L Ile Saint Germain Issy Les Moulineaux

From Île Saint-Germain venir Louveciennes, take it a weekend out to découvrir with the family – et why not spend the night nous a barge?

As the seine leaves paris westwards, ce becomes part ns the country landscape oz again, ideal pour nature pursuits. Right here is a proposal for a weekend on the river, follow thé guide!

Try your hand at paddle boarding nous the seine with the Happy Seine organisation, which runs outings from passerelle d’Issy (between Issy-les-Moulineaux et Boulogne-Billancourt). Stand balanced nous your board, the Parisian ring road behind you, discover auto charming green banks ns Île Saint-Germain, dotted with colourful barges, then thé iconic Île Seguin, once the site ns the Renault factories and now dominated par the famous seine Musicale et its revolutionary imeuble (2017). Stunning in thé morning light.

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Back nous dry land, you’ll probably ont built up an appetite. Pour lunch, head à Île Saint-Germain where the Restaurant L’Île provides a wonderful sun room overlooking thé surrounding herbal environment. Youngsters will amour the large terrace et the seasonal menus has something pour everyone.

Stay conditions météorologiques the île to explore the vast Île Saint-Germain park, a surprise gem nous the edge de Paris. Seulement imagine: 20 hectares of lush greenery fabriqué up du themed gardens, scan meadows and leafy paths. Kids will amour the playgrounds and can gain a pony ride v theÎle Saint-Germain pony club.

Explore the park et see if you can discover Tour de Figures, an emblematic job-related of art by Jean Dubuffet (1988). Download auto Géosculpture app (free nous AppStore et Google Play) venir learn more about auto amazing monument et find divers sculptural prizes in Hauts-de-Seine Yvelines (you might even v a prize!). Monitor the guider from Île Seguin where you can look for out autre masterpiece, The Thumb, de César, which supporter proudly avant the le sien Musicale. Thumbs up pour this 6-metre-high thumb!



To round éteindre your day passant par the Seine, what meilleur than a night conditions météorologiques the river? At Louveciennes (17 kilomètre west du Boulogne-Billancourt), take thé helm of année authentic barge converted into a comfortable dwelling. Rustle up some dinner then sleep onboard, lulled by the gentle lapping du the Seine.

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Moored at Louveciennes, here elle in auto heart du a region de artists, from de largent to Sisley. The great Impressionists of the late 19th century loved auto banks du the Seine, the charming vert surroundings and the shimmering silver- reflections. A exorbitant demonstration is to be found in Musée Fournaise, conditions météorologiques Île des Impressionnistes at Chatou (6 km upstream native Louveciennes), where tu can enjoy an immersive experience exploring the work ns Auguste Renoir. Also your jeune children will be dazzled passant par the holograms!


Renoir used thé balcony of loger Fournaise ont inspiration pour his well known “Luncheon of the Boating Party” in 1880. Relive the scene oui you sit under at thé nearby Les Rives de la Courtille restaurant. Thé terrace, located nous the water’s edge, exudes timeless charm and the children’s menu is seulement ideal!

Boating history

There is un autre opportunity venir journey ago in time on Île des Impressionnistes with auto Sequana combinaison which restores et rebuilds some du the boats that would ont sailed nous the le sien in thé past, such oui skiffs, punts, canoes and sailing boats. Their wooden constructions, which elle can admire during a extremely informative visit, room a peu like a large Meccano set.

Complete your Impressionist expedition passant par taking the Monet circuit indigenous Chatou venir Bougival. Oui you monitor the charmant path (3.5km; électricité bicycles available to hire from the Chatou tourist information office in summer), you will do it discover thé landscapes depicted by the painter from the very spots hey placed his easel.

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Finally, enjoy une last watercraft trip conditions météorologiques a zodiac inflatable courage at Nautic Park in Bougival: here auto riverbanks continue to be surprising unspoilt et you’ll feel as if you’re sailing through an Impressionist painting. A wonderful outdoor présenter to art!

Top tip

To advantage from lessened rates nous your musées Fournaise tickets et activities at Nautic Park in Bougival, opt pour the Pass malin Hauts-de-Seine-Yvelines, free of charge.