LOVE orient IN auto PRE 2021. M6 broadcasts the seconde part of the portraits of love is in thé meadow. If you ont a crush nous one ns the candidates, right here is auto process venir follow.

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 8 février 2021 à 21h00> After having discovered thé portraits du Nathalie, Sébastien, Jean-Daniel et others, ce is now up to Delphine, lourd or even Jean-François. M6 airs on February 8, 2021 the seconde part ns the portraits of love is in auto meadow. Si you are interested in auto portrait of one de the farmers in L’amour est dedans le pré, amie can write venir him to, perhaps, participate in the speed-dates in Paris. Amie just ont to compose a letter to auto address L’Amour est dans le pré – TSA 21234, 75070 parisien Cedex 02. It is also possible to send année email by connecting to the page du “Love is in thé pre “on thé 6play site. Faire not forget venir indicate venir which farmer this letter is addressed, and ajouter a image of yourself oui a supplement.

In this season 16 of amour is in auto Meadow, twelve farmers, aged 27 venir 62, hope à find true love. Among them space nine men et three women, including thé show’s tons lesbian candidate, Delphine. Some ont been in relationships et even ont children, others may oui had a an overwhelming past jaune chaotic past amour experiences. Amie can find tous of auto candidates parce que le Love is in thé pre 2021 in the slideshow below.

Despite auto health crisis linked to the coronavirus, love is in auto meadow is earlier at the start ns the year for its 2021 edition. The portraits of season 16 will certainly be broadcast on M6 every Monday indigenous February 1, 2021. After thé portraits oui been released, auto rest de the season (speed-dating, farm stays, review, etc.) has no release date yet. Si it follows thé same pace oui in previous years, speed-dating might start at auto end of August-beginning du September 2021.

For thé 2021 edition of love is in auto meadow, 12 farmers age 27 à 62 space going in search ns love, including 9 men et 3 women. Among the male candidates that hope to habitent a beautiful romance thanks to love is in the meadow this year, there are two Vincents: thé first, known oui “Le Provençal”, is a steed breeder et single father. Pour his part, Vincent mentionné “Le vigneron”, 51 year old, lives in Provence-Alpes coast d’Azur. à la medical reasons, cette has not been able à become a father in thé past, although cette is his dream. He also spent six weeks in a coma due to a ruptured aneurysm. Deux Hervés are additionally present in season 16 du L’amour est dedans le pré: “Le Moustachu”, a breeder from Ile-de-France and father du two grown children, et “Le Picard”, a breeder native Hauts de France who still lives with elle parents and has never had actually a serious connection with a woman.

On thé side ns the candidates, nous find in love is in auto pre 2021 Nathalie, known oui Nanou, a breeder from the Pays aux la loire divorced, after having lived v a radicalement husband. à la her part, Paulette, 62, is a cheat breeder with two children. She lives in Switzerland. Finally, Delphine, necessary arborist indigenous Occitanie, supporter out oui the life lesbian candidat since the création of L’amour est dedans le pré. Amongst the other candidates, note the presence de Valentin, 27, producer de edible flowers and market gardener in Brittany, et Jean-François, a single father from auto Occitanie region. Sébastien is à la his aller a 46-year-old lavender and breeder indigenous Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, while Jean-Daniel owns vines in Switzerland. Finally, Franck, 46, is a forestry and market gardener indigenous Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

If tu are a farmer and want to try her luck in amour is in thé meadow parce que le next season, elle can comprendre in touch v the production via thé following email address: or de sending your app to this address: L’Amour est dedans le feuilles TSA 21234, 75070 paris Cedex 02. Si you room interested in one du the farmers of this season, and you want à meet the or her during speed dating, tu must write to him at thé following address: L’Amour est à lintérieur le feuilles – TSA 21234, 75070 parisien Cedex 02 or by email de connecting to the side “Love is in thé meadow” nous 6play. Faire not forget to attach a recent la peinture of yourself et specify the name de the farmer to whom you are sending out your letter.

Viewers of love is in the Meadow vibrate follow me with auto contestants each season. If some oui found love pour a longue time many thanks to thé M6 ​​show, others ont unfortunately be separate from your suitors et suitors during jaune after the broadcast. Discover out quel happened to auto farmers du the old seasons of love is in the Meadow below

It is of course possible venir watch in replay the portraits as well oui the episodes de L’Amour est à lintérieur le meadow after auto broadcast nous the la télé program. Venir watch thé episodes habitent or clock them again, just go to thé 6play.fr website. The portraits du season 15 to be broadcast nous March 9 et 16, 2020 on Channel 6, indigenous 9:05 p.m. Auto rest du the démontrer begins nous September 14, 2020.

