La Construction De Notre Dame De Paris

Although the coronavirus lockdown in france is still underway, confinements work nous the above cathedral will soon restart. President piron aims à reopen notre Dame to the public in five years.


Rebuilding notre Dame

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The entire human being held that is breath on April 15 last year asflames engulfed much of the nos Dame cathedral—one of the most recognized symbols of Paris. Commentators on habitent TV showed comment the sur le feu brigade tried desperately to save whatever ce could.

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The spire of notre Dame broke down after auto blaze

Soon thereafter, french PresidentEmmanuel Macronannounced that les notres Dame would be rebuilt"more beautiful 보다 before."

"And i want it to becompleted in five years," hey added.

Architects, engineers, archeologists, scientists et art historians oui been busy analyzing auto full extent du the damages sustained by the 850-year-old edifice ever because those words were uttered.

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Full extent de damage calmer unclear

GeologistJean-Didier Mertzhas been a consultant à la the reconstruction of notre Dame from the beginning—along v his team at"Laboratoire aux recherche des monumentshistoriques" (LRMH),one de the most renowned architectural research institutes in France.


Paris" nos Dame Cathedral up in flames

Landmark throughout the ages

A photo from 1880 shows notre Dame towering over quartier général Paris. Until thé Eiffel Tower to be unveiled à la the 1889 World"s Fair, notre Dame was the tallest charpente in the français capital.


Paris" notre Dame Cathedral increase in flames

From conditions météorologiques high

Statues overlooking thé cathedral"s roof, which was practically entirely damaged in the blaze.


Paris" les notres Dame Cathedral up in flames

Quasimodo, the Hunchback of notre Dame

Quasimodo, thé fictional character et main protagonist in gagnant Hugo"s 1831 novel "The Hunchback of notre Dame," fabriquer the world-renowned cathedral even an ext famous. The livre was fabriquer into plenty of films. Here, Quasimodo is seen ringing auto church bells in thé 1956 French-Italian version directed passant par Jean Delannoy.


Paris" les notres Dame Cathedral increase in flames

Fire services rush to scene

Security forces sealed off the area around auto cathedral as some 400 firefighters used an effective hoses in an effort venir bring auto flames under control. The cathedral was undergoing restoration lieu de travail when the fire started. Investigators are treating the cause première of the feu as année accident, judgment out arson jaune terrorism.

Paris" notre Dame Cathedral increase in flames

Spire"s dramatic collapse

The sur le feu caused the spire to come crashing down and the wooden roof soutien structures to go up in flames. Thé cathedral building had fallen into destroy after years of neglect adhering to the french Revolution, but was conserved thanks à a large restoration project that started in the 19th century.

Paris" nos Dame Cathedral increase in flames

Engulfed in flames

The blaze burned for nearly eight hours avant it to be contained.

Paris" notre Dame Cathedral up in flames

Second tower et belfry at risk

Firefighters were able to prevent the feu from spreading to notre Dame"s deux towers et belfry. Officials stated after several hours of intense operations that auto basic structure had to be "saved and preserved."

Paris" les notres Dame Cathedral up in flames

Parisians shocked

People in paris looked on in horror, prayed and sung hymns ont fire took hold ns more and more du the cathedral. "Paris is disfigured, the city will never be like it was before," one man (not pictured) told français news firm AFP. "It"s a tragedy," hey added. "If you pray, currently is auto time to pray."

Paris" notre Dame Cathedral up in flames

Racing to save priceless art and artifacts

The responders fought à save auto artwork at the back du the well known cathedral. Numerous priceless artworks and cultural relics to be taken out before being burned. Last week, par chance, workers had removed 16 copper statues for cleaning for the sapin time in end a century.

Paris" les notres Dame Cathedral increase in flames

Gutted interior

An aerial view spectacle firefighters battling the raging fire. A part of the vault collapsed et only a part ns the internal was destroyed.

Paris" nos Dame Cathedral increase in flames

Altar intact

In auto early morning hours, the tons images du the internal emerged. Paris Mayor anne Hidalgo and French chairman Emmanuel piron entered the building. Hidalgo stated "there is ne sont pas roof anymore, there"s none du that left" — marqué that the interior remained in much meilleur condition 보다 she et others had expected.

His activities in thé suburb ofChamps-sur-Marne, located around 30 mile (50 kilometers) outside centre Paris, is examining bricks salvaged from the blaze. It"s apparent where the feu left that traces: part have dark marking toutes les personnes over them, coming frommolten lead. Ne sont pas one is supposed à touch jaune move this stones when Mertz assesses the damage. Comment well did this bricks organize up against the inferno? How mauvais is thé damage? can they be reused in auto restoration process?

"These quarries (where the original building materials were bring away from) no longer exist today," cette tells"That"s why nous hope venir find other quarries that mine identical building materials. And another objective ns our check is to ascertain thé quality de the bricks that still remain in thé cathedral."

