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Sigura™ Global coporation, groupe Privacy Policy

By visite our website, you are accepting the practices defined in this Privacy Policy.

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OverviewSigura™ global Corporation et itsAffiliatesare concerned around its users and abri of their private information. Accordingly, Sigura™ Global coporation, groupe has created this Privacy plan (the "Policy") the applies to the prestations de service offered par Sigura™ global Corporation, including this website (the "Services").Sigura™ Global coporation, groupe strongly motivates each ns its website users to take thé time and become acquainted with this policy as, by using this website, you consent to thé collection et use of information as set soon herein (which you peut être withdraw at any kind of time).

The policy is designed to provide you with informations on comment we space following the rules for data protection: which informations we conference while elle are looking our website or using the Services et how this information or personal information you provided à us once creating an Sigura™ Global société account passant par registering nous our website or when issuing a request for information form, is used. In thé event that Sigura™ Global corporation desires to use a user's Personal information (as identified below) in a manner beyond those collection forth in this Policy, Sigura™ Global coporation, groupe will provide tu with notification and, where required under applicable data protection law, ask pour your consent or give you the opportunity to "opt-out" ns such purposes par using the means offered pour a particular Service.

On our webpage there peut être be links à webpages, tools jaune services owned jaune offered de third parties. Third party providers peut être provide some services such oui credit card, registration, payment or settlement services and, si used, such services peut être be subject venir such 3rd party provider's privacy policies. This Privacy policy does no apply à such webpages, tools or services and Sigura™ Global grouper expressly disclaims any responsibility parce que le them or à la Personal information provided by a user v them.

Personal Information"Personal Information" means informations that can directly jaune indirectly lead venir the délimite of a life person, together as an individual's name, address, IP address, e-mail, phone call number, license number, medical délimite number, photograph, gaue won account information or est différent identifying characteristic. The délimite can occur by reference to one or an ext factors particular to the individual's physical, physiological, mental, economic, récolte or social identity. Personal information does no include information that has actually been anonymized.

Collecting personal InformationWhen a user creates an Sigura™ Global grouper account, concerns a request à la information form jaune when thé user assignment products or accesses any of the Services, thé user will be required to provide avec certitude Personal Information.

Sigura™ Global grouper collects Personal informations that users provide à us on our websites, which may include:

Contact informations – such ont name, travail title, entreprise name, department, email address, physics mailing address and telephone number, oui well oui any other la communication information provided in a la communication form, it is registered or app process, throughout tradeshows jaune other events, jaune in interconnecté with customer informations Services;

Professional informations – such ont your employed staff background, travail description et related information, testimonials, references, oui well oui any other informations provided during a registration or application process;

Transaction information – such oui your la communication information, thé products amie are interested in, her purchasing requirements, your financial informations including credit transaction card jaune other payment information, purchase history, shopping cart information and information provided to customer service personnel or through customer services tools ns Sigura™ global Corporation;

Responses venir surveys – information you provide in responding venir a survey conditions météorologiques the website, via année app or email, nous the telephone or otherwise, including responses noted through 3rd party survey service used passant par Sigura™ global Corporation;

While Sigura™ Global grouper takes appropriate measures to provide accuracy in auto handling du Personal Information, Sigura™ Global corporation relies entirely on its users à maintain correctement Personal Information et to upgrade this information ont appropriate.In addition, once a user accesses année Sigura™ Global grouper website, the servers instantly record information provided by the user's browser. Generally, this informations is automatically provided passant par a user at any time a user accesses any kind of website. This information, recorded in a server log, peut être include a user's particular information (including, without limitation, IP address, web browser software, language, date/time ns access et other information and/or cookies that will certainly uniquely determine a user's computer and the linternet browser thé user is using). Sigura™ Global société may likewise collect Personal informations about a user in relier with the user's use du the Services passant par using cookies nous its website(s) oui provided à la in Sigura™ global Corporation'sCookies Policy.

Additionally, whenever amie send année email à Sigura™ globale Corporation, Sigura™ Global coporation, groupe will retain that email sauce soja that Sigura™ Global société can investigate et respond à your concerns. We may also usage publicly accessible information to verify informations we have been provided and to manage et expand our business.

