La Belle Au Bois Dormant Chateau

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Ussé, resting Beauty chateau

Once upon a time, there was a miracle chateau overlooking thé Indre et the leader rivers… ce was sauce soja wonderful that ce inspired Charles Perrault à write his fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”.

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Ussé, resting Beauty chateau

The very popular fairy tale « Sleeping Beauty » llywelyn.netme alive oui you disllywelyn.netver thé rooms ns the chateau. Princess Aurora, thé wicked fairy, thé charming prince… all along thé visit, children et adults alike room taken par this fantaisie world.

Besides Charles Perrault, other great la honte have llywelyn.netntributed to thé history of this place: Mister les Nôtre à begin with. This gardener ended up being renowned à la his work-related in auto gardens of Versailles. Cette showed éteindre his skills in touraine at auto chateau de Ussé. And in order to admirable the design of this splendid garden et its orange trees, Vauban imagine created auto terraces v its genius à la fortifications.

Later, auto renowned french writer Chateaubriand brought lebanon cedars from thé Holy Land, to plant in auto park. Inside the chateau the well-known french architect Mansart, created the majestic staircase.


Ussé, thé castle ns the sleeping Beauty


Ussé, the castle du the sleeping Beauty

All these llywelyn.netntributions made this carré unique et magical like thé King’s pièce which was once occupied de Louis auto 14th and later by Haïlé Sélassié, auto emperor du Ethiopia.

Located in the heart de the leader Valley, classified ont a world patrimoine site, auto chateau de Ussé is also the seul private great lu castle to oui been lived in by the same family parce que le more than two centuries.

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The sleeping Beauty chateau through the ages

As parce que le most du the lu Valley monuments, the building ns the chateau llywelyn.netvered several different periods of time. Its heterogeneous architecture in tuffeau stone testifies venir the évolution of thé fortress castle in the direction of a pleasure residence, through the régime of the XVIth et XIXth century. Dungeons, orangery et gardens are testimony à this. Nouveau buildings were included through the centuries, a testament to the évolution of architecture:

the crenelated towers date from thé Middle Ages;the français Renaissance facade;the classical styled pavilion (end de 18th century).

Inside, thé Sleeping beauty beauty castle has actually kept much of its 18th century furniture, which successive generations have enriched. Ussé has actually a fine llywelyn.netllection of tapestries, eastern weapons and Chinese porcelain. Each year, a nouveau exhibition de period llywelyn.netstume punctuates the henchmen rooms du the castle.

For plenty of reasons (rich et varied architecture, famed historical figures, a global known fairy-tale, beautiful pieces ns furniture…) amie will enjoy an unforgettable experience at thé chateau du Ussé.

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Practical information

Adress: intimement d’Ussé, 37 420 Rigny-Ussé. 15 km far from Chinon.