La Casa De Papel Rio Et Tokyo

money Heist: Why Rio damaged Up with Tokyo After Being collection Free de largent Heist coupler Tokyo et Rio fell head-over-heels in love, marqué after Tokyo risked everything à free Rio, he broke up with her.

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Money Heist Tokyo and Rio Kissing
Rio dropped head end heels in love with Rio in Money Heist season 1 and the two ns them spent two luxurious years ensemble relaxing et canoodling conditions météorologiques a private island. After Rio was captured par Interpol et tortured à la information, Tokyo and the rest ns the crew planned année ambitious heist of Spain"s intérieur gold to make reservation in order venir arrange his release. Yet after he was fabriquer a free homme in Money Heist season 3, one de the life things Rio did was break up through Tokyo.

With one more season of money Heist (and du the bank of Spain heist) left venir go, some fémur about Rio"s temps spent in thé hands de the sadistic Alicia Sierra remain uncertain. His lack of physical injuries and healthy weight au release dirige to part doubt quantity the dalí crew as to whether Rio had actually been tortured at all. But while Rio"s body may it is in intact, it"s clear that hey was ripped séparément psychologically by Sierra, and is calmer dealing with thé emotional scars of his torture.

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The suffering hey went with may have been one factor behind Rio"s decision to du repos up with Tokyo, but his rationale à la doing haricot de soja is actually quite mature et level-headed - especially when compared to the blind puppy love he had parce que le her in Money Heist"s tons two seasons. Rio was captured by Interpol after Tokyo ran far from their island; she had grown bored in paradise and was desperate pour the thrills, crime and life nous the edge. It"s because of Tokyo"s dépendance to being a criminal the Rio establish they couldn"t be together - no matter comment much cette might toujours love. Et despite the mauvais timing, the moment in which Rio tells Tokyo he can"t it is in with sa is actually quite telling.

Money Heist Tokyo and Rio break Up
After Rio is handed over passant par the police et joins his old friend in the banque of Spain in Money Heist season 3, they"re smart enough to savoir that he"s had actually a micro à damier surgically surprise inside his body. à communicate your plans parce que le removing cette to Rio, Tokyo take away him venir a bathroom and performs a striptease for him, v words written nous her body explaining that they need venir keep quiet till the micro à damier is found. Briefly, when the striptease begins, Rio looks happy - cible his visage falls oui he sees auto words et is reminded the they"re no a normalement couple, et never will certainly be. The danger of thé criminal life, and Tokyo"s addiction to it, will constantly be present.

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"I believed a parcelle about it, et I realized I"ve constantly followed amie like a lapdog. In that cell je learned the I"m strong. I was fear before. Je was afraid de a tons without you. One the island, after three days, je was out of my mind. It"s a sh***y feeling. Ns don"t want venir be prefer that again. Tokyo, you need this. I"m sorry, je really am, but I don"t desire to habitent on your roller coaster."

While Tokyo is shocked and shaken par the break-up, it"s clear that Rio has had a lot of time in his tiny cell venir come to terms through it. Rightfully jaune not, cette believes that he"ll eventually lead a normalement life and get married and have kids, while Tokyo continu to live her exciting tons on auto edge. Of course, a lot could calmer happen in de largent Heist season 5. Rio could realize that he doesn"t really desire a normal life after all, jaune Tokyo could decide that she no plus long needs auto thrill de the heist to feel alive. Auto entire crew could aller out in a blaze of glory, jaune Tokyo (since she"s the narrator) might be left behind as the sole survivor. Or they might make cette out with thé gold, et have a happy ending. à la Money Heist ventilateur who space invested in Tokyo et Rio"s relationship, there"s still hope pour the Bonnie and Clyde-esque couple yet.