L Autorité De Contrôle Prudentiel Et De Résolution

The ACPR, AMF and DGCCRF space warning the auditeur about a large advertising campaign called "Plan B", which is gift distributed de email and social media. Investors space asked to use excessive caution.

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Large numbers of individuals ont received proclaiming materials via email jaune social media in recent weeks ont part of année advertising campaign called "Plan B". These ads present thé product as an alternatives to paroles de chanson A save accounts et promise investments through unrealistic rates du return (over 12% annually).

Investors are directif to websites (notably leplanb.biz, Interactiveoption.com et BourseBinaire.fr), where they space encouraged à invest in binary options. Some du these emplacements offer the prestations de service of année adviser "authorised passant par the Banque de France"s ACPR".

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These emplacements either directement users or are attached to thé Cyprus-based société Pegase capitale Ltd, which was freshly sanctioned passant par its supervisory authority, Cysec.Owing to thé highly risky nature of thé products being available (binary options), auto lack de balanced information and the failure à disclose risks, thé ACPR, AMF et DGCCRF warn separation, personal, instance investors à use too much caution with le respect to thé "Plan B" offering. Thé authorities also advise people not venir respond to the proposals ns the miscellaneous intermediaries listed on the sites internet involved in this heralding campaign, particularly those made de a human presenting herself oui "Julie Maxence", publisher of the boursebinaire.fr website. Similarly, auto ACPR et Banque du France emphasise the they oui in no way "authorised" the "advisers" that these sites want investors to contact.

The ACPR, AMF et DGCCRF encourager investors venir be vigilant oui a matter of arttaserse by following some simple rules:

No declaring materials should disregard to couvert that high revenir always involve high risk.Any product offering a revenir above that of the money marché rate dead a product risk;The informations provided to you should be clear et easy to understand. The adage ns "only invest in what you understand" will help amie avoid many problems;Find out as much oui you deserve to about auto intermediaries offering thé product (certification/authorisation, entreprise identity, head office location, etc.). 

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