Processing and Use du Personal InformationPersonal informations collected v this website is utilized passant par Sigura™ Global coporation, groupe only oui set forth in this Policy and in order à fulfill your requests pour products and services, to la communication you, venir conduct research, and to provide prestations de service to users, including, there is no limitation, delivering intensified Services et demonstrating functionality du the Services. Sigura™ Global coporation, groupe may also use Personal informations submitted to send you information on products and promotions, provided that you have subscribed venir Sigura™ global Corporation's nouvelles updates nous any of its website(s).In particular, Sigura™ global Corporation oui well oui its service providers, consultants and agents may usage your personal Information à la the adhering to purposes:

To process application of candidates for open emplacement at Sigura™ globale Corporation;

To provide thé information, prestations de service or soutien you request and related after-sales services;

To determine you, et to contact you from temps to time with product jaune service updates;

To send other messages that are useful à the prestations de service we provide;

To regulate our connection with you et to lug out any kind of related administration;

To encourage our services, events, conferences, or the services, events, conferences de our partners, including de email, telephone and via société media platforms;

To comparer information à la accuracy, et verify ce with 3rd parties;

To detect, investigate et prevent activity we think pouvez be potentially illegal, unlawful jaune harmful et to enforce our Privacy plan and/or our terms or any other purpose referenced herein jaune therein;

To bring out research, including marché research, statistical research conditions météorologiques website traffic, sales and other publicité information à assist nous in boosting the services we provide to you and tailor auto website(s).

In caisse a user clearly consented that nous use, in accordance v this Privacy Policy, Personal informations the user provided to us when registering nous our website jaune when issuing a request pour information form, together Personal informations may be linked with information we obtained de using bien sur cookies as provided à la in theCookies Policyin much more detail. This applies à cookies nous use in order à coordinate the page? ˅ functionality, performance related cookies, cookies used parce que le advertising purposes and our lead generation process jaune when auto user confirm a "remember me" box on any du Sigura™ global Corporation's websites. In thé event a user does no wish that we use that is Personal informations in this way, the user pouvez withdraw consent at any temps with effect for the future de contacting Sigura™ global Corporation oui set out in Section12 below.Sigura™ Global coporation, groupe is concerned around a user's personal Information. Therefore, Sigura™ Global corporation will seul share a user's Personal informations under limité scenarios. Those scenarios encompass sharing it: (i) in accordance through this Privacy Policy; (ii) through a user's consent; (iii)within auto Sigura™ Global société of companies pour the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy; (v) with Sigura™ globale Corporation’s 3rd party services providers, consultants or agents for the purposes collection forth in this Privacy Policy; (vi) when required passant par law or public policy; (vii) in associer with actual jaune proposed litigation, jaune to defend our property, security, people et other rights jaune interests, or (viii) when it seeks à enforce its terms et conditions.

You may oui accessed ours website(s) with a hyperlink from auto website ns one de our trade partners. If so, amie consent à your personal details and purchase information, including behavioral patterns, being mutual with the trading companion in accordance with our contractual partnership with them.

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Sigura™ Global corporation may, from time-to-time, share with third parties informations that has non-Personal Information si you oui asked us à share les données with third party websites (such as social media sites), their servers peut être not it is in secure. Noter also that, despite thé measures taken passant par us et the third les pièces we engage, the linternet is no secure. Ont a result, others pouvez nevertheless unlawfully intercept or access personal transmissions jaune data.

If any type of part ns the Sigura™ Global coporation, groupe is sold, jaune some de its heritage transferred to a 3rd party, your an individual Information, oui a beneficial asset, peut faire also be moved to auto acquirer, even si they room not in the same line ns business oui us. Our customer database might be sold individually from thé rest of the business, in whole jaune in a num of parts. Potential purchasers and their advisors may ont limited access venir data oui part of the badiner process. However, use de your personal informations will stay subject à this Privacy Policy. Similarly, your Personal information may it is in passed nous to a follower in interest in auto unlikely event ns a liquidation, bankruptcy or administration.

Please remember the when amie share informations publicly conditions météorologiques a Sigura™ Global corporation website, parce que le example a comment? ou quoi on a blog post, cette may it is in indexable by search engines, consisting of Google, which may mean that the informations is fabriquer public.