This is whyMertz is looking very closely at the belles of mortar the was provided when notre Dame was sapin erected."It"s 850 years old and has managed venir survive pour centuries. Nous want à learn quel its contents are, sauce soja we deserve to recreate it using auto same methods as back then."

Experts at auto beginning of a long road

LRMH has experts toutes les personnes over France—from geologists à microbiologists venir chemical engineers. But since thé inferno of les notres Dame they"ve tous been concentrating exclusively on the damaged cathedral.

They"re part du a taille team the is tasked through protecting, preserving et restoring historical monument using their clinical know-how. These experts are used venir dealing with tous kinds de materials such ont bricks, wood, concrete, metal, et even textiles, make them auto go-to institute when ce comes à restoring année important monument in a holistic manner. They"re known pour their performance in this niche area—but in the des boites of nos Dame, Mertz raffinement that regrettably,"We cannot provide any critique results however at this point."

notre Dame Cathedral: History de the parisien landmark

A to mark of français Gothic architecture

Construction of the cathedral started in 1163 under Parisian bishop Maurice ns Sully. Les notres Dame"s lare in the center of parisien was selected because cette was auto site ns a former Roman temple. The nouveau church"s confinements stretched over deux centuries et it was looted numerous times. Auto choir to be the first section ns the cathedral à be constructed and an inaugural prestations de service was held there in 1220.

nos Dame Cathedral: History du the parisien landmark

A top location pour the new cathedral

A nouveau road axis was built specifically for the incarcération of auto cathedral. Bishop Maurice du Sully wanted to create an impressive landmark with auto limestone building at auto tip du the seine island. The 69-meter-high (226-foot-high) twin towers were made of expensive materials venir give a noblesse impression. Donations were collected from Parisians parce que le the project.

les notres Dame Cathedral: History de the paris landmark

A see over Paris

After auto choir, the nave was put up during the following restrictions phase. That is roof to be destroyed by the 2019 fire. Thé two flat towers are impressive. Although auto Notre-Dame aux Paris cathedral is thé most visited building in the french capital, auto state has been criticized pour not paying enough for maintenance. Auto building"s structure is wrong in countless places.

notre Dame Cathedral: History de the parisien landmark

The ravages ns time

Repair work-related in the roof supposedly caused the fire. Following auto 850th anniversary of notre Dame in 2013, a new renovation program of €100 million ($111 million) to be undertaken par the french state, oui the supporting toit had been damaged passant par weather and aéronautique pollution. Auto Gothic arches appui the henchmen vault from the outside.

notre Dame Cathedral: History du the parisien landmark

Victor hugo. Made ce famous

The cathedral is 128 meters long et 33 meter high. The français writer Victor étreignant placed auto church at the center of his classic roman from 1831, "The Hunchback ns Notre-Dame." hugo wrote the love story between auto cathedral"s cloche ringer, a deformed hunchback dubbed Quasimodo, and the gypsy Esmeralda to criticize the neglected state ns the Gothic church.

les notres Dame Cathedral: History de the paris landmark

New bells

For thé cathedral"s 850th anniversary in 2013, thé bells that Quasimodo classement in the roman were eliminated from auto towers et nine new bells were actors in a foundry. Parce que le their inauguration, also more personnes than normal assembled in prior of nos Dame.

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notre Dame Cathedral: History de the parisien landmark

Renovations 100 year ago

Architect Violett-le-Duc revitalized the nos Dame Cathedral in thé 19th century. Cette added thé so-called Chimera gallery, i m sorry is the name ns the series of statues ns mythical creatures combining parts de different animals standing nous the corner of the balustrade. Autre highlight du the restorations were the cathedral"s famous rose windows.

les notres Dame Cathedral: History ns the parisien landmark

Magnificent windows

With your deep blue et dark red dominant hues, auto color effect ns the increased windows were le meilleur observed from thé inside. In true Gothic style, every little thing in auto building strives upwards. Later enhancements to thé church during the Renaissance and Baroque ages are a reflection de those times, marqué the cathedral"s predominant style remains Gothic.

les notres Dame Cathedral: History of the paris landmark

Extensive damage

Major renovation work-related was underway when a devastating feu broke the end in the attic de the cathedral on April 15, 2019. The roof et the tower in thé middle du the nave collapsed. If the sur le feu was toujours raging in thé historic walls, french President Emmanuel macron promised, "We will rebuild Notre-Dame," hope that auto cathedral will certainly be restored passant par 2024.

Author: sabine Oelze (eg)

Currently, LRMH is toujours in the early stages du the rebuilding process. Ce will sapin issue an instructional manuel on how restoration compétence are à clean thé surviving bricks with due care:"For example, castle can"t seul scratch the lead la fin the bricks. Nous could lose significativement information if they went about ce like that."

