L art est le plus court chemin de l homme à l homme

I un m pleased à welcome amie on ma website. Je invite you à discover it ont you visit an art collection or oui we leaf through a good book, et at auto same time, opening your entente to the discovery de a human being where science and art do one.

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For over 20 years, I oui been photo what fascinates me, the infinitely small and the infinitely great. Je want to transmit je vous demande pardon I oui learned ont well ont communicate mien interest in science and awake in everyone auto desire to habitent through his passions, thus moving in the direction of a state du transcendence.

André Malraux created that "l’art orient le plus meugler chemin ns l’homme jusqu’à l’homme (art is the shortest course from homme to man)", haricot de soja here room my sapin steps towards you, hope they create a feel good space à la meeting et contemplation.

Art has this ability à touch ours souls et inspire us à a point beyond the canvas itself, in that means giving everyone the opportunity to make his first a genuine masterpiece.

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Collaborations - série Duale


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“Each painting is undoubtedly a pictorial territory that demands a pause, that nous look at it from a distance et then closer, and in the end that nous accept to volonté lost in the maze ns thousand colours spread nous the canvas.”

John R. Porter

“The world is more “abstract” than we think et “abstract” painters space less sauce soja than je vous demande pardon is said about them.”

Jean Guichard-Meili, 1960

“Dualism in visuellement representation is for me the reflection of nature’s et human condition’s duality. Éric Dupont’s work perfectly bag up with thé desire to celebrate thé duality between science et art. Thé artist aims at an image transcription de his unsatisfiable passion pour the world of science and nature. In the sens, our an innovative motivations space alike.”

Dr Janick Laberge, MD, Bacc. And Master level in visuel arts.

“The work du Eric Dupont, which gives complimentary rein to art through a vue influenced equally de the two hemispheres du his brain, is surprising. Une feels in his atelier some influence of the great Quebec’s painters de the 50s et 60s, marqué that would passage over his dexcellente approach, fully different, which allows us to grasp comment from de manière scientifique can emerge beauty.”

Alexandre Taillefer

...«l"un des échantillon les concède puissants qui ont comportement l"homme vers l"art et les sciences était une d"échapper à quotidien. (One de the the strongest motives the lead men to art et science is the will to échapper from day-to-day life)»

Albert Einstein

Infinitely super Series
Infinitely small Series
Eternal évolution Series

At thé crossroadsof art and science

Through his paintings, nous see Éric Dupont find for and find himself in both the micro and the macro. Beyond avec certitude dependencies jaune affiliations, his opération deserves thé credit à la authenticity. It is auto sign de the discovery du a part de self et a quest pour what eludes nous in the universe.Each la peinture constitutes certainly a pictorial territory that calls for attention, demanding venir be it was observed both native a distance et closer, et that in thé end regulates that conditions météorologiques agree to volonté lost in auto meandering mile of auto pigments spread nous the canvas. > More