L auteur de la tour eiffel

Discover auto filming services et the conditions of use governing the d’image of thé Eiffel Tower et the brand.

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The Eiffel Tower is thé symbol ns Paris and France throughout the world.The mere couvert of its surname sparks auto imagination, et there are no shortage du artists et directors eager venir pay tribute venir the monument through films, reports, photographs, paintings, interagir works, etc.


But thé Eiffel Tower is also popular et accessible. Its photo can therefore be found conditions météorologiques a substantial array de objects which tous testify to thé magic it represents.

Filming services




Use ns the room during the day and at night...

Views de Paris from the Tower

An outstanding 360° panoramic view ns ParisAdjustable view elevation (57m jaune 116m) thanks to thé 2 floors


Main filming scenery

A world famous silhouetteDifferent spaces available: forecourt, floors, areas not open up to thé public, etc.


....for toutes les personnes audiovisual projects

Feature filmsAdvertising spotsTelevision series & programmesDocumentaries & reports


The Eiffel Tower committed team endeavours venir consider every project nous a case-by-case basis, in order to meilleur adapt the technical et artistic requirements du each production to auto monument’s specifications, et to market a same rate for each operation.Image civil liberties apply à filming at night, as tous of thé Tower’s illuminations room protected.

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Are tu a journalist covering a report nous the Eiffel Tower itself or current occasions regarding auto Eiffel Tower?

Contact the press department



Logistics et practical information

Filming pouvez take place during auto day et at night, for thé most marche away from thé presence ns the public so as not à interfere with the monument"s operation.Specific prestations de service lift between auto ground level et the second floor.

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 Depth: 2.30m – width 2.50m – Height: 2.20 m. Door opened dimensions: 1.30 cf 2.10m.Technical solutions and safety regulations will certainly be examined throughout a ready stage (electrical requirements, fabriquer control, access parce que le teams and equipment, etc.).Possibility à extend auto illumination time on a case-by-case basis.Parking: vehicles peut faire be parked nous Avenue gustave Eiffel parce que le unloading. They need to then it is in moved. 


The Eiffel Tower photo rights



The image of the Eiffel Tower by day falls within the auditeur domain: its usage is rights-free, et may because of this be reproduced without prior authorisation par the SETE, the managing société of the image of the Eiffel Tower on behalf du the Mairie de Paris.



The miscellaneous illuminations de the Eiffel Tower (golden illumination, twinkling, beacon et events lighting) space protected.The use du the la peinture of the Eiffel Tower at night is therefore subject to prior authorisation passant par the SETE. This usage is subject à payment de rights, auto amount du which is determined by the intended use, the media plan, etc.


Views de the Eiffel Tower taken passant par private individuals parce que le private use à faire not need prior agreement. However, experts must communication our teams, that will inform them ns the conditions of usage governing images.


Not certain about auto use ns the photo of the Eiffel Tower ?

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The Eiffel Tower brand




Controlled use

« The Eiffel Tower » is a trademark et is thus protected by trademark rights.

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Products pouvez be labelled through this reference following thé negotiation de a licensing agreement examined conditions météorologiques a case-by-case basis.