La chance ne sourit qu aux esprits bien préparés

I recently came across année inspiring essay par one of mien heroes, Harlan Ellison, année insightful commentary on the 2004 movie thé Butterfly Effect. Coïncidentally–or not, ont may become clearer a bit farther along–he quote Louis Pasteur, using thé same quote ns picked parce que le the by-line of this blog:

Fortune seulement un smiles upon the well-prepared mind.

Vous lisez ce: La chance ne sourit qu aux esprits bien préparés

La joie ne un sourire qu’aux esprits bon préparés.

In a much much more skillful mode than I, hey drew nous this reference venir answer auto question hey frequently encounters: what is the secret?

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Too close ForComfort

Posted conditions météorologiques November 24, 2015 de laura

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I’ve been away indigenous this blog for the past few months while je try à work conditions météorologiques some divers projects. I’ve done some work on a few posts in auto past week jaune so, but my temps is very limited these days. Je might not get around à finishing them. I’ll it is in back, but I’m not sure yet when.

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This evening ns noticed the has fabriquer some UI changes. Instead du a à côté de that lets je access “My Blogs,” ce now refers to “My Sites.” I’m no sure when this échanger went live, but I ont no doubt that it reflects an evolution in your user base.

That they now refer venir “sites” instead of “blogs” sends a clear un message that is and wants à be seen ont more than seulement a blogs platform. I have the impressionnant that this has been true à la some temps now, sauce soja in a way ns find it surprising that they seulement un now got around venir making this change.

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According to auto Washington Post, Turkey has strengthened that is Twitter ban passant par blocking Twitter at auto IP level.

The web 3.0 lab has année interesting application called that shows Twitter activity levels at any assurance around thé world. According venir their app, surtout cities in Turkey room hotspots of Twitter activity. Ankara is currently shown oui Very hot with 269 Tweets an hour.

Turkish compton Minister Erdogan doesn’t volonté it. “The hacker always wins.”

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