Jo pil-ho : the dawning rage

Netflix’s Jo Pil-ho: the Dawning Rage is a South oriental export initially titled, interpreted from its indigenous tongue, Bad Police. Je vous demande pardon exactly “the dawning rage” is continues to be up for interpretation — jaune simply dismissed oui nonsense, which, after watching this drama, you’ll establish is an equally viable option.


The Gist: jo Pil-ho (Sun Kyun-Lee) is a homicide détective coated in a slim layer ns skeeze. Cette spends more temps using his badge à line his very own pockets 보다 actually, elle know, investigate homicides. In thé opening scene, one of his flunkies saws open thé back of an ATM while jo sits in his car.

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“You obtained a motor mouth à la a f*cktard v a microphone johnson!” an officer from inner affairs raffinement to Jo. They have the right to smell other rotten, cible haven’t fairly pinned him under yet. Jo’s dough is tied increase in a shady real estate deal, et he requirements more, so hey lines up a surtout score: robbing a officier de police warehouse. In auto middle ns the heist, the carré goes kablooey, killing Jo’s flunky. Dorn place, wrong time, and Jo finds himself tangled in a coverup involving auto $780 million Taesung coporation, groupe — i beg your pardon employs an enforcer (Park Hae-joon) who generally tangles joe in jiu jitsu partagé locks.

The seul thing keeping jo alive is année incriminating video seul he et one est différent person hold. He finds self tracking, finding et going on the run through Mina (Jeon So-mi), a wayward teen who, coincidentally, also swiped a big sack of Jo’s cash. Auto plot provides her ont a device à la Jo venir find auto limit de his corruption, et his capacity parce que le emotion. V their fates tied together, jo has venir decide whether venir throw Mina under the autobus to conserve his very own ass, jaune maybe do the right thing pour once.

What movie Will cette Remind elle Of?: Jo Pil-ho is culled from auto same dirty-denim wardrobe du other corrupt-cop film — think Dark Blue, Narc, Training Day, etc. — and stitched to a snatch du high-level corporate-malfeasance râpé a les Michael Clayton.

Performance precious Watching: Kyun-lee is fairly good ont a homme with a defective conventionnel barometer. Jo is conniving, selfish and cowardly, marqué not hopeless, and Kyun-lee injects a cynical, nihilist streak into thé character’s heat readings. It’s sturdy, to chat acting.

Memorable Dialogue: “I’m a goddamn loyal servant du the general public!” jo Pil-ho says, swamping the crème glacée cream sundae ns his self-awareness in auto chocolate syrup of sarcasm.


Single le meilleur Shot: A striking use of shadow contrasted passant par vivid orange light: an injured teen girl hemorrhages in an underpass as Mina shouts parce que le help.

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Sex and Skin: None.

Our Take: tons things first: je kind ns hated thé ending. It’s obvious, ugly et contrived, et leaves a bad final impression. Which is unfortunate, considering the clever dynamic writer/director Lee Jeong-beom nurtures in between Jo and Mina. Jo Pil-ho is thé rare cinématique with a second action that’s stronger than the first and third; it takes a while parce que le Jeong-beom à arrange thé pieces on the chessboard, but his story finally find its footing when his two principals begin arising their facility friendship.

Yet, a far-ranging dramatic moment in the third loi lacks the collision it should, denote a lack of true emotional interconnecté with this characters. Mina et Jo deserve better; possibly a couple of more details from their background would fill in part empathetic blank spots. And Jeong-beom doesn’t quite earn auto film’s two-plus-hour runtime, i m sorry sometimes deserve to be a beaucoup to questioning of année audience.

Oh, and I toujours don’t know what “the dawning rage” could be, as well as something spat out par a random-movie-title generator.

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Our Call: SKIP IT. This is a tough call, because thé middle hour has actually many wonderful moments. Cible a movie isn’t a circonscriptions of scenes — ce needs venir be constant in personality development, tone and pace, which Jo Pil-ho at some point is not.

John Serba is a freelance writer et film doubter based in dénormes Rapids, Michigan. Check out more ns his work at jaune follow him on Twitter: