S02E01La brute au cœur tendre

Tigress must babysit a child who has actually been separated indigenous his parents. The canin Bandits are trying to kidnap him à la a ransom.

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S02E07Kiba, le nouveau Guerrier Dragon (Première Partie)

Po and the Furious five meet your greatest difficulty yet: a supernatural creature that is invincible to auto powers de kung fu.

S02E08Enter the Dragon (2)

Po et the Furious five meet their greatest an obstacle yet: a mythological creature who is invincible to the powers ns kung fu.

S02E09Le médaillon

When Po's friend Peng returns to thé Valley of Peace, everyone is excited except parce que le Po. What ne sont pas one rather knows is that Peng is in reality Tai Lung's...

S02E10Un cadeau qui vient de cœur

Po takes a job ont a bounty hunter à earn money to to buy his dad a gift.

S02E12Les corps en terre cuite

Fung finds année old role with instructions for making living terra cotta warriors, and soon it's up to Po et the Furious five to arrêter his monstrous...

S02E13Les globes aux Maître Ding

When po is possessed par the fantôme of auto evil understand Ding, it's up to Tigress venir save him avant Ding have the right to unleash his powers et enslave auto Valley...

S02E14Le festival

Po et Mantis visit thé equivalent of année ancient Chinese Comic-Con, whereby Po’s fanboy enthusiasm gets out du hand.

S02E15Privé du Banquet

Po is sad when cette learns the everyone has actually been invited venir a dinner party except parce que le him, en raison de to his bad table manners. Will certainly Shifu it is in able to teach...

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S02E17Un messager Borné

Po et Tigress must track down et stop a messenger from transferring a scroll that might thrust China into all-out war!

S02E18Un poisson décidé Mugan

When master Mugan from thé Garnet palace decides she needs a nouveau Kung Fu Master, Tigress volunteers. Will thé Furious 5 be minus one or will certainly Po...

S02E19Gru doute de lui !

Po tries à help Crane comprendre his "mojo" back after cette is humiliated at a charity event.

S02E20Le musées Secret aux Kung Fu

With Po et the Furious five at every other's throats, Shifu take away them tous on a disastrous road trip.

S02E21Bride ns Po

Po conserves a girl from some bandits, seul to learn that she's engaged à be married to thé Dragon Warrior.

S02E22Five is Enough

Master Chao visits auto valley à oversee a Tournament. Shifu is convinced that Po et Master Chao want à replace him. Shifu's old enemy, Pai Mei,...

S02E23Pas ns Kung-Fu!

When Crane's mère visits thé Valley ns Peace, Crane asks his friends venir help him keep a sous la terre from her.

S02E24Singe A les Béguin

Po dram a prank nous Monkey with a fake amour letter et their connection is tested.

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S02E26Lidong, les colosse!

Mantis ingests a expansion potion that renders him huge and inadvertently place himself et his girlfriend in danger.