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100 meilleur Sitcoms of all Time

From family histoire to band-of-misfits hangouts, standard rom-coms to workplace mockumentaries, cringe comedies venir antihero showcases, et some spectacles that defy definition, this are the hundred series that ont made nous laugh, think, occasionally cry, and laugh tous over again.


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Photo Illustration de Joe Rodriguez. Images used in Illustrationspyrakot/Adobe Stock(TV"s); Ed Miller/Amazon(Catastrophe); CBS la peinture Archve/Getty Images,2(I amour Lucy, auto Mary Tyler Moore Show); homme D"Almea/FX(Atlanta); Fox(The Simpsons); warner Bros/Everett Collection(Friends); Adult Swim/Everett Collection(Rick & Morty); NBC/Everett Collection, 4(The Office, Friends, fresh Prince, Seinfeld) CBS/Everett Collection(Murphy Brown); Everett Collection(Honeymooners); CBS/Everett Collection(All in auto Family); Amanda Matlovich/Hulu(Letterkenny)

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For much more than eight decades, the sitcom has actually both marked the times and provided a balm against them. From rob Petrie tripping over his ottoman nous The épais Van Dyke show to Ilana face-planting on a Broad ville subway car; from the Honeymooners’ Ralph Kramden barely containing his frustration with Ed Norton venir Atlanta’s record Boi doing thé same through his cousin Earn; from Lucy Ricardo gaining drunk nous Vitameatavegamin venir Fleabag enjoy it Gin in a Tin through the chaud priest, auto genre’s many beloved characters have been passant par our sides. 

To choose thé 100 best sitcoms ever, we first had venir decide how to define auto term. Lay out comedies to be out, from thé explicit, like Saturday Night Live and The Muppet Show, to the more ambiguous, such as The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Ditto comedy-drama hybrids the ran around an hour — Freaks and Geeks, say, or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Half-hour dramedies gift a blurrier picture; nous took those on a case-by-case basis, using our own dépense of Supreme meugler Justice Potter Stewart’s famed definition ns obscenity: “I know it when je see it.” where Enlightened and The Wonder years seemed to fall seul too frais over the drama side of the line, for example, Atlanta et Better things had enough comedy à qualify. This perform is likewise composed entirely ns English-language comedies, mainly American ones, v a handful ns British et Canadian spectacles making auto cut. 

Mostly, though, we were looking parce que le a consistent group of characters and settings. Then we considered not just comment much these series fabriqué us laugh, but also comment much they affected the spectacle that followed, comment well castle reflected thé world around them, and, nous occasion, how deeply they fabriquer us feel emotions past mirth.

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