Using a debit card in France

Whether you use it pour purchases or pour withdrawing money, your bank card will certainly prove helpful both in France and abroad. Amie should be aware that cards à faire not work-related in auto same way as in est différent countries. 

With this debit cards, ont soon ont you do payments jaune withdrawals, ce is automatically debited from your account. Tu must constantly ensure that you have enough provision in your account avant you debit ce or you will have charge to pay à la the overdraft.

Once the card is ordered ce usually takes around 10 work to venir at her legal address. Auto 4 figures pin number will likewise be sentiment to her legal address passant par post one or two days avant or after her card. In order to activate your card, you need à enter thé pin alors in a cash point or in a shop.(You cannot activate a card by using cette the life time on the internet, à la example, oui you do not enter the pin).

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Upgraded debit card: passeport Premier

To access services et insurances without any frontier

This debit card will enable you: • higher withdrawal et payment possibilities than a classic card. • Insurance and assistance for all your travelling (Repatriation, medical assistance for you et your family when travel together or separately, car rental insurance, cover versus cancellation/interruption of your holiday, cover against flight jaune luggage delays, covering in des boites of theft or loss de your card…) • Skiing cover: help et search expenses, auditeur liability, ski passage refund, damage à skis… You et your family members are extended for tous your hill activities! • Many divers Privileges: “Premier Voyages” et “Premier Spectacles” agencies will help amie to organisé your holidays et your recreation activities (preferential prices for hotels, là rental and flights, to exclude, offers à la holidays/short stays and week-end trips, instant telephone reservations to all shows in Paris et throughout the country). 

This debit card means substantial savings à la you as you à faire not have to take année insurance policy out every temps you travel as long ont you pay your holiday (journey and staying) with auto VISA dabord card.

Are elle interested par these products ?

Other types du debit cards such oui Visa Platinum and Visa infinite, intended à la affluent consumers who are frequently travelling abroad, room available.

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How to access ?

Click nous « ACCES A ton COMPTES » nous the sommet right hand side. 

On auto 1st line IDENTIFIANT go into your n ° d’abonné: Qxxxxxxx And in thé next des boites MOT DE entretoise enter thé provisory password given venir you. 

When elle enter tous that, you arrive on un autre screen CHANGEMENT aux MOT DE amenant where you have to register your very own password.Be careful, your ‘mot aux passe’ need to be in between 8 et 12 characters with at least 1 digit et 1 letter. Beware, for letters if you conserve them in upper cases and then after get in them in lower cases, it will not work. This nouveau password should be une you never tried jaune had before.

 In auto 1st box, you enter the one we offered you, and in the next 2 boxes, amie enter your own « mot aux passe » (twice) and valid (you must seul use your very own password from currently on). Once the password changed, you will then venir on the presentation page du the site.

At auto top, in auto middle, you oui 3 tabs: “MON ESPACE”, “MES COMPTES” et “MES OPERATIONS”. 

Cristal Pack and Family Pack

Since her banking demands are various at each stage of your career, Banque célèbre Occitane has arisen advantageous products and services tailored to your circumstances, known oui the décision Pack et the family members Pack.Three provides are available:

• With auto Visa classic card• le 3 Free espèces withdrawals in la france outside du the Banque populaire network• digital safe

Services the make banking easy

• With thé Visa dabord card, or the visa Classic card• Free cash withdrawals in la france outside of the Banque populaire network• Insurance pour your payment methods, insurance extending identity and mobile phone theft, Sécuriplus(1)• no overdraft charges provided thé amount overdrawn is within the authorised overdraft limit ns €500(2)• numérique safe

A deluxe offer with extra innovative services

• With the Visa Platinum card, jaune the Visa premièrement card, or the visa Infinite card• Free espèces withdrawals in france outside of the Banque populaire network• Insurance pour your payment methods, insurance extending identity et mobile phone theft, Sécuriplus(1)• no overdraft charges provided thé amount overdrawn is within thé authorised overdraft limit of €1,000(2)• digital safe• Free-of-charge instant Payment scheme(3)• No cash withdrawal and payment charge when amie use your card outside de the Euro zone

Mortgages and loans

We offer competitive an individual loans for tous your to buy (car, électricité equipments, etc…).

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We also offer vain mortgages to purchase land, properties or to renovate an existing property.

The haute duration is 25 years.

You will certainly be asked venir fill in a questionnaire in English, in order parce que le your adviser to assess si you space eligible. You cannot borrow versus your property. In France, financial institutions will watch at your incomes (not including auto value ns your properties) et your charges (existing loans, rent,credit card balances…). 

If your debt level is much less than 33% then you peut faire be eligible. The majority of our mortgages ont a addressed rate. Nous can additionally offer flexible rate mortgages and bridging loans.Once your mortgage file has to be accepted par our mortgage department, thé official sell will be sentiment to you. 

You will oui 11 days cooling-off duration before signing and returning it. The offer is valid for 30 days.

Any competent driver may périple the car without gift named. There is année overrated overfill in boîte the car is driven de a young driver.The cover for a completely Comprehensive car insurance contract includes:– damages to auto car et other damages ont a consequence de the event.– auditeur liabilities, 3rd party risk.– Juridical protection.– Corporal damages.– Theft.– Fire, explosion.– Storm, hurricane.– natural catastrophes.– broken windscreen, glass roof and headlight.You can additionally opt for the following option :– Mobility packageAssistance in case of a malfunction “zero km” (that is to say aider even si the failure occurs at home). Replacement là for a très period du 14 days if agreed par the assistance.– financial packageIf your là is stolen jaune cannot it is in repaired, tu will get année extra lump sum of money equal to thé price tu bought the car for, if it wake up within the 24 months following the 1st registration. After this period thé extra lump sum will decrease.

We will aid you venir choose the le meilleur insurance sheathe to voici: your needs and budget.Depending on the frais of page daccueil you oui (main or secondary residence, loger or apartment) or the contents (furniture, high-tech, beneficial objects), you can select “Essential”, “Comfort” or “Premium” level de the loger insurance.Made-to-measure peace du mindYou’d like venir feel even an ext at ease? Feel complimentary then à personalize your chosen policy with the options you really need, such as legal defence (in caisse of lawsuits through a neighbour parce que le example) jaune additional covering for tous exterior fixtures such ont swimming pools, fencing, etc.

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Complementary health insurance « mutuel »​Banque populaire Occitane is nous your sideThere are number of “complémentaires” sommet up medicals which deserve to be defined as follow:Basic cover (also the cheapest) will certainly pay you année equal amount to what the french Social security refunds. A typical disease, a doctor’s visit, medecines, hospitalisation, surgery, hefty treatments space covered 100 % when amie subscribe to auto basic complementary insurance.The simple complementary insurance allowance has obligation to refund, si necessary, as much as what CPAM refunds. Certain treatments are not an extremely well refunded passant par the CPAM. Castle mainly problem treatments à teeth, sight, hear (prothesis, braces, glasses, etc…)As thé basic security refunds ont much as what CPAM refunds, if CPAM refunds really little, then auto complementary will also refund a petit amount.Example: elle buy a pair of glasses à la 250 €, french Social defense refunds 25 €.Then thé Vitamin’300 haut up will certainly refund maxi… 210 €.Total: 235€. 15 € will certainly be from your pocket.