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A jeune orphan escapes auto realities of elle life de fantasizing about, and then entering, a fairy tale world.

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I un m PATRICK peels ago centuries de legend and myth to parlez the true histoire of terne Patrick. Through historical re-enactments, expert interviews et Patrick"s own writings, experience auto journey from masculin to saint.


The Christmas-themed family cinématicien will follow Pat Keeley, a young masculin from Ireland who has actually emigrated to auto United States et finds himself captured up in année escalating whirlwind ns shenanigans that takes that from new York to père noël Fe.

A species du creatures known oui "thoriphants" rebel versus their first of servitude and embark on a treacherous journey venir find the fabled city of Uprights.

Entwines Navajo lore v a reclusive trillionaire and his would-be biographer, developing a fascinating, mysterious et idiosyncratic vision du America.
The épique tale de a pilgrim et his burden, based on homme Bunyan"s Masterpiece. Le christianisme begins a journey from the ville of destruction to auto Celestial City as the ultimate enemy tries whatever in his power to odor him native his destination. One de the most popular books of toutes les personnes time is lugged to sapin for the tons time venir theaters as a feature length, CGI animated movie.
Arthur Curry, that was born half-man et half-Atlantean, learns cette is auto rightful heritage to the throne de the underwater kingdom ns Atlantis. Avant he becomes king, cette must fight venir prevent a war between thé worlds de the ocean and land. Along thé way, hey struggles with his nouveau identity and confidence as a leader.
When two young garçons playing in auto woods find a army bunker lock unintentionally relax the ghost of civilization War la deuxième année auxiliary soldier who erroneously believes the Nazis ont landed.
The Shannara Chronicles is an American fantasy drama television series created par Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Cette is an adaptation of auto Sword of Shannara trilogy of fantasy novels par Terry Brooks. The series was filmed in the Auckland cinématique Studios et on assurance elsewhere in nouveau Zealand.
Beyond auto Mask is a 2015 American christian historical action-adventure film directed by Chad Burns et starring Andrew Cheney, john Rhys-Davies, and Kara Killmer. The cinématique follows année ex-mercenary (Andrew Cheney) during the American transformation who attempts à redeem himself from a first of murder par becoming a masked vigilante venir overthrow the anglais in the colonies.
Once upon a temps is année American imaginer adventure drama television series that aired conditions météorologiques ABC from October 23, 2011 to peut faire 18, 2018. The first six seasons are largely set in the fictitious seaside town du Storybrooke, Maine, with the characters of Emma Swan and Regina Mills ont the leads, while thé seventh and final season takes place in Seattle, Washington, in the fictitious neighborhood de Hyperion Heights, through a new main narrative led de Mills and Henry Mills, Regina Mills and Emma Swan"s son. The show borrows elements et characters from Disney et popular western literature, folklore, Greek mythology, or and fairy tales.
Legend du the Seeker is a television series based on novels in the séries titled thé Sword ns Truth par Terry Goodkind. Spread in U.S. By Disney-ABC residential Television, ABC studios produced thé series à la first-run syndication with satellite Raimi, Robert Tapert, Joshua Donen, Ned Nalle, and Kenneth Biller serving as executive producers. The démontrer premiered conditions météorologiques November 1, 2008 et ran pour two seasons before its cancellation in 2010.
Set in thé kingdom ns Ehb, the story follows Farmer (Jason Statham), who was adopted de his village. When Farmer"s wife, Solana (Claire Forlani), and his son leave venir sell vegetable at thé town de Stonebridge, Farmer"s farm yard is attacked par creatures dubbed Krugs. With thé help ns his friend and neighbor Norrick (Ron Perlman), cette travels venir Stonebridge wherein his wife et son are. Before he arrives, thé Krugs, controlled by the wizard gaulois (Ray Liotta), death his son et capture his wife. Farmer, with the help du Bastian (Will Sanderson), his brother-in-law, and Norrick to adjust out à find et rescue his wife. Auto King"s nephew Fallow (Matthew Lillard) is conspiring with auto wizard galliaire to take over thé kingdom led by King Konreid ("Burt Reynolds").
The young Jewish girl, Hadassah, goes on to become the Biblical Esther, auto Queen de Persia, that saves auto Jewish nation from annihilation at thé hands du its archenemy.
Now cleared up in Genovia, Princess Mia affronter a new revelation: elle is being primed for an arranged marital relationship to année English suitor.
The final affrontement between the force of good and evil fighting for control de the émergence of Middle-earth. Frodo et Sam with Mordor in their quest to destroy the une Ring, if Aragorn leader the renforcer of an excellent against Sauron"s evil military at auto stone ville of Minas Tirith.
Jungle jeune Mowgli (voiced par Osment) decides to forsake civilized village life parce que le the "bare necessities" de the wild with his old friends. However, thé evil tiger Shere khan is looking parce que le a précis payback after Mowgli"s critical adventure. Trouble"s a-brewing!
The proceeding quest de Frodo and the Fellowship à destroy the une Ring. Frodo and Sam discover they are being followed par the secret Gollum. Aragorn, the Elf archer Legolas, et Gimli the Dwarf encounter the besieged logo kingdom, whose oz great king Theoden has actually fallen under Saruman"s deadly spell.
An old Ring assumed lost pour centuries has been found, and through a drôle twist of fate has actually been given to a petit Hobbit named Frodo. As soon as Gandalf discovers thé Ring is in truth the une Ring of the foncé Lord Sauron, Frodo need to make an epic recherche to the Cracks du Doom in order to destroy it. However, hey does not go alone. Hey is joined passant par Gandalf, Legolas auto elf, Gimli thé Dwarf, Aragorn, Boromir, et his three Hobbit friend Merry, Pippin, and Samwise. Through mountains, snow, darkness, forests, rivers et plains, facing evil and danger at every corner the Fellowship du the Ring need to go. Their quête to destroy the one Ring is the seulement un hope pour the end de the foncé Lords reign.
A fictional account ns the sinking du the H.M.H.S. Britannic off the Greek island of Kea in November 1916. This explores the theory de a German agent sabotaging auto liner, a hospital ship.
SpongeBob SquarePants is année American man comedy television series created par marine scientifiquement educator et animator Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. The séries chronicles auto adventures and endeavors du the location character and his aquatic girlfriend in thé fictional underwater ville of Bikini Bottom. Auto fifth-longest-running American man series, that is popularity has actually made cette a media franchise. It is thé highest rated séries to aéronautiques on Nickelodeon and ViacomCBS domestic Media Networks" most dispersed property. As of late 2017, auto media franchise has produced $13 exchange rate in merchandising revenue for Nickelodeon.

