L’Edition ns Soir is a wonderful inner tool and an excellent laboratory venir instill a nouveau mentality in ours newsroom.

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Fabrice Bazard, Chief numérique Officer, Ouest-France

A successful des boites of product co-development

L’Edition du Soir, launched by Ouest-France was the sapin digital-only un journal in France and has now become one de the most read digital-only editions in Europe. At Twipe nous are proud venir be part ns this success story, from auto humble beginning in 2013 to the astounding success of this ongoing la coopération with Ouest-France.

OuestFrance – 5,54 millions de sessions en avril (+22,5%/mars, +134%/avril 2019)– 56,10 millions de pages vue (+143%/mars, +263%/avril 2019) https://t.co/mUk3biGdnV pic.twitter.com/RB0CnTUeoH

— Edouard Reis Carona (

From Zero venir 5 Million

This nouveau product idea came from a trend the team experienced in their audience’s reading habits, with much more reading mûrir in the evening. To leverage this new moment of consumption, nous worked with Ouest-France venir co-create a whole nouveau edition à meet auto changing needs du their readers.

Quickly, we saw that there was a emerging market for news at auto end ns the day. Thé usage de tablets and smartphones shown that people were willing venir read fémoral after work. Nous decided à create a 100% numérique newspaper.

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Edouard Reis Carona, numérique Editor, Ouest-France

In seul 7 years, this product built up année audience de 5 million monthly readers with steady et continuous growth. Find out comment you can replicate this numérique success within your hôte with our NextGen technology.

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Engage and retain your public with interactive content

Not only did Ouest-France create a new product parce que le their evening readers, cible they likewise created totally new content that is optimised parce que le the interests of readers throughout this temps period. That way there are more games and puzzles à help readers relax, in addition à reading the news. Additionally, there are quizzes, both related venir the news of thé day as well are more pop-culture associated quizzes, i beg your pardon Edouard Reis Carona phone call ‘essential’ à la the large number du page see they generate. In a current interview, nous asked him if et how the content in auto evening execution had adjusted since its inception seven years ago:

The spirit remains the same: offbeat news and relaxation. We oui strengthened the games part, emphasising the quizzes. We also improved auto reading comfort, by offering more enrichments: an ext videos, podcasts etc.

Edouard Reis Carona, digital Editor, Ouest-France

Try L’Edition ns Soir for yourself

L’Edition aux Soir enables free limité use ns the apps venir enhance discoverability. Passant par reducing auto barrier for trying out thé product, L’Edition aux Soir managed à demonstrate the value du a un journal edition to thé readers.

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If amie want to see parce que le yourself why haricot de soja many personnes got involved with this nouvelles product, tu can download the applications both on ios or Android.



With nearly 800,000 publish readers et a reach ns 2.5 million readers each day, Ouest-France is the biggest-selling du quotidien newspaper in France. In addition to print, Ouest-France likewise offers numérique products: a free nouvelles website, as well ont mobile and WebApps.