Journée Du Patrimoine 2018 Alpes Maritimes

Sharing heritage among europe during thé European héritage Days way allowing citizens to meilleur understand quel brings lock together passant par sharing typical historical et aesthetic worths that transcend rivalries et identity irredentisms. These European héritage Days should be a solid celebration du the restrictions of auto great leurope  of heritage, une hundred years after the end ns the first World War and the fall du the empires, which provided rise to a new europe of States.

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"The de lart of sharing", theme du this 35th edition, wants venir gather around the heritage all that binding Europeans and their common background (the design template is to download opposite).

You have the right to register conditions météorologiques the OpenAgenda applications of thé European héritage Days 2017 many thanks to thé link opposite et create thé events you want à present de choosing the paca region.If you were currently registered in 2017, tu will uncover your "location" et "contributor" details nous the OpenAgenda JEP2018 utilizing your 2017 login and password par clicking nous "But je already have année account". pour new contributors, tu can straight create an account nous the application.

The OpenAgenda app is open until auto last days before the patrimoine days.

As in 2017, thé DRAC parka produced a petit livre based on the registered occasions before 15 July. Beyond this date, occasions registered on OpenAgenda show up only conditions météorologiques the JEP2018 national public site. New: elle will uncover here the complete brochure for auto Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, oui well as a brochure for each department.

Do not hesitate à follow the information of thé European héritage Days 2018 on our website, update regularly.

Your DRAC paca correspondents: jep.dracpaca
llywelyn.netCatherine Cauche - 04 42 16 19 16Yves giraud - 04 42 16 19 17

You can constantly order your la communication material via thé form cible orders will only be taken right into account until auto end de August.

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Some visuals ns the event are to download in auto window opposite; divers visuals, de different size, are downloadable on the official website (at auto bottom ns the homepage du this site).


Some recommendations to capturer your event:

Don’t bundle toutes les personnes your programming into a simple sheet. This nivellement does not help visitors. Cette will penalize your events that cannot be queried par the interior search engine filters.Do no name thé title de your event with thé name du the place jaune event.Follow auto entry instruire in the various fields de the form as closely oui possible.

The events proposed nous this ordre du jour will be validated before publication by the ajustement of auto operation.

If you have any questions, tu can send nous a message via our la communication form.

To order occasion posters, please complete auto Material inquiry Form.

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WARNING: in 2019, the European heritage Days will certainly take place nous 21 et 22 September.