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Danny, année ambitious singing and dancing cat, goes venir Hollywood et overcomes several obstacles to fulfill his rêver of coming to be a movie star.
Aladdin et the roi of thieves (also known ont Aladdin 3: Aladdin and the king of Thieves) is a 1996 American direct-to-video man musical imaginer adventure film produced passant par Walt disney Television Animation. It is the lundi sequel to thé 1992 film Aladdin, et serves ont the final chapter du the Arabian Nights-inspired disney franchise start with the life film, and continuing v its first direct-to-video sequel thé Return du Jafar et the animated series de the exact same name.
Sliders is an American scientifiquement fiction et fantasy television series created par Robert K. Weiss and Tracy Tormé. Cette was broadcast à la five seasons in between 1995 and 2000. The series follows a grouper of travelers ont they use a wormhole à "slide" in between different parallel universes. Tormé, Weiss, Leslie Belzberg, homme Landis, David Peckinpah, facture Dial and un lion Barnette served as executive producer at different times du the production. Parce que le its life two seasons it was produced in Vancouver, britanique Columbia. Cette was filmed mostly in los Angeles, california in the last 3 seasons.
Star Trek: voyager is an American science fiction television series created par Rick Berman, nom de garçon Piller, and Jeri Taylor. Cette originally aired native January 1995 to may 2001 nous UPN, lasting pour 172 episodes over 7 seasons. The fifth séries in the star Trek franchise, ce served oui the fourth sequel to étoiles Trek: The d’origine Series. Collection in auto 24th century, when earth is part of a United federation of Planets, ce follows auto adventures de the Starfleet vessel USS Voyager ont it attempts venir return patrie after being stranded in the Delta Quadrant conditions météorologiques the frais side of the Milky method galaxy.
Gargoyles is an American man television series produced by Walt disney Television and distributed de Buena Vista Television, and originally aired native October 24, 1994, à February 15, 1997. The séries features a species de nocturnal creatures known as gargoyles the turn to stone during thé day. After security a thousand year in année enchanted petrified state, thé gargoyles (who ont been transported from middle ages Scotland) space reawakened in modern-day new York City, and take nous roles as the city"s secret night-time protectors.
The Untouchables is année American la criminalité drama séries that aired à la two periods in syndication, indigenous January 1993 to peut faire 1994. The séries portrayed work ns the real first Untouchables federal investigative formation in Prohibition-era Chicago and its tentative against Al Capone"s attempts to favorable from the market in bootleg liquor.
A artist fakes his death, in bespeak to avoir some additional money, because his works would revaluate with his death. But, unfortunately, cette is killed a couple of hours after having "returned à ...
Two rivaling professors, a journalist, a jeune wealthy woman, and a teenage jeune travel through africa in search ns "The perdu World". A place where dinosaurs calmer roam.
An de lart collector appeals venir Indiana Jones venir embark nous a search for the divine Grail. Cette learns that another archaeologist has actually disappeared if searching for the priceless goblet, and the missing masculin is his very own father, Dr. Henry Jones. The artifact is lot harder à find than they expected, et its powers room too much pour those impure du heart.
When bannière is held oui a witness venir a violent la criminalité linked to auto Kingpin, thé fugitive is helped par lawyer Matt Murdock who is also thé superhero, Daredevil.
War et Remembrance is an American miniseries based nous the novel of auto same name written passant par Herman Wouk, i beg your pardon aired native November 13, 1988, to peut être 14, 1989. It is auto sequel to the Winds de War, i m sorry was also based nous one de Wouk"s novels.
Noble loger is année American action-drama television miniseries the was developed by ns Laurentiis divertir Group, and broadcast passant par NBC on February 21, 1988. Based nous the novel la noblesse House passant par James Clavell, ce features a gros cast headlined par Pierce Brosnan oui business tycoon Ian Dunross et was directed par Gary Nelson. However, tandis que to temps restrictions, several of the many subplots native the book were removed.
Della meets up with an old friend, a son that elle used à babysit, et she and Perry space invited à meet thé friend"s new wife, Suzanne. Meanwhile, Suzanne rents out her house to four ...
James saut 007"s commander is to firstly, être tenu the defection ns a haut Soviet general. Once the général is re-captured, bond heads off to find why an ally of général Koskov was ressentir to killing him. Bond"s mission continues venir take him venir Afghanistan, where he must confront an arms dealer known as Brad Whitaker. Everything eventually reveals that self à Bond.
Max Donigan sets éteindre on a treasure hunt through his friend Leo and newly-acquired partner Patricia, who provided auto treasure map. Along auto way they conference a few bar fights, angry "coyotes", et other obstacles they space able to overcome v ease. As soon as they discover the temple with the treasure, they likewise find thé Firewalker, who wants to retain the power of his ancestors et put an end to auto trio"s sweetheart hunt. In auto end, Max and his two friends persevere et return page daccueil wealthy.
Fortune hunter allan Quatermain teams up v a resourceful woman à help sa find elle missing father perdu in the wilds ns 1900s afrique while gift pursued de hostile tribes and a rival German explorer.
Murder, she Wrote was année American crime drama television series starring Angela Lansbury oui mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher. The series aired pour 12 periods with 264 illustration from 1984 à 1996 nous the CBS network. Ce was followed par four la télé films. Among auto most successful and longest-running television shows in history, cette averaged an ext than 30 million viewers per week in its componter (sometimes hitting above 40 million viewers), et was a staple du the CBS dimanche night lineup à la a decade. In syndication, the séries is toujours highly effective throughout thé world.
The vert Knights challenges king Arthur"s knights. Marqué only jeune Gawain take away it et decapitates him. The chevalier takes his head and now gives Gawain one year venir learn about virtues, knighthood and then visage the an obstacle himself.
After sa father dies, young vallée takes his place in a trans-African auto race, cible ends up gift abducted passant par a désert sheik.

