LOS ANGELES — A judge nous Monday named thé father et older daughter of the late actor Kristoff St. Homme to action as distinct co-administrators for the limite purposes de selling a condominium thé daytime series star owned, et to marshal thé assets inside that property as well as in thé rental unir where cette lived.

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Kristoff St. John’s fathers stated a handwritten will certainly grants lola St. John, left, 75 percent ns the daytime-drama actor’s an individual savings, leave 25 percent parce que le Paris St. John, right. Auto half-sisters are seen above with their father at thé 10th anniversary celebration de “The Beatles LOVE de Cirque aux Soleil” at thé Mirage hôtel & Casino nous July 14, 2016 in ras Vegas. (Photo passant par Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Los Angeles Superior bas Judge Deborah le christianisme said Christopher et Paris St. John will preserve their short-term powers till July 22. Auto attorneys conditions météorologiques both sides reached the agreement throughout a recess in Monday’s booked hearing, which initially was to deal with competing petitions St. John’s daughter and father ont brought venir administrator the actor’s estate.

St. John, that played Neil Winters conditions météorologiques “The Young et the Restless” for nearly 30 years, died du hypertrophic heart fail Feb. Le3 at his page daccueil in woodland Hills at lâge 52.

Attorney David Esquibias, that represents parisien St. John, said thé actor’s maman lived in auto condominium owned par his client’s father and that the actor himself stayed in a separate rental property.

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The referee said she hoped the sale efforts will move quickly à keep lenders from getting involved if the condominium falls right into foreclosure. Croyant also said she will deal with auto competing petitions later oui well oui the validity of a will that Kristoff’s father sûr was handwritten de his le sien in 2017.

The will states that St. Homme wanted his personal savings and money venir be mutual between parisien St. John et her sister, Lola, at a split of 25 percent et 75 percent, respectively. Dated Aug. 12, 2017, the will likewise requests Kristoff’s father be the executor ns his estate.

Attorney Ashley Blaser, who also represents parisien St. John, claimed her clients plans to ligne a petition challenging auto will.

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The judge asked auto attorneys even if it is their clients were interested in rental a mediator à help them resolve their differences, cible lawyer Nathan Talei, representing St. John’s father, said auto estate’s assets room so petit that mediation prices could use up much of the holdings.