Security et data retentionSigura™ Global société takes all reasonable technical and organizational measures to guard against unauthorized jaune unlawful processing du your an individual Information and against accidental loss jaune destruction of, or damage to your personal Information. While ne sont pas system is totally secure, nous believe auto measures implemented passant par the website minimize Sigura™ global Corporation's vulnerability to security problems à a level appropriate to the joli of data involved. We oui security procedures in place to safeguard our user database et access to this database is restricted internally. Venir ensure the security et confidentiality du Personal information that Sigura™ Global corporation collects online, nous use data networks protected de industry défaut firewall et passwords. In the artaserse of dealing with your an individual Information, Sigura™ Global coporation, groupe takes steps reasonably designed venir protect that information from loss, misuse, innocuous access, disclosure, alteration jaune destruction.

However, cette remains your responsibility:

- To log off or exit from the website when not making use of it;

- à ensure no-one rather uses the website when your an equipment is logged on to thé website (including par logging nous to your device through a mobile, Wi-Fi jaune shared access relier you space using);

- venir keep your password or other access information secret. Your password and log in details room personal to you et should not be given to anyone else jaune used venir provide common access à la example over a network. Amie should usage a password i m sorry is originalité to your use du the website – à faire not use the same password oui you usage for another website jaune email account; and,

- à maintain good internet security. Pour example si your email account or facebook account is compromised, this could enable access venir your account with us si you ont given us those details and/or permitted accessibility through those accounts. Si your email account is compromised, cette could it is in used à ask us à reset a password and gain access à your account v us. Tu should keep tous of her account details secure. Si you think that any de your accounts oui been compromised elle should change your account credentials v us, et in specific make sure any kind of compromised account go not permit access venir your account through us. Elle should also tell us oui soon ont you can soja that nous can try venir help elle keep her account secure et if important warn anyone rather who could be affected.

Sigura™ Global corporation does not sell, rent jaune trade any of your Personal information to third portion without your consent. Personal informations is no transferred à third portion unless provided parce que le otherwise in this Privacy Policy. Sigura™ Global grouper may magasin Personal information with a 3rd party in encrypted form on secure servers.For thé purpose ns sending e-mailings to you provided that you have subscribed venir Sigura™ globale Corporation's nouvelles updates conditions météorologiques the website, Sigura™ Global corporation may provide your name et email address to agencies appointed de Sigura™ global Corporation. This agencies are not authorized to boutique and/or use your personal Information pour any est différent purposes than à la the sending du e-mailings conditions météorologiques behalf of Sigura™ global Corporation.

We will certainly retain her Personal information for ont long ont necessary à la processing purposes for which they to be collected, handle and/or used and any différent associated purposes (for example certain transaction details et correspondence pouvez be preserved until auto time limit for claims in respect de the métiers has expired or in order venir comply v regulatory requirements regarding the retention du such data). Therefore, if information is used à la two purposes conditions météorologiques will retain ce until thé purpose with thé latest duration expires; cible we will arrêter using it parce que le the function with a shorter period one that period expires. We restrict access à your Personal information to those persons that need à use it for the relevant purpose(s). Ours retention durations are based on entreprises needs et your Personal informations that is no longer needed is one of two people irreversibly anonymized (and auto anonymized informations may be retained) jaune securely destroyed.

Personal informations of ChildrenWithout a parent's or guardian's consent, ne sont pas Personal informations should be submitted to our website par children. Sigura™ Global corporation will not knowingly collect or use Personal information from kids under the lâge of 16 (16) years.

Modifications to auto PolicySigura™ Global société reserves auto right to change its Privacy plan at any kind of time. Sigura™ Global société encourages tous users to bookmark this page and check cette occasionally for updates. The current édition of this plan can always be discovered at thé end de the document. Sigura™ Global société will endeavor à maintain toutes les personnes prior versions du this Policy.

Sigura™ Global coporation, groupe will do random self-audits in order à review the compliance with the Privacy Policy. Have to you oui any question regarding this Policy and Sigura™ globale Corporation's usage and/or treatment ns a user's personal Information la communication Sigura™ global Corporation.Upon receipt of an inquiry jaune complaint, Sigura™ Global société will communication the user regarding the inquiry or complaint and take proper measures to address thé user's concerns.

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The Sigura™ global Corporation company operating this website is thé data impôt of her Personal information processed par us under this Privacy Policy. Si you ont any additional questions jaune concerns around this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us any type of time.