Joyaux de la couronne de france

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One ns the couple of remaining book stores ns old through shelves au shelves du rare, new, and many used books in pretty lot every genre, in a space that is growing and with new et still empty shelves seulement added auto last time ns was there. This is one ns those emplacement a book-lover could easily spend hours scanning livre covers et browsing v their pages.
Such année awesome bookstore. Meilleur staff, amazing finds, cheap prices. They do lots of cool things à la kids conditions météorologiques the weekends... We amour this place!!

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pretty great. Tbh doesn"t par rapport to auto strand in NYC but you savoir it"s not auto same. At auto same temps it"s no a bad au lieu de, remplacer it"s pretty great and LA is in desperate need du more lundi hand book shops. I don"t know comment LA doesn"t have these nous every corner. I guess ns miss this part du NYC.
great variety du used books. Fine organized et great prices! This bookstore has everything amie could want including the old book smell (not overwhelming) & 2 darling catsp Apollos & Zeus! quel more could une ask for!