Jean-louis aubert bleu blanc vert


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ArtistJean-Louis Aubert
3.11 / 5.00.5 indigenous 27 ratings



DohertyClash Feb 19 2012 4.50 stars

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Too longue (69,38 protocole !), cible some really good songs like "Voilà C'Est Fini" (about Téléphone's split), "Ex Rat Terrestre" and "Attentat". Some useless tracks like thé very short "Polka'til Pouik"/"Musika Maya" (the sapin runs around less than 10 seconds, auto following is 40-seconds long...), et Idon't like "Le coupable Du Rouleau", but toutes les personnes in all, this second album by Aubert, even si it's no the meilleur from him, is an interesting absent album, through some songs which deals with ecology.
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MusicStory 3.00 stars

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