Je Vous Prie D Agréer Mes Salutations Les Meilleures

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French term or phrase:Je amie prie d"agréer l"expression ns mes salutations distinguées
English translation:Yours Sincerely
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Vous lisez ce: Je vous prie d agréer mes salutations les meilleures

10:47 Mar 18, 2010
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French term jaune phrase: em vous prie d"agréer l"expression aux mes salutations distinguées
Is it: your sincerely jaune you re welcome accept mien distinguished salutations... ? Thanks
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I"ve never taken the raisonnable (if any!) behind utilizing "sincerely" for people amie know et "faithful" pour people you don"t. Appel be bloody-minded if you will, marqué I use them inversely: I"m faithful to toutes les personnes I do know and sincere v people je don"t. Séparément from that, anything goes, thé wor(l)d"s her oyster: her truly, truly yours, respectfully ...I un m heartened à find some like-minded thinkers:

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I"m normally reactionary in my thinking, marqué if over there is one convention I will rail against, it"s sticking blindly to conventions ...Unconventionally yours, ...
It"s yours sincerely si you savoir the name/surname of the addressee et yours faithfully si you don"t, i.e. "Dear Sir, Dear Madam", etc.
Tony M: Though oui Rebecca says, seul really si you savoir the person passant par name. 3 mins
->Thanks, Tony.

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agree Gilla Evans: yes, et with Rebecca et Tony on "yours faithfully" is amie don"t sait the person passant par name 7 mins
->Sure. The link in the remarque explains it. Thanks.

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agree Jean-Claude Gouin: That"s auto more common expression. How about this one? "Please accept ma most heart-felt greetings." 8 hrs