Last night to be one de those fois when cette was exorbitant to seul stay placed in our apt. At the Gite oui we felt haricot de soja at home there. Reconnaissance we were chilled to auto bone et tired.We had actually a home cooked meal ns pastathanks to our wee kitchen, had very long chaud showers in our amazing shower, crawled in à our comfy bed et read et worked nous the journal. All in all, a perfect evening. Conditions météorologiques enjoyedthe see from ours windowand auto experience de staying within this an extremely old français town at thé Gite - tomorrow morning we will go for a hover around thé village avant we collection off.

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A funny coincidence -when Barry was trying to figure out where the proprietor du the Gite was yesterday when nous arrived, hewalked up et down stairs et around nooks et crannies, et mistakenly gotten in one of the invité rooms. Auto woman who answered thedirected that to aller downstairs et he came back to thé bike (a peu rattled);and said, i think i just met Anna indigenous Düsseldorf whom we had mettre in Dole a few days ago. Fine at breakfast the suivant morning, Anna laughed et told us, the since she wasn’t wearing her glasses, she couldn’t check out well and went ago to sa husband et said, je think je just spoke venir Barry indigenous Canada.......Aren’tgreat connections the best part ns travel? conditions météorologiques had a an excellent visit end breakfast and it was a wonderful opportunity to volonté to sait thembetter. Et who knows, perhaps we’ll view them again as soon as they or we the very least expect it.

Verdun pour Le doubs is noted à la its strategic emplacement at auto confluence de the Doubs and la Saone River. Nous are so glad that conditions météorologiques took the time venir wander approximately this village after breakfast ont its charm et character deserved ourtime. Oui well oui having thé obvious attributes de a charming français village, there are many couteau who habitent here who wegot to meet et interact with.😺

The ride venir Chalon dessus la Saone was delightful, following auto river. Conditions météorologiques this holiday weekend, with most personnes taking advantage du bridging the Friday to make a 4 day w/e, even more fishers were out in complete force, ont well as large groups fishing with many tents, collection up pour the duration.

Chalon is a really nice ville with a pretty historic centre and significant Cathedral. Cible what nous really took pleasure in was the large park through a factory garden, bird sanctuary et many pétanque pitches, which were being well used. This oasis within the ville is where nous spent lot time, making ours lunch and enjoying its ambience.

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Thanks to our friend Cora, we will drive a new chemin south à Macon on aformer rallinewhich is now a to ride bicycle route. What a delight to cruise along nous smoothasphalt through villages and vineyards, frequently at a slight downhill gradient. The beauty of this cheminement is that nous are frequently well above thé countryside which gives us a good view de the villages et area.

We quit at Cormatin and will be camping right here tonight at Hameau du Champs.It is fairly busy en raison de to the holiday, cible we were able to importer a spot with electricity. Quel a difference à la us à be surrounded par campers, as up tilnow, we ont often to be the seul campers,

A good day.

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Our charming organize Patricie is full de humour and character. Nous enjoyed her creative, artistic touches throughout auto house.