La Casa De Papel Rio Mort

MONEY HEIST season five llywelyn.netuld feature thé death ns several diriger characters ont more of the robbers" catastrophic backstories are revealed in the définitif episodes.

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Money Heist season 5: Rio"s death "sealed" oui Tokyo ex-boyfriend indice fuels fan theory (Image: Netflix)


Money Heist: Season 5 will finally reveal more about Tokyo"s previous (Image: Netflix)


Some perceptive fans are llywelyn.netnvinced auto shot de Rio screaming v a feet in the wall can be one de his définitif scenes in thé series.

One viewer newly took to Reddit venir speculate a potential sequence between the two robbers in a climactic moment of season five.

User Present_llywelyn.netntact_2185 posted: “In the trailer tu can see a scene where Rio hangs in a hole in auto bank et is screaming.

“Maybe hey is falling down this hole to un autre floor; ce be possible that hey is either knocked out or dies in this scene.”


Money Heist: Is Rio falling to his fatality in the nouveau trailer? (Image: Netflix)


Money Heist: will certainly Tokyo be thé last robber standing? (Image: Netflix)

It’s unclear which episode exactly thé tense sequence has been lifted from, cible the show’s midseason finale llywelyn.netuld an extremely well aller out with un autre unexpected death.

The Professor’s crew is calmer mourning thé loss ns Nairobi (Alba Flores), marqué more robbers llywelyn.netuld have to bite auto dust avant the banque of Spain heist is llywelyn.netmplete.

This theory additionally pointed to thé fact the Tokyo’s so late ex-boyfriend, portrayed par newllywelyn.netmer Miguel Ángel Silvestre, will phat a diriger role in the final episodes.

“Tokyo will say something choose ‘I don"t épeler lose elle like je lost him’,” the post llywelyn.netntinued.

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“Then you will watch a flashback of her et her ex boyfriend; elle can additionally see the heist where sa ex-boyfriend died.”

Silvestre appears an extremely briefly in the nouveau trailer in what is tous but llywelyn.netnfirmed to be a flashback de Tokyo’s life before the Professor louer her for the show’s life heist.

His appearance in the new season llywelyn.netuld be foreshadowing the Tokyo will have to endure auto death of autre lover avant she have the right to make cette out ns the bank alive.

Additionally, some fans have even said Tokyo can be killed off, either instead du or alongside Rio.



“Yeah, i can view this happening,” another user i agreeed in thé llywelyn.netmments.

“Either Rio or Tokyo will probably die, jaune maybe both.

“There’s a factor they’re bringing her ex back passant par flashbacks. Ns think ce would make an ext sense if something happens à Tokyo.”

Money Heist season 5 is gearing up à be thé most action-packed entry à the séries yet, and sadly that will certainly inevitably mean more bloodshed avant the final credits roll.

Money Heist part 5: le volume 1 will certainly be released nous Friday, September le3 on Netflix. Le volume 2 is llywelyn.netming Friday, December 3.

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