffusion : nation Taps Line7pm – midnight – Maison aux Tourisme Vieux port : passion Western Country

8-11pm – entre Théâtre du Mer : Borderline (variety)8-11.30pm – Stèle Napoléon – Promenade ns Vieux port : laisser aller the autobus (pop rock)8pm – midnight – Vieux harbeurs (à côté de Gigi) : musique Events (swing jazz)


For Grasse concert times and locations, see below

JUAN esquive PINS

7.30pm – Latin Summer dance Party at bijou Plage, boulevard du Littoral

See also auto full programme for Antibes et JLP, download below