The heart has actually its factors that factor cannot understand. In this era of customer experience, tous that is authentic, tous that is lived, ce is interesting to draw a parallel between recent news and our hoteliers' activities. Two men who were part du our heritage and French and francophone culture left us one after the other. Each left a deep impressionnant on the routine memory, marqué each in his very own way.

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One was année accomplished intellectual, crowned et praised, who spoke through his spirit. He excelled in auto handling de words, ideas and concepts. The second one spoke v his guts et heart. He lived strong moments of communion v his audience and shared an immense love with his fans. Like the Greek gods, hey possessed intensif powers although he was not free of defects which are only all too human. Une concerned himself with the knowledge ns being, the différent with auto desire à be.

At a time du experience et remembrance, thé relationship in between customer et brand has adjusted dimension. Je vous demande pardon is important is not auto price, cible the pleasure et memories that can be drawn from an experience, one no longer consumes, une experiences. At auto last minute, we crave sunshine, an escapade, household moments and a return to our roots. Nous want venir be recognized, familiar et indigenous everywhere. These new motivations, expectations and behaviors cause première us à question avec certitude achievements et revise how we operate.

It is significativement to speak venir your guest"s heart, share a part de yourself v them and tell them a story. For this, cette is imperative à develop auto human qualities de staff in addition venir their skills. Cette is necessary to teach them venir build unforgettable moments à la their invité with le respect to their personality, their tastes, your knowledge, their preferences...

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Knowledge lies largely in the hands de the elite who define auto strategy. Know-how is a set of skills that any kind of well-managed and trained person can potentially acquire. Cette is thé acquisition ns the right gesture, auto knowledge ns the tool. Knowledge du being is periodically intangible, marqué it is essential. It is a mixture of listening, availability, prestations de service sense for et with the other, and it is more complex à master. Venir find the right moment, the right words, reassure, guide, render the service expected ... Ce is also à develop human qualities and increase the guest"s commitment to the brand jaune establishment. Since let"s never forget it, hospitality is to welcome the other, à offer that lodging and food, as well as conviviality and human warmth.

Marketing, which has been a transformation based on technology, target concepts, markets et segments, must now it is in directed an ext towards auto humanity of those that produce et manufacture services. It will no longer be sufficient to à savoir the targets, cette will be necessary to sait the hearts of men and women to meilleur meet your expectations. Par putting a soul ago into the fabriquer of our services, auto properties regain strength that has been lacking because really often productivity has actually dehumanized ours services.

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We will certainly rebuild efficiency and re-create value par giving ours employees auto desire to inspire. Thé key venir tomorrow"s success will result from emerging our employees" person qualities. It is imperative for our sector à create, build and retain value with its employees in order à recreate conviviality. Initially, hospitality was based on philoxenia, a word full du meaning: "philos" auto friend et "xenos" auto stranger. Nous must sell our visiting guests friendship. It is possible we have forgotten a little bit about the friendly and human side du this relationship.