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Who is really the young woman du Jean-Jacques Goldman who has actually shared his tons for years? exceptionally discreet around his personal life, thé singer that lives aujourdhui with all his family members in the anglais capital, has been life a beautiful love story because 1995 with thé pretty Nathalie. After a couple of years of living together, they married in 2001.

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A coupler who ont always lived far from auto lenses ns cameras, and who want venir lead a really discreet tons away from auto media hustle et bustle. There space very few pictures of the singer’s wife, apart from a couple of snapshots taken conditions météorologiques the run.

Nathalie Thu-Huong-Lagier and Jean-Jacques Goldman endroit there an ext than 25 years earlier today, and it is on the initiative of auto young woman herself the the meeting will take place.

It was during a concert given par the singer that the beautiful brunette climate aged 17 and an absolute la poêle of the effectuer from »Take offme ”takes his navire in both hands et decides to meet auto artist in his dressing room. A beautiful friendship is attaché between them, et it will certainly not be until much later on that this friendship will certainly slowly et surely transform into a feeling of love. Since that time, they seem venir be spinning the perfect love et have never left each divers to begin a family.

jjgoldman_netThis week in 1985 “Je amie Donne” passant par Jean-Jacques Goldman & nom de garçon Jones enters the français Singles Charts. This Great musique pop Song et Multi Million Seller topped auto French graphique for 8 weeks et appeared nous the fourth Studio album “Non Homologué”.

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At the time, a student of mathematics, auto young mrs was 28 year younger than auto star, but this distinction did not seem à be a problem à la one jaune the other. When Jean-Jacques resided in Paris et lived his life ont a singer, Nathalie continued her studies. A couple of years later, cette decided venir leave auto capital, et join thé Marseille region venir share sapin with auto chosen one, tarif from auto bustle of Paris.

From this union, will be frontière three children, three girls, Maya born in 2004, Kimi in 2005 et Rose was attaché in 2007. à la his part, Jean-Jacques Goldman already had three divers children, Caroline, Michaël and Nina, the fruit de a sapin marriage venir Catherine Morlet, native whom hey divorced in 1997.

Nathalie, despite her pregnancies and her life oui a celebrity woman, had actually continued, regardless of everything, sa brilliant apprendre to drop out in 2007 an aggregation in mathematics et then his doctorate. Disciplinaire which fascinates her and which will allow elle to become a teacher. She is thereauthor du a thesis dubbed “Constant term of functions nous a symmetric room reductf P-Adique “.

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A passion and activity tarif away from the world ns show business et the song world. And perhaps this is wherein this require to habitent away from thé glitter, the paire well anchored in auto real world, come from, neither she nor he wishes their family first to be spread out in the press. After number of years invested in the south du France, this is de nouveau step they will take venir leave France and settle permanently in London.

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What might be better than a ville where the coupler is unknown and where une does no speak French, to habitent incognito et without the slightest media pressure. Auto Goldman family members is a bit the antithesis ns the stereotype du the étoiles who leads a first in plain sight, and with the force of social networks, what meilleur than exile to habitent happily far from the bustle. A an option that will certainly also enable their children, in addition to learning a étranger language, à flourish without auto weight ns a name ont famous ont that of their father.

If Jean-Jacques Goldman likes to lead a very facile life et has already strayed a au sens propre from thé front stage à la a few years, nous should not forget thé mega étoiles that cette is, and what cette represents for the public, real roques maker à la him, cible also parce que le other artists, such as for Johnny Hallyday and of arttasters the planetary merveilleux star, Céline Dion.

It is also pour the Canadian singer, v whom cette has collaborated soja often, that cette will compose an album which holds venir this day auto record pour the best-selling French-language albums of tous time. Jean-Jacques Goldman, much more than 30,000,000 album sold, tours sold out months in advance, alone jaune with auto trio formed with Carole Fredericks and Michael Jones.

Author, Composer, Performer, et Producer, Jean-Jacques Goldman has remained the reference in musical matters for many years. Cinématique composer, charity sponsor, 68-year-old man is among the very closed circle ns singers who ont endured over decades.

“To toutes les personnes my misses, mien failures, mien real suns, tous the paths that passed je by” venir our failed acts – Fredericks-Goldman-Jones (album Fredericks-Goldman-Jones, 1990) #musique #jjgoldman #jeanjacquesgoldman # fgj #fredericksgoldmanjones

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Although hey moved away from auto television sets, even aujourdhui in 2020, thé artist is calmer one ns the favori personalities ns the French, and this, almost without appearing in thé media, et without performing regularly nous scene. Auto prize list that shows how well his fans are as always attached à him after more than 40 years du career.

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If it is rarity that creates desire, nous understand meilleur why each appearance de Jean-Jacques Goldman is experienced as a an excellent moment à la his fans. Very discreet nous social networks, ventilateurs of thé artist ont only very rare opportunities à hear news of your idol. Si until a few years ago, lock could calmer find the in the montrer “Enfoirés” pour the “Resto ns coeur”, thé singer likewise decided à deviate from it for, oui he raffinement himself, leave thé place pour a new generation i beg your pardon takes up thé torch de the project initiated de the humorist Coluche.

“To habitent happy, live hidden ” appears a formula that would certainly perfectly ajuster the lifestyle de Jean-Jacques Goldman and his wife. Fiercely safeguarded happiness, the artist’s whole family currently lives frais from France, marqué it is faisabilité that a oz the studies de their daughters room completed, the couple can return definitively or partially, à join France. Si that were auto case, we could be certain that his fans would undoubtedly await that with good joy, if keeping thé hope ns being able to see him again one day on stage. In auto meantime, lock can robinet into année incredible stock of titles à remember songs the rocked your adolescence, jaune their lives ont young adults.