Introduction passant par Claire Caminati (Techstars), article by dauphins Remy-Boutang (Journée du la femmes Digitale)

Let’s celebrate women! internationale women’s day will be official celebrated nous March 8th. Cette is a time to reflect conditions météorologiques progress made et also to call for change. Cette is also the perfect occasion to placed under the spotlight effective female founders or businesswomen that would share with us their vision and talk around their career. Instead de having seul one work dedicated à women, this year at Techstars Paris, nous wanted à dedicate a full week à women through the libération of 5 female founders interviews. Allongons start with the testimony of Delphine Remy-Boutang, Co-Founder of la Journée aux la femmes Digitale (Digital Women’s Day), founder of the JFD Club and the structure Margaret.

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Celebrating women-led innovation!

27% of women in the numérique sector in France, 10% at auto head de a la technologie startup in France and equal pay calmer not set to be completed until 2186 (sources: Syntec Numérique, World économiquement Forum).

There is calmer a longue way to aller when it comes venir closing thé gap pour women, who, arrêter not forget, stand for 52% of humanity. Our a venir must not be shaped by inequality. We must seize the avenues offered by digital technologies to change the world.

Doubling auto rate at which women enter the numérique sphere would effectively reduce inequalities much more rapidly: 25 years gained parce que le mature markets and 40 years gained parce que le emerging countries.

Digital technology: a chanceux to rewrite our future

$5.7 billion. The is how much the artificial intelligence sector will certainly generate passant par 2030, i.e. A 14% boost in global GDP. A true revolution. However alarming statistics seul that seul 13.5% of jobs in artificial lintelligence are right now held par women. So as not à succumb to the inevitability de the 167 année calculation — the alors of years estimated before we finally achieve parity — , females must come to be architects de tomorrow’s world and be at auto helm of artificial intelligence. A fate worse than stagnation, isolating ladies from this technological revolution would in fact set back sex equality et reinforce stereotypes.

Under auto pretext ns mathematical neutrality, nous naively think that artificial intelligence will normally pave the way parce que le a an ext egalitarian world. But oui is no neutral. Not ensuring female representation in the travaux surrounding artificial intelligence is equivalent to recreating auto bias and stereotypes du our current society et thus building année even more unequal future. Nous need to encourager diversity in all sectors, due to the fact that diversity is je vous demande pardon makes entreprise strong.

The numérique sector is not seul a succession of technological advances, cette is additionally a cultural et societal revolution that is quite literally metamorphosing uses, values and attitudes. Ce is no anticipating that matters marqué experimenting, learning where to look pour information is of greater importance than being année expert. True force now lies in sharing. Today, skill sets have been completely reshuffled and corporate sapin completely remodelled. Auto good nouvelles is that this nouveau corporate structure is fine suited à women. Toutes les personnes of these nouveau values represented by transmission, sharing, creation et collaboration lie at auto heart of female DNA!

The glass ceiling is a thing ns the past.

Given the groundbreaking innovations brought about by digital technology, ce is no longer a des boites of adapting previously used models marqué of rewriting ours future. Numérique culture par nature clears numerous obstacles venir women’s professional advancement. Cette is a historical opportunity that conditions météorologiques must seize.

In 2015, auto Capgemini research ‘Les Femmes, l’audace et les digital’ (Women, audacity and digital technology) revealed that numérique women are daring: 60% ns women room willing to lead progressed innovative projects within their company, and 90% think about that digital technology offers unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurship. But, oui highlighted de the 2016 inspection “Le digital: quelles actualité perspectives pour les femmes ?” (Digital technology: new perspectives à la women), 93% du women take into consideration that networking is vital when ce comes à breaking into the numérique sector.

Individual liberation for routine responsibility.

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When a entreprise starts the journey venir become a liberated company, cette naturally color etc on business models similar à those used by players in the numérique sphere. Accepting errors ont a means ns reacting much more swiftly et of innovating in order to grow thé company. Because oui we tous know, innovation is the biggest development driver. In a people where the ‘big fish eats signification littérale fish’ idée has been replaced par the imaginations of ‘fast fish eats sluggish fish’, cette is vital that conditions météorologiques redefine the role de women in society.

Because that is what cette is tous about, beyond the scale ns corporations: diversity is a societal combat. Fairly than adapt or surrender, ns propose année alternative, a third choice: arrêter create this new frais of société ourselves!

Women need to invent a new type of business, une that we can recognize with, the is centred roughly creativity and that does not aménagements promotion nous presenteeism but instead extols commitment, collaboration, perseverance, intrapreneurial spirit, team work and loyalty. A entreprise where we ne sont pas longer have to do a choice. A selection that is tantamount to throwing in auto towel. However “I want ce all”, in auto words du Sheryl Sandberg, have to be a fact for all men and women.

The ladies changing the world!

Entrepreneurial spirit has reached its height in France. Lentrepreneur are currently seen in the routine conscience as the personnes shaping thé future. Thé start-up nation, a ax that has become centre to political et societal debates, is a appel téléphonique for innovation, à la creativity, pour action.

In stimulate to encourage women venir be le fournisseur de services or ‘intra-preneurs’, venir create or transform a société where females feel welcome, ns believe that the emergence of new role models is key. Due to the fact that stereotypes room tenacious. Those exact same stereotypes we oz decorously advert to ont ‘our benchmarks’, which carry out reassurance marqué which des boites us in.

Indeed, this is something conditions météorologiques repeatedly stress, backed de the Journée aux la femmes Digitale community, particularly oui a reminder to thé media which, v tactlessness or indifference, to represent France as a start-up nation composed entirely de men. Thé launch of our Chemises blanches (White Shirts) en mouvement with the appui of the magazine Challenges testifies to this.

The freedom à innovate and create safeguards concis power in a rapidly an altering world. Thé empowerment of people is a never-ending struggle in which no quarter is given. Et this principle de role models, which je believe in above all, could change people’s attitudes. Since that is what we need à rid oneself of: our own limits. Striving for freedom pour ourselves also means striving parce que le freedom à la others, and it is seul through work that nous can guarantee genuine freedom, ont Simone aux Beauvoir once said. Nous can échanger the world, make cette a meilleur place. What si this world was a women’s world?

Join nous in Paris nous 17th April at auto Maison de la Radio for La Journée ns la femmes Digitale , a france info event, and on 13th june at thé Pullman Dakar Teranga, a RFI & la france 24 event.

We can not be what we have not seen. A précis girl will not decide to become a coder or pdg if elle has never ever seen or heard about female coders and CEOs. Hence the sens of maquette roles.

That’s why nous launched the Margaret Award, whose appel for application ends nous March 7th (midnight). This year, conditions météorologiques will reward deux women, the European and African numérique Women 2019. Our prix pays tribute à Margaret Hamilton, thé NASA’s famous computer system scientist, who developed thé on-board flight software pour Apollo Moon missions.

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Let’s no erase from history the exceptional women, pioneers du Tech. Let’s make castle more visible to auto girls and women around us. Arrêter create vocations to face à face the gros challenges de tomorrow.