Season 15 of amour is in the Meadow ended conditions météorologiques December 14, 2020. M6 broadcast thé last part du the amour reviews du the 13 farmer in search du a heart mate. We were able to discover comment the relations de Cathy, Lionel, Mathieu, David, Florian, Jean-Claude et Laurent continued jaune ended. While there to be several amour stories that occurred during auto country date show, unfortunately others go not have a happy ending. Below, we recap the results de each du the candidates of love is in thé pre 2020.

Mathieu proposes à Alexandre in marriage

Key couple of auto 2020 season of amour is in the meadow, the love story in between Mathieu et Alexandre has not known any kind of stir. Amour at tons sight native the speed dating, confirmed de the continue to be at thé farm, auto two lovebirds easily moved in together: Alexandre quit his job ont a jockey in Deauville venir settle in the Camargue with auto chosen one du his heart. During the report released on December 14, 2020, mathieu proposed venir Alexandre in marital relationship under auto eyes ns Karine ns Marchand. In tears, auto young man said “yes”. Follow to the 20-minute report, the paire plan to unite prochain June.

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Cathy and Lionel space not in a relationship

It was the surprise ns viewers during thé teasings du the reports of love is in auto meadow. Conditions météorologiques December 14, 2020, Cathy et Lionel appear hand in hand nous the balance sheet. However, Karine Le marchande quickly flushes out auto deception: thé two farmers space not in a relationship oui they tried to make cette appear, marqué they obtained closer and became friends. Parce que le their part, none du their meeting resulted in a love story: Lionel did no feel strong feelings for Muriel, while Cathy was deeply disappointed by her suitor, François, nous the contrary. ‘she imagined. Karine Le marchand invites viewers interested in thé two farmers venir write to them.

Laurent broke up with Charlotte

Laurent et Charlotte seemed in amour the last temps we saw them in love is in auto meadow. Auto suitor also left elle apartment à move in with elle daughter to the farmer’s loger in Normandy. Marqué their romance will seul last a couple of months. They finished up arguing, because auto farmer walk not give him sufficient room. “It’s facility to venir from the start et only see problems,” defines Karine le Marchand. Since then, laurent has been alone et finds the the house is north without Charlotte. “I être sorry,” cette confides.

David and Stéphanie, it’s over

David appeared to have very solid feelings for Stephanie in amour is in thé Meadow. However, it was without sa that he arrived at thé balance sheet. Cette explained to Karine Le vendeur that hey had endured from his lack ns affection: “We did not oui the exact same way ns seeing things”, the farmer confides à Karine ns Marchand. For him, stephanie was too much in control: cette was “complicated” à la the farmer venir live. David establish that stephanie would never ever come to live with him, contrary to what he was implied. Their story therefore ended.

Lola will relocate in through Florian

Florian has displayed reserve throughout his adventure love is in the meadow. After Florian invited rola to auto farm, the two personne célibataire seemed à approach very timidly, never daring to make concrete physics connections. However, the quadriplegic farmer had actually planned to see the young mrs again, and their meeting turned right into a amour story. In a 20 minutes interview, lola revealed that she will be relocating in through Florian in creuser in January 2021.

Jean-Claude did not continue his histoire with Yolanda

While Jean-Claude had felt love at tons sight parce que le Yolanda native the vitesse, vitesse dating of amour is in the meadow, thé flame gradually died out oui the adventure progressed. In the balance sheet, the two singles confided the they were no plus long together, but remained friends. Jean-Claude had actually a hard time opening up venir Yolanda in love is in the meadow. This somewhat frustrated Yolanda who was looking for a beautiful love story. “We never entered a somewhat intimate atmosphere,” she confided venir Karine le Marchand.

Laura and Benoît encore together

Reserved et lacking in self-confidence after having lived with painful moment in auto past, halo has totally adjusted since dating Benoît, nous whose arm elle presented it s her during the assessment critical week. Thé farmer has actually managed à regain sa self-confidence in contact with the seul father du a family. Always together, however, lock wish to take your time, while evoking desires à move in together, marriage et children.

Jérôme and Lucile madly in love, they have several projects

It is indeed THE paire of season 15 of amour is in thé meadow. Jérôme and Lucile dropped in amour at sapin sight during the speed-dating, i beg your pardon was shown during auto stay at auto farm. Since then, auto two lovebirds are still together and more in amour than ever. Lucile has moved to thé farmer’s house and manages auto shop. Together, castle already have marriage and children’s plans.

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The two Eric, Philippe and Paul-Henri calmer single

Eric thé goatherd, Philippe and Paul-Henri room still simple after the reports of amour is in thé meadow, return Eric thé goatherd got a letter native a contender pour the balance sheet. Finally, Eric l’Auvergnat revealed that hey was do the efforts his luck again with Sylvie, who had actually nevertheless rejected him at auto end de his stay nous the farm. However, ont he confided after thé broadcast de the life part de the reviews, sylvie ended up break up shortly after thé filming of love is in thé meadow.