Jean Le Cam Vendée Globe 2020


"Le gouverne Jean" (King Jean) is haricot de soja named because du his utter domination when hey competed on the chiffre circuit. The was 20 years ago, just after auto young ns Cam had actually worn the end his foul weather gear in Concarneau Bay nous "Mervent".

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This family members training aboard this famous Armagnac would conveniently bear fruit: among other trophies, blue jeans went conditions météorologiques to win 3 Solitaire aux Figaros! more victories and podium finishes ensued on everything the floats, with one or more hulls, from people champion titles (in Formula 40 jaune FICO), venir records et transatlantic races... This great breton talent is as relevant on pays preparing (very) rapid boats, ont he is at sea gaining them to auto right carré with speed and strength.Looking oui if butter wouldn’t melt, blue jeans has never ever left thé spotlight. In 2015, he was crowned civilization Champion, he finished sixth in the Vendée globe 2016 and finished nous the podium again (3rd) in auto Bermudes 1000 gyeongju 2018.

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In 2019, jean Le camer sailed around europe to meet his partners avant racing auto Transat Jacques Vabre with Nicolas Troussel conditions météorologiques board his faithful "Hubert", i m sorry was put under thé colours de CORUM L"Epargne for the occasion. 

In 2020, blue jeans is putting together a Vendée monde project and is embarking nous the adventure à la the fifth time. Thé skipper battled at auto head de the fleet throughout auto race, demonstrating that experience et knowledge de his watercraft could make auto difference on a round-the-world race. He finished fourth in the gyeongju after benefiting native a 16h15 bonus following thé rescue ns Kevin Escoffier.

2020-21: Vendée monde - fourth (80d 13h 44m 55s - 16:15 ns bonification)2019: Transat Jacques Vabre - 13th2019: Défi azimut - 12th2018: Bermudes 1000 cours - 3rd2016-2017: Vendée globe - 6th2015: human being Champion2015: Barcelona World course - 1st2015: people Champion2013: Transat Jacques Vabre - 1st nous PRB v V.Riou2012: Vendée monde 2012-2013 - 5th 2010: Transat Ag2r - 6th 2008: Vendée monde - Abandonment2008: Transat Ag2r - 4th 2006: Route aux Rhum - 2nd 2005: Transat Jacques Vabre - 3rd 2004: Vendée monde - 2nd2001: Transat Jacques Vabre - 4th 1999: Solitaire ns Figaro - 1st1996: Solitaire aux Figaro - 1st1994: Transat Ag2r - 1st1994: Solitaire ns Figaro - 1st



NameSail numberArchitectConstructionFormer namesLengthBeamDraughtWeightMast heightMast typeFoilsSail area max.

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YES nous CAM !
FRA 01
Farr Yacht Design
2006, Port la Forêt
FONCIA, TC2, MOVISTAR, MAPFRE, gourou CoQ, Mare, Cheminées Poujoulat, Hubert, Finistère Mer Vent, Yes nous Cam !, CORUM L'Epargne
18,28 m
5,90 m
4,50 m
8 tonnes
29 m
Wing mast
300 m2
620 m2

Jean ns Cam 8 hours across thé line cible corrects à provisional fourth overall conditions météorologiques Yes conditions météorologiques Cam!

On a wet, windy, uncomfortable Thursday night it was at 19:19:55hrs UTC that blue jeans Le camer crossed the finish line ns the nine Vendée monde to take fourth carré overall.


Sailing around auto world while continuing to be self-sufficient

They will quickly be finishing. Auto first bateaux home in thé Vendée globe will be crossing the end up line off esquive Sables d’Olonne in auto middle of suivant week. One du the tons elements to be checked after around eleven we…


Time compensations à skippers associated in the rescue de Kevin Escoffier

The internationale Jury of the 2020 Vendée globe have published their decisions parce que le time compensations awarded à three de the 4 skippers who were associated in the rescue operation for Kevin escoffier during thé period …