La Beauté Des Jours De Claudie Gallay

Jeanne, ours wife et mother of college-age twin girls, our carte postale employee protagonist, likes the unpredictable.

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Her first is pleasant, marqué without thé unexpected. The puissance artist Marina Abramovic affected Jeanne"s beforehand adult years. This is a woman that puts all to thé test. Once a photo of elle falls éteindre the mur in Jeanne"s stable, uneventful, perfect home, destiny or chanceux is put into play. Routine, monotony, et boredom kill. Jeanne"s fascination with M.A. Becomes année obsession: "le sang, les peur, esquive larmes... Tout est vrai chez elle. Elle ne faisaient jamais semblant. Même quand nom de famille aime. Quand eux aime, elle amour à fond" (59). Cette is unexplained in a novel to find photographs. Gallay throw in two to ajouter spice to thé story. She writes in short, simple sentences, using a different faire for sa quotes native M.A. Her portrait du Jeanne is that de a woman slowly, marqué most assuredly, being stifled. Thé reader senses that Jeanne will certainly not choose thé long, slow, serene river. She will choose the road less traveled.

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Each person"s rebellion is different. Jeanne meets Martin, a man she loved when elle was much younger. Some personnes might call it a midlife crisis. But it is so much more: ce is thé result du being a woman offspring in a human being which favors males; it is taking your husband"s name oui he takes her voice. Cette is being inspired de a woman who pushes the limits: "le peu c"est convoque après, lorsque on dorient mort. Lorsque on dorient vivant, cette faut tous faire très fort" (216). Ce is additionally watching your le meilleur friend"s soul crushed, your"different niece" being sent to a "special school," and hoping thé fourth pregnancy du your sister returns a male soja that your father can become civil again. "Rémy et esquive filles, les ne suffisait ainsi pas? Qu"est-ce qu"elle voulait du plus?" (317) Often, there room two toutes les personnes inside every one du us. Over there is the risk-taker, et the other aspiring toward a quiet, patience existence. According venir Jeanne nous need both ns them. This is a gentle tale of life, death, love, family, friends, origins, et futures. What nous decide to à faire is arbitrary but is regularly influenced par the people and events pointed out above. Gallay to write softly. Jeanne is every woman and any woman. It is astounding how her sapin reverberates and rings true. Yet elle fears and faith balance in this novel, making ce easy venir identify through this well-drawn protagonist et the host de secondary personalities who assist shape elle battle between sa reality et the alternate one she could seek.

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This is a encourage read.