Jojo bizarre adventure diamond is unbreakable

It has been 11 years since the defeat de the Joestar"s arch nemesis, Dio. In 1999, Jotaro Kujo went venir Morioh in S ville in ns Prefecture, Japan, venir find his grandfather, Joseph Joestar"s secret child, Josuke Higashikata. However, Josuke had thé same ability oui Jotaro, thé Stand. And as despite Jotaro was summoning them, a new grouper of stand Users start venir make their moves. There"s something in this town... Josuke rises up venir save Morioh, his hometown that hey grew increase in.

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The normally sleepy town ns Inaba has recently fallen prey to a string of bizarre deaths, where thé deceased are uncovered dangling from tv antennae and telephone poles. Marqué that’s not the only secret that’s cropped increase lately: auto "Midnight Channel" has acquired notoriety in the local high school parce que le allegedly revealing a person"s soul-mate à them. As soon as transfer student Yu arrives in town, he quickly becomes enmeshed in the centre of toutes les personnes these mysterious goings-on, especially after auto teen et his friends are pulled through the television into another world! how is this drôle place connecté with the est différent mysteries plaguing Inaba?

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Ren Amamiya is about à enter his second year after transferring venir Shujin académie in Tokyo. Complying with a particular incident, his Persona awakens, and together v his friends they form thé “Phantom Thieves ns Hearts” à reform hearts of corrupt adults par stealing the source ns their distorted desires. Meanwhile, bizarre et inexplicable la criminalité have been popping up one after another… Living année ordinary high school life in Tokyo during thé day, the coporation, groupe maneuvers the metropolitan city ont Phantom thieves after hours. Let thé curtain rise for this grand, picaresque story!

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Four homme are assigned to Nanba, auto world’s most formidable prison. Juugo, a homme who attempted to du repos out du prison et ended up extending his prison time; Uno, a homme who likes à gamble v women; Rock, a masculin who likes to importer into fights; et Nico, a homme who likes anime. A merveilleux exciting terrain comedy around the daily lives de the prison’s inmates et guards.

Kicked out du his orphanage and on auto verge du starving à death, Nakajima Atsushi meets some bizarre men. One du them, Dazai Osamu, is a suicidal masculin attempting venir drown self in vast daylight. Thé other, bespectacled Kunikida Doppo, nervously stands passant par flipping v a notepad. Both space members of the "Armed detective Agency" said à solve incident that even auto military et police won"t touch. Atsushi end up accompanying them on a commander to get rid of a man-eating tiger that"s to be terrorizing the population...In thé virtual ville of Yokohama are people bearing auto name du Bungo, "literary masters," that possess unusual powers likened to that name. Currently begins auto battle between thé mysterious Bungo powers!

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Sakura Sakurakouji pouvez seem like a frail and demure girl, marqué in reality she’s a powerful belliqueux artist with année unmatched sense of justice. One day, on elle way patrie from school, she witnesses a jeune murdering several personnes with shining blue flames. That garçon is Rei Ogami, a merciless assassin known ont a "Code Breaker", and the recent student venir join Sakura’s class! if Rei appears venir be auto perfect gentleman at school, in truth cette lives par the principle de "an eye for année eye" and is emploi to target et dispose ns criminals who have escaped the law. Through everyone oblivious venir his true nature, only Sakura knows what hey really is and his remorseless feelings towards what hey does. Cible despite his icy heart et his threat à burn Sakura et everyone around her should she reveal his secret, thé righteous teenager can’t help cible feel the there’s more à Rei than meets the eye...

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Michiru has année unusual ability: elle can view a dark ring approximately a person"s neck the signifies their time to die. However, she suppressed her powers once she "saw" thé deaths of sa parents – until now. After by chance seeing ring around the necks of two garçons in her school, cette seems that Michiru"s powers space back à la good. Thé two are zombies who room working for the métro loan office known ont Zombie-Loan, et they require Michiru"s help to find divers zombies – those v dark couleur noire rings roughly their necks. Despite Michiru initially refuses, périmé to a series of events it seems elle has non choice but to comply...

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17-year-old etymological genius et university professeur Testa Lielbelle is introduced passant par his senior, Sergeant Rossa, to thé Allied Cryptanalysis Department. There, hey is tasked to du repos the enemy werewolves" code, which thé werewolves space using à encrypt their radio transmissions. Testa is astounded, oui the seulement un sound the encrypted encoder produces is thé howling de a wolf. His research yields non results, et he resolves to occupation a live werewolf for meilleur cryptanalysis. After exhausting toutes les personnes possible means, hey finally finds a woman werewolf, Yonaga.

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If you could discover out a au sens propre something about thé future, quel would elle do? volonté rich off du the partager market? Use auto media venir become famous ont a prophet? Or…

TagsDramaMysterySeinenPsychologicalAnimal AbuseMature ThemesCrush équipement TurboVol: 4; Ch: 16Comic Bombom2001 - 2002

Koya Marino hasn"t set football in thé Tobita club for a longue time - not since when his older brother, champion Crush équipement Fighter Yuya Marino passed away 4 years ago. Cible when auto C.G. Club his brothers was oz part ns is threatened with extinction native a concurrent team set up by the Mangajin Corporation, it is up venir Koya à restore auto Tobita société to its structure glory, using ne sont pas less 보다 Yuya"s prized Crush gear - thé Garuda Eagle!! auto spirited Crush équipement fight is about à begin!

TagsActionShounenCrush équipement NitroVol: 3; Ch: 15Comic Bombom2003 - 2004

Masaru Mahha loves every little thing about gear Fighting, and together with Garuda Phoenix, he has succeeded in defeating toutes les personnes his opponents... Toutes les personnes except Yuu Akusawa, a professional équipement fighter! It"s time à la the nouveau generation ns fighters venir enter thé coliseum, so start her engines et burn rubber!

TagsActionShounenPsyren: un autre Call (Light Novel)Vol: 2Jump j Books2010 - 2011

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TagsActionLight NovelsMysterySupernaturalBungo Stray dogs (Light Novel)Vol: 7+Kadokawa beans Bunko2014 - ?

Doppo Kunikida is année idealist et a strait-laced détective at thé Armed détective Agency, an organization the takes on dangerous jobs that also the policier won"t handle. Every little thing in his tons is progressing ont planned until one day he"s ordered to watch over the new guy, osamu Dazai, a suspiciously fellow of unknown origin who is obsessed with auto thought of suicide. If investigating année unusual des boites involving a so-called haunted building, they discover several of the missing people from un autre investigation. However, avant they can uncover out comment these boîte connect, they room attacked de the mafia"s Ryunosuke Akutagawa, sworn ennemi of auto agency! This is auto beginning du a hopelessly inseparable connection between two detectives. A battle of Abilities erupts in auto shadows du Yokohama!

TagsActionLight NovelsMysterySupernaturalChibiki ne sont pas IwaVol: 1; Ch: 6Horror M1993 - 2012

Includes thé following chapters:

1. Chibiki non Iwa2. Auto Yomi Vortex3. Thé Hisame4.Chigaeshi-no-Tama5. Auto Marebito Mask6. Thé Earthen Woman
TagsAdventureHorrorMysteryCollectionsJapanese MythologyPsychologicalAnimal AbuseMature ThemesNudityOriginal fear StoriesCh: 25Toomics2016 - 2017

Scary et mysterious fantôme stories. You"re going to get cursed, once you listen à them…

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