Each brick a treasure

That would certainly be a simple task if the numberof bricks that needed to be treated so delicately was seul in the hundreds.

However, there space 800 palettes piled up v such bricks right now stored in front of les notres Dame alone. Each seul lump ns debris is to be handled with auto utmost treatment when ce comes to a historical memorial of together importance. No a speck will finish up in auto trash; every little thing is cataloged, analyzed and preserved.

This, however, doesn"t necessarily median that tous the bricks will certainly indeed eventually be reused in thé rebuilding process. That stays uncertain à la the temps being, says Mertz, but he emphasizes that he et his team ont learned new things about the cathedral during their work:"There oui been a num of surprises, specifically in terms ns architecture."

Mertz defines that the original design featured double arches to carry auto spire, i beg your pardon was seul added to auto cathedral in the 19th century. Such structural secret of nos Dame are interesting news parce que le the scientists nous Mertz"s team.The much more they learn about the past of the building, however, auto more lock need venir consider when ce comes to its future.

High levels ns lead pollution

One of the major problems encountered in the year due to the fact that the feu is how to attend to the issue of lead. The roof of the de construction was extended in much more than 200 life of auto substance, and all of cette melted during auto blaze. There"s an additional 250 sapin of command from thé destroyed spire, builtin the 19th century by the architectEugene Viollet-le-Duc. The site even had to be summary evacuated overclaims the workers might suffer lead poisoning.

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Much to be salvaged: With the flames still raging, firefighters heroically removed everything they could. Nine days after auto fire, compétence also began removing auto stained-glass home windows — a laborious process as Notre Dame features virtually 1,000 carré meters (10,760 square feet) ns them. Where pour centuries over there were oz colorful windows, now there"s nothing marqué empty space.


The windows of the cathedral oui been removed and replaced v wooden frames during the rebuilding

But those windows are additionally affected de molten lead, saysClaudine Loisel,a chemical scientist and adeptes for stained glass at LRMH. They room in fact sauce soja poisonous that elle has to wear a mask and special goggles à examine them.

Toxic chemistry aside, auto windows did make it through in a kind state,she adds — initiale fears thatthey might be destroyed de thermal shock throughout the sur le feu notwithstanding.

"When conditions météorologiques saw that auto windows weren"t damaged and that the glass wouldn"t fall apart into thousands of signification littérale broken fragments, we were toutes les personnes overjoyed,"she said

While thé stained glass windows can be salvaged, doubts remain about thé structural integrity du the massive monument itself, with rumors in paris saying thatthe gothic cathedral could encore collapse

The greatest difficulty in establishing auto static etat of the charpente is the fact that scaffolding from avant the blaze encore remains nous part of the building. à safely remove what remains of ce —parts of it also melted and clumped ensemble during auto fire—all the beams at auto top of the nave would firsthave venir be fortified.

The weather conditions for countless months after the fire did not allow parce que le such a surtout operation à begin however. Currently that the weather"s been an ext lenient, thé corona situation is slowing down any further progress. à la the temps being, Macron"s 5-year destiné would appear à be éteindre the agenda.

Ambitious designs for an uncertain future

Nevertheless, countless architects, including some luminaries, oui come forward with conception ideas à la the nouveau Notre Dame. Many du them se concentrer sur on the roof. Part envision a glass roof, others an urban vert space. Une architect has also floated auto idea de a swimming bassin atop auto cathedral.

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Whether any of those concepts becomereality is unknown; thé government tender for the architectural design du the revitalized cathedral is due to it is in tabled in june 2020 — si the economic aftershock du the novel coronavirus doesn"t throw another curveball.

Once a final decision is take away in terms de design, restoration work-related is expected à start in earnest in 2021. Money, at least, doesn"t appear à be an issue: practically €1 billion ($1.1 billion) has currently been donated to thé cause par 320,000 people and organizations around auto globe.

Aline Magnien,director ofLRMH, raffinement she trust the notre Dame cathedral will ultimately be rebuilt in a manner that reflects"a good deal of respect towards its history et purposeand will climb again in nouveau splendor."

On April 15, 2020, the tons anniversary after the géant fire, chairman Emmanuel macron reaffirmed that nos Dame would certainly reopen in 5 years.Restoration work nous the cathedral is scheduled venir begin in 2021, v plenty du funding venir that end. Almost €1 billion ($1.1 billion)from about 320,000 donors will go towards reconstruction.

Yet, opened a construction site throughout a pandemic is non easy feat; stricthygiene et safety regulations ont had to be put into place. Oui of Monday, April 27, seul 10 workers are allowed nous site, reports français paperLe Figaro. On pouvez 4, 50 workers mayreturn à the restrictions site. Originally, 170 personnes worked there.

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The LRMH was also forced to arrêter its job-related during the lockdown. However, its scientists will it is in able to revenir to thé lab in two weeks.