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Wet chaud American Summer: tons Day of boursier is a comedy web television series written by David Wain and Michael Showalter, and directed par Wain. Life Day of boursier is the seconde installment in the Wet chaud American lété franchise. The eight-episode Netflix séries is a prequel to Wain"s 2001 film Wet nom est American Summer, a parody de teen sex comedies which has since arisen a cult following. Although many de the d’origine film"s ensemble cast have gone conditions météorologiques to high-profile work, all of auto then-adult actors returned parce que le this series, playing even younger versions ns their original roles. Thé episodes were released for online the town hall at thé end du July 2015.

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A group of slackers who room living for free in a rock star"s mansion uncover their sweet resides threatened when thé musician decides à sell his pad.

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Owen "Game Set" jeu is one du the sommet tennis advantages in town, employed passant par the prestigious fountain Club, v sun-bleached hair, gimp knees, et tan lines that make thé women swoon. Marqué when a history of mauvais decisions finally catches up to him, he"s forced to pick up thé pieces de his faltering career at the local YMCA club, whereby dysfunction is thé norm. At thé Y, a gang of culturally diverse, perhaps psychotic, ADHD, OCD, et potentially half-special pros eagerly await Owen"s tutelage. Owen instantly takes a liking to his nouveau boss, Sherry, et befriends elle son Jake in an attempt venir hook up with the mother. But can Owen find an interpretation in sapin in auto most unlikely ns places? deserve to T-Shirts yes, really talk? comment many hard-boiled eggs have the right to a tennis professionnel eat? Can an arm really die? What"s cette like to crap in a soupape with non windows? Owen reunites v his stunner high school coach, bringing inspiration et folly to auto Y, sparking a series of showdowns, Chinese buffet throw-downs, and borderline smack- downs v his former pros at the fountain Club. The final score will certainly be resolved in a classic duel with his ex-boss and high school nemesis, Charles, throughout the combo Cup Tournament. With plenty of old man locker pièce nudity and chest bumps from local strippers, Owen will lead thé Y out ns the shadows et never hesitate venir get tous up in somebody"s kitchen. "Cause when cette comes to anything fontaine club, "It"s sauce soja on!