I oui a client/server app which I have been developing nous a single PC. Now cette needs two serial ports, so ns borrowed a pc from a friend.

Vous lisez ce: L application na pas reussi a demarrer correctement

When i build ma app and try à run or debug ce (whether in thé Delphi IDE or from Windows file manager), ce errors "The app was unable to start properly (0xc000007b)".

Googling doesn"t carry up much, cible seems venir indicate the this is nothing Delphi specific et happens with divers apps. Ce seems à be caused par calling into a 32 peu DLL native a 64 bit application or vice versa.

both pcs are home windows 7, 64 bitboth oui Delphi Xe2 starter edition i m sorry can only handle 32 bitsThe application runs maigrir on my PC, but not on ma friend"sOther Delphi apps operation just fine on both PCs

Can everyone give moi a hint ont to comment to route this down?

home windows delphi 64-bit
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To start, ns would suggest to test whether there is a problem in between your application et its dependencies utilizing dependency walker

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A load temps dependency could not be resolved. Auto easiest way to debug this is to use suspended Walker. Use thé Profile loption to volonté diagnostics output of the pack process. This will recognize the mettre en ordre of failure et should instruire you à a solution.

The many common cause première of this error is trying venir load a 64 bit DLL right into a 32 peu process, or vice versa.

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It is a lacking dll.Possibly, her dll that lieu de travail with com harbeurs have an unresolved dll dependence. Tu can usage dependency walker et windows debugger. Check all of thé mfc library, à la example. Also, amie can usage nrCommlib - cette is good components venir work with com ports.

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I tried tous the fémoral specified here et found yet another answer. Ns had to compile my app with 32-bit DLLs. Je had built the libraries both in 32-bit and 64-bit cible had mien PATH set venir 64-bit libraries. After je recompiled my application (with a number of changes in my code oui well) i got this dreaded error and struggled parce que le two days. Finally, after do the efforts a num of other things, ns changed my PATH to oui the 32-bit DLLs before the 64-bit DLLs (they oui the exact same names). And it worked. I am just adding ce here for completeness.

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answered Jul 29 "14 at 17:23

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It has been discussed in earlier answers that making use of dependency pedestrian is the way to go, in my des boites (my application keeps failing with auto error code), dependency walker verified a couple of dll that space NOT relevant!

Finally determined that i can run profiling passant par going to "profile" menu and it will run auto application and stop at the exact dll that"s cause première the problem! ns found the end a 32bit dll to be picked because ns path et fixed it.


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I experienced thé same problem emerging a client-server app using Microsoft Visual studios 2012.

If tu used Visual studios to develop thé app, tu must make certain the nouveau (i.e. Thé computer that auto software was not developed on) has auto appropriate Microsoft visuel C++ Redistributable Package. Par appropriate, amie need thé right year and bit déditions (i.e. X86 à la 32 bit and x64 à la 64 bit) de the visuel C++ Redistributable Package.

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The visuellement C++ Redistributable Packages install run-time components that are required venir run C++ applications built using visuellement Studio.

Here is a connect to auto Visual C++ Redistributable pour Visual studio 2015 .

You can inspect what exécutions are installed by going venir Control dashboard -> programs -> Programs and Features.

Here"s comment I gained this error et fixed it:

1) ns developed a 32 bit application using Visual studios 2012 on mien computer. Let"s appel my computer system ComputerA.

2) ns installed the .exe et the related contour on a different computer we"ll call ComputerB.

3) conditions météorologiques ComputerB, ns ran the .exe and got auto error message.

4) conditions météorologiques ComputerB, i looked at thé Programs and Features and didn"t see visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x64).

5) nous ComputerB, ns googled à la Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable and selected et installed thé x64 version.

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6) nous ComputerB, je ran auto .exe on ComputerB et did no receive the error message.