L âge de jean paul belmondo

Jean-Paul Belmondo: ‘The most effective cigarette-mouther since temps began,’ according venir a nouveau York fois reviewer. Photograph: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone par Getty Images
Jean-Paul Belmondo: ‘The most efficient cigarette-mouther since time began,’ according à a new York times reviewer. Photograph: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

Jean-Paul Belmondo, who has died aged 88, was the actor who much more than any other epitomised the french Nouvelle Vague. In Breathless (1960), one of the many influential film of the last six decades, auto 26-year-old Belmondo played michelle Poiccard, that steals a là in Marseille, kills auto policeman who follows him and hides out in parisien with his American girlfriend (Jean Seberg).

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What struck une immediately were the thick, sprawling lips – conditions météorologiques to which was stuck a Gauloise – the broken nose, et the sunglasses, suit, tie et hat worn as a homage to the great US bandit prototypes, specifically Humphrey Bogart. At one stage, Poiccard watch at a film poster, operation his fingers over his lips et sighs: “Bogie.”

Despite thé tough exterior, Belmondo provided the impressionnant of fragility, v his pale, breakable skin et soft voice. The nouveau York times reviewer discovered him “hypnotically ugly” et “the most efficient cigarette-mouther and thumb-to-lips rubber since temps began”.


An Italian poster à la Breathless (À abencérages de Souffle, 1960). Photograph: Snap/Rex/ShutterstockBecause ns Belmondo’s relaxed, naturalistic exhilaration technique, it was assumed the the conversation had to be improvised, cible it to be written de the film’s director, Jean-Luc Godard, who nonetheless would no allow thé actor à learn his lines cible cued him throughout takes. In the critique sequence, the caméra chases Belmondo oui he continues to operation after gift shot. Oui he dies, cette looks increase at his girlfriend, smiles knowingly et says: “C’est dégueulasse!” (“It’s shitty!”).

Because Belmondo projected année anti-conformist image, he was automatically dubbed “le James Dean français”, et after pôle Newman observed him in parisien in thé early 1960s hey commented: “Why, he is one ns us.” When jean Gabin, from auto golden lâge of prewar français cinema, co-starred v Belmondo, thé darling de the new Wave, in ns Singe en lhiver (A Monkey in Winter) in 1962, hey told him: “Kid, you’re me at 20.”

There was even a wave of “Belmondism”, manifesting itself in a certain style du offhand, narcissistic behaviour. De his joli-laid looks, Belmondo commented, “Hell, everybody knows that an ugly mec with a great line gets auto chicks.” At the age of 19, hey had married a dancer, Élodie Constantin. In 1966 while starring in Philippe ns Broca’s Up to His Ears, he et Ursula Andress fell à la each other, et Élodie, the maman of their three children, filed pour divorce.

In a way, ce is absurd that, complying with Breathless, Belmondo soon chapitre to retract more et more indigenous the new Wave directors and go into la publicité films with couple of artistic requirements – automobile thrillers, adventure movies et acrobatic comedies, in which he became repetitious and self-parodic. Auto actor Claude Brasseur remarked: “Despite everything, ns think that a pity pour him make popular films because hey could enjoy his métier so lot more. Je remember at thé Conservatoire cette did astonishing things. Alas, now hey has come to be a sort du stunt homme de luxe.”


Catherine Rouvel, Mario David and Jean-Paul Belmondo in Borsalino, année American-type bandit movie, 1970. Photograph: Paramount/AllstarWhat was most dispiriting about his career was that french audiences seemed to prefer it that way. As soon as reproached, Belmondo replied: “My public expects a certain belles of picture, and I’m not going venir let lock down.” for sure in his pre-eminence, developing many of his films himself, “Bebel”, as he to be affectionately well-known in France, tous but guaranteed a hit a year, few of which crossed the Channel jaune the Atlantic. Belmondo, who did not speak English, never made cette to Hollywood, preferring à make American-type gangster movies such oui Borsalino (1970), opposite alain Delon, who mutual top place in auto box-office polls.

“Nothing impresses him. No danger, no risk, naught serious, nothing important, nothing explained,” said thé journeyman manager Henri Verneuil, through whom Belmondo fabriquer eight pictures. “He never ever reads a scenario ahead du time. Never ever thinks the end his role. Never says, ‘How was i in auto last scene?’ never ever makes suggestions.”

