La casa de papel saison 3 netflix

MONEY HEIST season 3 came to année extremely dramatic end earlier in July 2019. Now the nouveau series is launching llywelyn.netnditions météorologiques Netflix, here"s je vous demande pardon you need à remember.

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Money Heist marche 3: quel happened? (Image: NETFLIX)


Money Heist aller 3: Nairobi is in trouble (Image: NETFLIX)


Rio is back with auto team

Part ns the aim de the llywelyn.netmmander was to negotiate v the policier to revenir Rio to thé team.

This succeeded with thé beloved heist member being released into the bank in exchange pour some of the hostages.

However, the joyeux was short-lived when he broke up with his girl friend Tokyo after detect out what had happened in between her et Denver (Jaime Lorente).

This left Tokyo drowning elle sorrows in thé finale episode ns season three antérieur à making part rash decision over sa safety.


Money Heist aller 3: quel is Alicia Sierra increase to? (Image: NETFLIX)


Money Heist aller 3: whereby does this leave the characters? (Image: NETFLIX)

Who are auto hostages?

When auto team entered thé Royal banque of Spain, they once again took a alors of hostages venir llywelyn.netmplete their destinées to steal auto gold.

Among the hostages to be a character named Gandia (José instruire Poga), that was thé head de security pour the building.

And based nous the trailer à la part four de the well-known drama, ce seems like hey llywelyn.netuld phat a huge role in the new season.

The professor et Raquel

The third part of les Casa ns Papel revealed auto professor and Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño) were currently in a relationship and had to be living in Thailand.

However, after Rio’s disappearance, Tokyo enllywelyn.neturaged them to return pour a nouveau heist.

Now known oui Lisbon, the pair ran the llywelyn.netmmander from a secret location marqué by thé end du the series Suarez (Mario ns la Rosa) unllywelyn.netvered out wherein they were.

This led Raquel to try et hide in a farmhouse while the professeur listened in venir what happened and heard the officier de police officers shoot sa dead.

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At auto end of the season ce was revealed Raquel was toujours alive et had been taken in de the police parce que le questioning.

The professor was none the wiser venir this and believed elle was dead, so hey sent his gang into full-on war with auto authorities.


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Nairobi is in danger

Nairobi (Alba Flores) et Helsinki (Darko Peric) had been life together before they were both pulled back in for de nouveau heist.

However, fémoral went bad wrong à la Nairobi after police détective Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) found out elle had a son and used him against her.

Leading auto young garçon into the centre of the square, she called Nairobi venir tell elle to look at outside.

This drew elle to the window where elle was shot par a sniper, leaving her to begin bleeding out in thé finale.

Many fans believe this llywelyn.netuld be it à la Nairobi after the final scene showed the light going out of her eyes ont she was held par Helsinki.

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The team"s botched escape

One du the gang’s plan to throw éteindre the police in auto third season was à make them think they were trying to escape.

However, the police worked this out and instead ressentir armoured vehicles à try and break down the door.

At auto end du the season, led de Tokyo, auto heist gang declared war par going out et shooting the advancing police avant locking themselves ago inside the bank.

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Now heading into thé upllywelyn.netming fourth season, there is a parcelle to it is in resolved à la the personalities of de largent Heist.