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In 1934 Paris, trained coloratura soprano Victoria approve (Dame Julie Andrews), a native Brit, can"t volonté a job ont a singer and is having trouble making ends meet. Elle doesn"t even have enough money for the basics of food and shelter. Corrébration cabaret singer Carole "Toddy" Todd (Robert Preston) pouvez befall the same fate ont Victoria, as he was seul fired native his to sing gig at a second-rate club named "Chez Lui". à solve your problems, Toddy comes up with what he considers to be an inspired idea: v Toddy ont her manager, Victoria, pretending to be a man, importer a job singing as a mrs impersonator. Si they pull this plan off, Toddy vows Victoria, as her male alter ego, will certainly be the toast de Paris et as together be extremely wealthy. That transform ego they decide is polishing Count victor Grazinski, Toddy"s ex-lover who was disowned de his family when they found out he was gay. Thé Count auditions pour the city"s leading agent, Andre Cassell (John Rhys-Davies), who, impressed, it s okay him a gig performing in the city"s le meilleur nightclub. In the audience on the successful opening night is Chicago, Illinois nightclub owner and "businessman" King marchand (James Garner), a macho masculine who falls in the amour with auto woman he sees on-stage, i beg your pardon doesn"t sit well v his current girlfriend, Norma Cassady (Leslie Ann Warren). King is shocked à learn the that mrs is a homme named count Grazinski. While king tries à reconcile his romantic feelings à la "Victoria" (in truth, roi doesn"t truly believe the Count is a man), his business associates won"t tolerate his échanger in sexual orientation. Although feeling emancipated being treated as a man, Victoria, oui herself, in turn, drops in amour with King. Venir pursue something v him as a woman would certainly mean providing up this lucrative career. But the career may also come to année end in a jail term if the authorities uncover out that Victoria et Toddy have committed fraud in this impersonation.