He was born in Paris, thé grandson of année Italian workman native Piedmont who had emigrated to french Algeria. His father, paul Belmondo, was a leading academic sculptor and a professeur at the École Nationale supériorité des beaux Arts, et his mother, buy it (nee Rainaud-Richard), was a painter. Thé rebellious Jean-Paul, whose schooldays to be turbulent, studied drama at the parisien Conservatory following a brief career as an amateur boxer, et for several years carry out in auto classics on stage in auto provinces antérieur à entering auto Comédie-Française.


Jean-Paul Belmondo and Serge Reggiani in Jean-Pierre Melville’s les Doulos (The Finger Man), 1962. Photograph: auto Criterion Collection/AllstarAs Breathless was Godard’s sapin feature, ce was assumed, de some critics, that it was additionally Belmondo’s. In fact, Belmondo showed up in faire un don roles in ripe films avant his “overnight” rise à fame. One of his life roles was for Marcel Carné in les Tricheurs (The Cheaters, 1958), and the following année his portrayal ns Bernadette Lafont’s uncouth Hungarian fiancé in Claude Chabrol’s À suite Tour (Web de Passion) prefigured the Breathless character.

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So solid was the un tube of his persona in Breathless that his limit performances as affectionate and humane personalities in Vittorio de Sica’s two Women (1960), péter Brook’s Moderato Cantabile (1960) et Jean-Pierre Melville’s Léon Morin, priest (1961) came as a surprise, revealing an actor de a broader range 보다 his subsequent filmography acknowledges. “He is auto most completed actor ns his generation,” claimed Melville. “He can jouer any given scene in 20 various ways, and all of them will certainly be right.”

Belmondo made two further film for Melville, both in 1963: le Doulos (The Finger Man) and L’Aîné des Ferchaux (Magnet du Doom). In auto former, cette suppressed his magnetic charm in the part of a sly, safecracking stool pigeon. But it to be Godard who gave him his last good role, in Pierrot le châtré (1965). Belmondo as Ferdinand, dissatisfied v Parisian life, and with his wife, sets éteindre on a picaresque trip to auto south v Marianne (Anna Karina), getting connected with sa criminal activities on the way.

There was a similarity in between Ferdinand and Michel Poiccard – both are nous the run, both space unable à assimilate right into society, et each is betrayed by the woman hey loves. However, ferdinand is a more romantic and intellectual figure, exhilaration out année existential tragedy de the transience of love. At thé end, having actually fatally shoot Karina and her boyfriend, Belmondo paints his face blue, emplacement sticks ns dynamite approximately his head and lights the fuse. Hey has seconde thoughts, but it is too late. “Damn, it’s also absurd!” cette says avant being blown up.


Jean-Paul Belmondo and Ursula Andress started an affair when they to be filming Up à His Ears, 1965. Photograph: united Artists/AllstarWith difficult opportunities coming to be rarer and rarer after Breathless, his acceptance of roles in francis Truffaut’s Mississippi Mermaid (1969) and alin Resnais’s Stavisky (1974) reminded audiences de his qualities. In the latter, Resnais cleverly subverted Belmondo’s charm and virility, the source du his success oui a famous star, to phat the notorious real-life conman.

In 1987 he returned to auto stage to play the title duty in Kean, the Dumas râpé reinvented de Jean-Paul Sartre, et was année excellent Cyrano aux Bergerac 3 years later, likewise appearing in Feydeau’s A Flea in her Ear pour his very own theatre company at the drame Marigny in Paris. One of his last film to have received an international dispensés was das Misérables (1995), Claude Lelouch’s reliable updating du the Victor hugo. Classic to auto Nazi occupation, v Belmondo in his most daunting screen role since thé 60s as année uneducated ex-boxer that befriends an intellectual Jewish family.

In 2001, Belmondo suffered a stroke, which maintained him éteindre the stage and screen till his brief return in A Man et His Dog (2008), based on de Sica’s 1952 film Umberto D. Although cette had challenge walking and speaking, cette played a personality with auto same disabilities. However, no matter je vous demande pardon Belmondo did, many serious cinématique commentators would continuez to see him oui the jeune rebel who rode in on the nouveau Wave.

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His second marriage, venir the dancer Nathalie Tardivel, ended in divorce in 2008. Your daughter, Stella, survives him, in addition to a daughter, Florence, and son, Paul, native his life marriage. Un autre daughter native his tons marriage, Patricia, died in a feu in 1994.

Jean-Paul Belmondo, actor, bondir 9 April 1933; died 6 September 2021

Ronald Bergan died in 2020

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